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2015-07-08 - Running Engines On Water, Stolen Gold & Freemason Traitors. What's the Essence of Mankind?

2015-06-11 - Radiation Reality

2015-05-14 - World Timeline.... since we already had it, figured people need to know a little more about what historical records we know about...

2015_05_11 - Impact of Nuclear Radiation

2015-05-11 - Lady Lynn de Forrester Rothschild and Her Minions Criticize Their Own Capitalism and Advocate Sustainable Agenda 21 World Communism, Redistribution of Our Wealth to Rothschild. This excellent article provides a "delightful" expose of the devils that make up the "Royal Rothschild" family.

2015-04-29 - The Holocaust Hoax - In The Real Holocaust Jews & their Agents Murdered Hundreds of Millions of Russians, Chinese, Iraqi, Cambodians and other "Goiyem"

2015-04-29 - Updated conclusion on Albert Pike: All Dogma No Morals? Lucifer, According to Pike is god.

2015-04 - 28 - The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion - Details of how the Illuminatzi plan to establish a One World Government Dictatorship under their control.

2015-04-27 - Presidents, Popes, Queen, Elite Illuminatzi Pedophilia and Child Sacrifice

2015-04-27 - Origins of Christianity

2015-04-27 - New Evidence reveals Bankers premeditated the murder of witnesses on 9/11 to cover up banking fraud & crash & control Russia in addition to attack Israel's enemies in Iraq & Afghanistan. Clear & obvious Rothschild involvement.

2015-04-27 - Evidence reveals CIA & Israeli Mossad along with the US Government & Bankers carried out 9/11 to instigate an attack on Israel's enemies in Iraq & Afghanistan in preparation for World War Three.

2015-04-22 - Transhumanist Agenda? - Are extraterrestrials behind the robotization of mankind? An interview of Alfred Webre

2015-04-22 - A former Illuminatzi member reveals Illuminati Indoctrination Methods.

2015-04-22 - Zionatzi Freemason & Jesuit Evil - World Leaders Engaged in Child Sacrifice, Drinking Human Blood & Eating Human Flesh

2015-04-22 - New Conspiracy Facts on 9/11 - Banksters Murder To Steal Assets & Russia - And A Zionatzi Sacrifice

2015-04-22 - Leon Trotsky – CYNIC, SADIST, COMMUNIST, SHRINER, JEWISH ILLUMINATUS And FREEMASON: Rothschild Agent and Member of B’nai B’rith (a Jewish Masonic Order)

2015-04-22 - Arrest of CIA's Davis in Pakistan Confirms Illuminati Behind Terrorism

2015-04-14 - Presidents, Popes, Queen, Elite Illuminatzi Pedophilia and Child Sacrifice

2015-04-14 - Olympic Zionatzi Evil - Connections: Batman Massacre, The Olympics, The Queen and "007"

2015-04-14 - Yale Bones Club Psychopaths in U.S. Government

2015-04-14 - Psychopathic Illuminatzi Freemasons From The Vatican - Reveals how the Illuminati inductees are initiated into sacrifice & exposes the Vatican Freemason links along with Vatican banksters.

2015-04-13 - Illuminati Origins

2015-04-13 - Analysis Hollywood Zionatzi Movies

2015-04-13 - Media Who Rules America the Zionatzi Media Dictatorship

2015-04-11 - Why NWO Hates Syria - Comments on Syrian Girl Video - No Rothschild Bank

2015-04-08 - 33 Degrees of Insanity

2015-04-08 - Illuminati Exposed

2015-04-03 - Easters Origins

2015-03-30 - Rothschild Carbon Tax Scam - Leading to extermination of life on earth?

2015-03-30 - Rothschild Dynasty - Condensed from Chapter 5 of "Descent Into Slavery" by Des Griffin

2015-03-30 - Dangers of Administrative Law

2015-03-30 - List of U.S. Initiated Wars

2015-03-30 - Bush Nazi Crime Family by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor Veterans Today

2015-03-27 - Obama Orders Nuclear Strike on Russia Attempting to Start WW3 - Commander Cole of Wing 1 Refused Order & is arrested.

2015-03-24 - Janus God of War - understanding how the Illuminatzi start & sustain war using Freemason & Jesuit Gangs

2015-03-24 - Red Symphony - How Freemasons betrayed Freemasons in Russia - the Freemason Brotherhood Betrayal Exposed.

2015-03-24 - updated Worlds Worst War Criminals

2015-03-20 - Bush & Satan Worship the Crowley Connection

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