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Twin Lakes Baptist Church's Failed Attempt
To Prevent Liberty For Life Communicating With Their Members

The Temporary Restraining Order Twin Lakes Baptist Church, Inc. sought on behalf of their thousands of members to prevent Liberty For Life from communicating with any of their members was thrown out.  There is no longer any restraining order. 

This section will however remain posted and we will update the section shortly with copies of all the papers the Church filed and transcripts of their attempt to eliminate not only our 1st amendment rights, but to originally also prevent Clive from communicating with his own children.

On October 18, 2007 Petitioner Leonard Dueck, VP Twin Lakes Church, Inc., filed a request for a Temporary Restraining Order to prevent Respondent Clive Boustred from communicating with any staff or members of Twin Lakes Church and School or any parents of the School.  This request actually included a request that Respondent be prevented from communicating with his own children, which prior to the hearing Respondent confirmed, three times with Attorney Dennis Kehoe that this was also an actual intent in this filing.  Such intent clearly is malicious, spiteful and on the face of it an attempted kidnap Clive's children. In effect, the order that Clive not see or communicate with his children from Monday to Friday at school meets all the legal definitions and practical constructs of kidnap.  However, it appears from the pleading that the primary purpose of the TRO was a financial one.

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Summary:  Kick him when he's down....
A church who tries to kidnap children & silence the truth...

What is astonishing is that a large, relatively educated, Church can undertake such extraordinary and outrageous measures to silence the truth.  The Church did not even want transcripts of the Court hearing they scheduled on Halloween to be recorded.

Many people are accusing Christians as being an underlying cause of the problems we are experiencing in the U.S.  Their allegation is that, for example, it was largely Christians who voted for George Bush; that Christians generally know little about what is going on in the nation and tend to believe what they see on TV without any verification or cross-referencing of the information (Such as most articles on this site link to official statistics and reports that prove the position).  Christians are also taught to obey their government, however, they do not understand that they are not called to obey a government that is not in conformance with the law (see Obeying Authority)

Introduction to the Issues - What does Twin Lake Church, Inc. want to hide from their members?

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