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IRS Loosing America

The I.R.S. reported that almost $300 billion in investment and business income was moved out of the United States in 2003.

However, what the IRS did not report was that they were the root cause for failed business in the United States of America, they also failed to report that they simply acted as an collection agency unauthorized by law to steal money from the public to pay interest on money that was made out of nothing and loaned to the U.S. by unscrupulous bankers.

A company must make product to compete on a global scale. If a company has to mark up their products by 30% in order to pay the king's ransom in tax, then a competing company that is not taxed beats them.  This is not politics' it's simple math.   The IRS is destroying American business.

Eliminate the IRS and the Federal Reserve Bank and business will boom in America.

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