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Considering Tax

The Information Highway represents the most successful highway implementation to date.  Delivering tremendous performance, supporting millions of people across the world.  Tax money never built the Information Highway.  There was no government oversight of the Information Highway.  There was no governing body or politicians involved in the construction of the Information Highway.  The Information Highway is today a world wide success because there was no government involvement.

This raises an interesting debate.  Infrastructure can clearly be built without government involvement and without one single tax.  In fact when there is no government involvement, competitive forces generally ensure that infrastructure is built substantially more efficiently and cost effectively and is paid for by the users.

Tax on the other hand, when placed into the few hands of government officials is in 99% of the cases squandered.  As little as 20 cents on the dollar ever reaches the actual tax payer, the other 80%, or more, goes to the pockets of government officials and friends of the officials.

See Calculating the real U.S. Tax Rate

The horrible realization for government's is that they are really not that important.  The most important function the government can provide is to prevent crime and monopolies.  However, the service of preventing monopolies is best implemented by ensuring free market competition.  Governments however, generally install their own monopolies.  History has proven over and over again that governments repeatedly mess tings up.

The best way to take care of bad government is to cut the blood supply, eliminate taxes, fines & tariffs and ensure free market competition.

The 16th Amendment was never properly ratified, making it void, of no force and effect.  No politician, judge or court can ever declare a void Amendment valid.  The 16th authorizes the uneven taxation of citizens and forms the legal base upon which the IRS and the other 33,000+ tax bodies across the U.S. depend,  Under the law, the IRS and these other taxing bodies must hand back the money they unlawfully stole from citizens.

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