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Do We Suffer Consequences Of Past Lives?

Brian, a leading expert on reincarnation suggested that Clive fess up and acknowledge that the hardship's Clive was facing were a consequence of wrongs Clive had committed in past lives. Brian wrote:

From: Brian
Sent: Thursday, December 17, 2009 9:42 PM

Those who eagerly engaged in the burning of witches and the Spanish Inquisition later reincarnated as the Jews that were lost in the Holocaust.

Karma is pretty cool and instructive, don't you think?

To really appreciate it, learn to access the Records for yourself.

Rather than complaining about the bad guys and whimpering like a baby, why not get to the real root source of all the problems - yourself.

Conquer self and you will be forever liberated.



Clive's response

Soulercise: Life Is Built On Love - Conscience & Misperceptions of Sacrifice

Hi Brian,

Let's take your hypothesis one step further. If we are reincarnate into lives that completely reflect how we acted last time round, what then did Christ do to deserve being hung on the cross? To the contrary, that which Christ was before He came to earth was perfect. Great love is what silences terrible evil. Love swallows up evil and greater love abounds. The rewards are in heaven which is spirit, which is self, which is your soul.

i.e. The Origin of Everything: Love, manifests life, manifests energy, manifests matter, in space and time. The universe expands with love and contracts with evil.

Naturally, spirit crosses over boundaries of phase and spectrums of form. Simply because our eyes optical spectrum does not see what exists in the alpha or gamma ray spectrum, does not mean they do not exist, for they certainly do. And just as mankind was unaware of the alpha and gamma ray spectrum as little one or two centuries ago, no doubt, there are many more spectrums, phases and forms we have not yet discovered.

Naturally, the advantage, in the spirit world of a place like Earth, is that the spirit can be manifest into a form that is unaware of other spectrums. Thus, in life, you can continue to build on the soul of your spirit, which is love. The greatest love is manifest not though calculated returns but through sacrifice. Now do not confuse the idiotic practice of sacrificing someone else or some other being, that is evil. Sacrifice is giving of oneself in love for the benefit of the universe, which can be a small sacrifice, such as a smile, or a universal sacrifice such as saving mankind.

You make no sacrifice when you rip the heart out of some other being! The teachings of many religions and societies in this regard is obviously completely upside down! Sacrifice is not taking something from someone or some animal, it is giving. The exact opposite of the foolish and idiotic practice of sacrificing animals on an alter. In fact the person who sacrifices a living being on an alter commits and act of pure evil and detracts from their very soul.  The idea that I can slice the neck of a little lamb and all of a sudden all the crime and evil I committed goes out the window is idiotic.  That which has been done, has been done.  You cannot go back in time and undo what you have done, it is done.  Naturally, based on this obvious construct, one should carefully consider what you do cannot be undone.  The message of Christ is not that your evil deeds and sins did not happen, the message is that you can change, you can be born again and live a new life, even on this earth.  From this very moment you can choose to build your soul with love.  Everlasting is built in love, evil eradicates your everlasting.

Hanging on a cross can not save mankind. That is a useless act like cutting a lamb's neck or burning a pigeon on in a fire. However, the act of showing and teaching fellow humans to love, is a great sacrifice, which is what Jesus did so well. The act of taking ones riches or life's work to benefit nature, which includes mankind, is love and a sacrifice that is worthy of building your sole and the universe around us. 

Under such a construct, naturally, to look at Christ and presume that the reason he was crucified on a cross was because of something bad he did in a past life, is preposterous. To the contrary, that which Christ was before He was born, was greater than any other, He was perfect. Exactly the opposite argument applies to your hypothesis that we are dealt cards on this earth according to our bad acts in a past life, the measure you are dealt on earth is weighed against the strength of your spirit. The opportunity to love a great deal, to forgive much, to sacrifice everything, is the opportunity to build a magnificent and powerful soul. This opportunity is not given to everyone, but is available for everyone to step forward and receive.

Hence The Origin of Everything:
Love, manifests life, manifests energy, manifests matter, in space and time.
The universe expands with love and contracts with evil.
Your soul is grown with love and killed with evil.
Live, love, oppose evil.

The Consequence of Conscience:
In your email, you are exhibiting the consequence of a conscience. You see, in order to justify to yourself that you do nothing to help you neighbor, you must convince yourself that your acts or inaction is either of no consequence, or that the person deserves what they get. The bottom line is that everyone can help in some way. Simply sending an email complaining or picking up the phone has an enormous impact on tyrants and injustices.

When one considers that citizens of the USA don't even need to pick up guns or weapons to rid the world of the fiat-monetary systems and evil oligarchy perpetrated by their Federal Reserve Bank, they can simply get out and vote, the reality of how important little things are, drives home. Even the collective force of prayer has been proven to have an impact against evil.

You are obliged to love. When you fail to love you diminish yourself. It is possible to diminish oneself out of existence. However, greater love has no man that he would give his life that others may live and love.

You are very mistaken. I do not believe the Jews murdered by the Federal Reserve Bank owners and Vatican's puppet, namely Hitler, were the Catholics in former lives who burned witches in the Spanish Inquisition. Certainly, as we see from scientific evidence, reincarnation occurs outside of bloodlines. By definition from reincarnation evidence, you could be a Nazi white-supremacy racist and come back as a black man or Jew subject to the very hatred you manifest in your prior life, and that would indeed be poetic justice. However, clearly that is not always the case as can be demonstrated through Christ and other reincarnation cases. To the contrary, the most powerful souls are often dealt the toughest cards.  The more God loves you the more will be asked of you.  Read the stories of Job, Daniel, David and Christ.  There are many other examples in other cultures and religions.  Out of the ashes and desperation of despair the greatest love of all time shies through and the universe expands in love.

Soulercise - Building Your Soul:
Naturally to be effective in soulercise, the exercise of building the soul, prior knowledge of your past life is not beneficial, rather a deep understanding of The Origins of Everything which is the power of love, is what will grow your soul. What you did in a past life has nothing to do with the direction of the future you choose.  What you do with this very moment and the moments ahead determine the very survival and blossoming of your soul. "It's your walk that counts" -SOC.

Wonderful examples of love conquering evil are found in people like John Newton, the saved slave trader who wrote the song "Amazing Grace".

The present form on Earth is a wonderful place to build yourself in love, to enrich your soul. Indeed, the very opportunity to come back in a form and position that is even lowly and subject to evil, is the opportunity to build great power into your spirit as you conquer evil with love. It has nothing to do with what you did in your past lives. The present determines your future

It is strange that Christian's who clearly believe in reincarnation, which is embodied in the birth of Christ and spoken of repeatedly throughout the Bible, somehow seem to struggle with these concepts which are one and the same as what Christ taught.  Any idea's as to why Christians react the way the do to reincarnation when they believe Christ was reincarnated, or to the concept of aliens when they believe in angels?

Thanks for the mp3 on Psychic Awareness.  The research in different brain waves is intriguing as is the quantum communications research.  Much of this research and teaching is wonderful and beneficial and builds love.  There is however a consideration that while self centered teaching and discipline in these fields is beneficial, that if we are not aware of and do not directly interact with the world around us and in particular come to the aid of our neighbors, then we loose out on the greater consciousness and thereby collapse our own consciousness.  Martin Luther King, Jr. put it so aptly when he said: "He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.",  One has to ask how American's can't vote out their politicians, police and judges and shut down the private Federal Reserve Bank and US forces who kill millions of people every year.

What we observe is the fact that there is a clear group of individuals, namely those associated with the bankers and the so-called New World Order, which is the Old World Oligarchy, who have actively sought to repress civilization.  Hopefully, global consciousness can pressure Americans into an awareness of their obligation to rise up and oppose the bankers and those who have repeatedly destroyed civilization.  This New Renaissance and Second Reformation is being driven by this great printing press called computers and the Internet.

Liberty For Life
C-Live, love, oppose evil.


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