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Secret Society Entrapment

Throughout millennia groups have formed with the pretence of holding secrets amongst the group. From clubs in kindergarten to organized crime, the pretence of these groups has been that membership is a privilege reserved for select individuals who only once indoctrinated will be allowed to share in the ‘secrets’ held by other group members. Some groups go as far at to establish elaborate hierarchies of ‘secrets’ that members are brought into the higher levels only after qualifying to higher levels.

Classic examples can be found in the Mafia and Masons. Mafia groups will select individuals to bring into their crime ring often with the entry requirement being shooting someone, or committing some other crime that exposes the individual to the group. Often the core pretence of membership is that the applicant makes themselves vulnerable to the group. Once a member, the individual receives benefits from the group. If at any time the group or leaders in the group wish to rid themselves of the member it is easily accomplished since the individual is vulnerable in whatever it was in which they exposed themselves to the group.

In order to prevent members of such an organization from questioning what will no doubt result in theirs and their heirs deception, hierarchies of unquestioned control are established. Criminal enterprises such as the Mafia and most gang’s in addition to organizations such as the Masons and the military employ the same construct. Members are always striving for promotion to move to the next elevated level. To raise to the next level members are instructed to do what is usually clearly wrong and often a very serious or heinous crime. Subordinates are told that they must commit these acts so as to demonstrate unwavering loyalty.

Any organization that sets itself up on the construct of deception, itself is inherently deceptive.

Members of an organization set up on the construct of deception, themselves are subject to the greatest of deception.

Secret societies entice membership with some sort of actual or perceived reward. Masons will typically attract members by offering association with other respected or elite members.  The Mafia is typically based on pure financial reward, although the 'brotherhood' built in gang relationships which offers protection is often core to membership's attraction.  In areas where gangs sway influence pressure is brought on individuals who are not members of any particular gang from the threat of being caught out with no one to come to their defense.

Of particular interest in political contexts are Masons, since over the last 100 years there has been a large percentage of Masons holding high offices.  The Bohemian Club is another such organization which needs similar scrutiny.

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