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Christianity & Reincarnation

Christianity clearly recognizes reincarnation. The foremost example being the claim that the mythical Jesus Christ which Christianity claims existed before he was miraculously born to a virgin called Mary, incarnated as a human baby on earth. The legend, like those repeated through the many Christ stories in history, then has Jesus rising again after he was murdered (Identical to the Soli Invictus religions rising of Mithra along with a host of other earlier religions many Christs - the zeitgeist documentary does a reasonable job exposing the Christianity scam). One must ask Christians that if they believe God did it once, then why can he not do it again? The story of the mythical resurection also makes the claim that many outer souls were resurected at the same time. Then there is the story of raising Lazerith from the dead, clearly resurecting back into physical form. 

However, more important, is to understand that Christianity was simply a re-hashed version of Rome's Soli Invictus religion which stems directly from Pharoh Akhanaten's worship of the Illumination / Sun God. More on this subject will be revealed under the religion section.