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Pre-atomic age hypotheses/religions

The Age of The Anthropologists
Prior to the discovery of atomic constructs of the Energy=Mass x C2 relationship and in particular the understanding of the Laws of Thermodynamics, hypotheses were developed primarily by anthropologists observing animals adapting to their environment suggesting that Nature is capable of evolving from nothing to extraordinary complex order and design. In particular the Origin of Species hypothesis.  Anthropologists during the early 1800's took their observations of animals to new lengths suggesting that out of a primordial soup nature simply evolved.

At the time this simplified understanding was particularly effective in undermining tehe corrupt church/state relationship as it suggested that if we evolved from nothing, then God was not that important in the equation. Thus obeying church authorities was not that important.  The Church at the time was particularly corrupt, employing perceived authority from God to steal from and abuse the public.  The Church of England was established by King Henry the Eighth to circumvent the Catholic Church's refusal to grant him a divorce which King Henry sought because his wives were not giving him any sons (ironically the gender of a child is determined by the father not the mother).


Darwin himself stated that Nature was far to complex to have evolved by itself.  Darwin who professed to be a Christian promoted the concept of Evolution within the bounds of species but believed that Nature was far to complex to have evolved all by itself, Darwin in essence was not a believer in the Origins of Species hypothesis.  Thomas Huxley however, saw great opportunity in utilizing the Origin of Species hypothesis to undermine the corrupt Church of England's relationship with the English government. 


Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, 1770, 1831 A German idealist philosopher from Stuttgart, Württemberg (Germany), significantly influenced many key figures in government over the last 100 years.  Hegel studied at the Tübingen Protestant seminary then in 1801 he worked as a privatdozent at the University of Jena where his course of lectures became immensely popular. The university promoted Hegel to "Extraordinary Professor".  Napoleon conquest of Prussia in 1806 closed the University of Jena and Hegel worked for a few years as a journalist.  After publishing "The Science of Logic', he was given a post at the University of Heidelberg in 1816. In 1818 he took a post as Professor of Philosophy at the University of Berlin and was appointed Rector of the University in 1830.

Hegel introduced concepts in philosophy which considered process or progression as steps in life.  While Aristotle referred to a "table" as a "table", Hegel emphasized that the "table" was merely one part of the process, that prior to being a "table" it was a "tree" and it was likely to end up as "ashes" in the process of the life of the table.

French Revolution influenced Hegel who philosophized that on the one hand the upsurge of violence required to carry out the revolution cannot cease to be itself, while on the other hand, it had already consumed its opponent. The revolution therefore had nowhere to turn but onto its own result: the hard-won freedom is consumed by a brutal Reign of Terror.

A system for understanding the history of philosophy and the world itself, often described as a progression in which each successive movement emerges as a solution to the contradictions inherent in the preceding movement. For example, the French Revolution for Hegel constitutes the introduction of real freedom into European societies for the first time in recorded history precisely because of its absolute novelty, it is also absolutely radical:

Frederick William III decorated Hegel for his service to the Prussian regime and appointed him rector of the university in 1830

Hegel emphasized the progression of philosophical understanding as knowledge and solutions emerge resolving contradictions or correcting misperception of previous philosophy.

Successive movement emerges as a solution to the contradictions inherent in the preceding movement. For example, the French Revolution for Hegel constitutes the introduction of real freedom into European societies for the first time in recorded history

Hegel believed the Fall of Man was a necessary stage in the evolution of the universe as God's desire for complete self-awareness of man.

CLive: "Hegel has however been misinterpreted.  The end does not justify the means.  The end is determined by the means.  The end is everything.  It’s your walk that counts.  Your walk will determine whether or not you are worthy of walking with God.  This Hegel understood.
Confusion regarding conflict being good is where this misinterpretation stepped in.  Conflict is not good, neither is darkness good, however, one cannot discern the light if there is not darkness. Often do people open their eyes to wake up without the alarm clock of conflict.  Being awake is wherein the key lies.  Often people need a great noise to wake them up, conflict sometimes accomplishes this, however, sometimes conflict simply hurries one to the end without an opportunity of any wakening.  Wakening is the key to see the light."



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