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Enthalpy and Entropy

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Unfortunately, often the loudest or most violent voices are heard over the voices of reason.  We find people who dig up bones and wear robes advising us of the construct of atoms, sub-atoms and the very construct of the universe. 

The equation EMC², attributed to Einstein, while perhaps inaccurate in regard to the Constant "C", however, brings one exceptionally irrefutable and important realization:  Matter is made of energy and visa versa. 

In other words the lowest form of science we can study, is that of the science of energy.  Thermodynamics provides, from a scientific perspective, the foundational understanding of the universe.

The first to laws (not hypotheses) of Thermodynamics, Enthalpy and Entropy, state:

Every system tends towards a state of minimum energy (Enthalpy) and maximum randomness (Entropy).

In simple terms, that means that you do not get something out of nothing and you do not get order out of chaos. Rather, you get nothing but more chaos, more randomness. Every system becomes randomly disorganized and will not get any 'smarter', but rather 'dumber', the energy will minimize, energy dissipates to the lowest most random form possible. 

A classic display of the interaction of Enthalpy and Entropy can be observed in crystalline growth. Atoms and molecules making up a crystal fall and align themselves as mineral laden water, for example, trickles down slowly over the crystal.  Like a key fitting into a lock, the molecules 'fall' into a place of minimum resistance (Enthalpy) creating the classic form of a spiral helix crystal.  Here we see Enthalpy interacting with Entropy to form an ordered structure.  (Run a web search on: enthalpy entropy crystal growth spiral helix)

For those who like to bring up Chaos Theory or the Big Bang, Enthalpy and Entropy dictate those too. The Big Bang theory reticently got blown our of the water after they discovered galaxies way too distant to make the Big Bang possible. Chaos Theory, which often uses concentric circles of explosions, often associating with the Big Bang, simply reflects the same construct as crystalline growth, namely the Laws that Enthalpy and Entropy dictate.

Certainly the hypotheses based on Chaos Theory is just as foolish as those proposed by men in dresses and those who dig up bones, in the hypotheses' failure to observe the laws we can prove. Chaos Theory studies for example the concentric waves produced from a blast to suggest order and 'creation'.  Like a crystalline structure, concentric waves are simply reflections on the interaction of Enthalpy and Entropy.  However, suggesting that a DNA helix forms from Enthalpy simply does not work.  In other words observing Nature around us mandates the fact of intelligent design.

For every positive mutation there are many more negative mutations, as dictated by Entropy. In other words if an ant mutates with wings, Enthalpy and Entropy would cause it to lose legs and feelers at the same time. Another analogy is the frog jumping towards the wall: If a frog jumps half the distance between itself and the wall, when will the frog reach the wall? The answer is never, because it is always half a jump away. With mutations however, for every tenth of a jump forward, the frog jumps ten jumps backwards, Entropy.

The two most fundamental and consistently verified laws of the universe that govern matter are “Enthalpy” and “Entropy”. Recognize that these are laws not hypotheses. The laws of Enthalpy and Entropy are scientifically proven over and over again without fail. In other words they are facts and not someone’s idea or religion.

For example, you have to have an outside influence to put together, say for example a car. If we threw metal, plastic, rubber and all the materials that make up a car into a box and sealed it up for billions or trillions of years, a car would not drive out. We know this from science and of course from basic common sense, it would be ludicrous to suggest a car would drive out from simply throwing the materials in a box, even if we shook up and shocked the box. Another way of looking at it would be considering if we parked a Porsche and a Land Rover in a garage and left them there for billions of years, a Hummer would not drive out (no we are not suggesting that a Hummer is superior to a Land Rover or Porsche).  The vehicles however, clearly have a creator, man. Man is the god of the motor car.

These ludicrous examples reveal how incredibly stupid or moronic the hypotheses American public and the world at large has been sold in the “Origin of Species” and the “Big Bang” hypotheses. Even the archaeological record show that there was no gradual evolution from one species to another. Rather, the facts of the archeological record reveal that there were bursts of creation as new species were engineered and released on the earth. Just as we see bursts of engineering creativity and products released in our own lifetime.

Now that we know that science proves that you do not simply get something out of nothing, that atoms and molecules absolutely do not some how magically organize themselves into magnificent and intricately architected structures we see in nature, we can start to see god through nature.

To determine matters of god, we need to go to the very matter with which we are made up of, atoms, molecules and sub atomic particles. We need to understand the laws that govern matter and the universe.

One simply needs to take one or two “simple” body parts from any animal in nature and study how intricately the atoms and molecules are nit together to grasp the incredible intricacies of what nature has architected. It is utterly and categorically impossible for life and nature to simply have “happened”, science dictates that an outside force architected and built us, and the nature we see around us, just as mankind builds and is the god of automobiles.  However, the designs we see in nature are vastly more complex and intricate than anything man has built. You have to be totally ignorant to suggest that nature just “happened”.

Clearly we are intricately and beautifully designed by incredible intelligence.  Once one realizes that there is a creator, the question becomes who, what, where and the issues of accountability and responsibility that are raised.  And it is in the constructs of accountability and responsibility that decency and love emerge and the world becomes a beautiful place.

The Origins of Everything Thesis covers the concepts of what is god.

      "There is no way in hell that life happened by chance, life was engineered." - SOC

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