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Christian Reincarnation

Christianity clearly recognizes reincarnation. The foremost example being the claim that Jesus Christ who Christians claim existed before he was miraculously born to the Virgin Mary, reincarnated as a baby on earth. One must ask Christians that if they believe God did it once, then why can he not do it again?

The following is a response to a question posed by a reader to C relating to Christianity & Reincarnation, written by C at the beginning of his analysis of Christianity before C uncovered all the evidence that the Roman's invented Jesus for the purpose of controlling the masses.

From: david
Sent: Sunday, December 13, 2009 8:38 AM
To: C
Subject: Re: [Libertyforlife2] Scientific Evidence of Reincarnation? Christianity in Question?

Clive,  Reincarnation is not contained in the teachings of Jesus or the New Testament.  It is entirely 
resurrection of the body.  I used to read allot of these case histories, and one explanation of the languages is possession by spirits, such as in the many examples in the N.T.

I'm not sure how valid science can be when it is working in the area between the terrestrial and celestial.



Liberty For Life C's Response:

Hi David,
Did not Jesus say he would come back?  As a Christian for 35 years, and having read the Bible a number of times I am relatively well versed.  Take a look at the religion page on LibertyForLife it has some interesting perspectives that my pastors never explained.  I don't for example find any basis to the Trinity concept in the Bible.  What is your opinion on that?
The resurrection of the body has some serious issues. You are aware that they carried Moses' bones around for many years.  Eventually the body disintegrates into the dust.  Not so according to the account with Jesus, who showed the holes in his hand to the disciples.  What when the holes in your hands are actually your entire arm being blown off?  What if your head is blown off, do you walk into the room and say gee look at the big hole in my head?  Furthermore, based on the account of the resurrection of Jesus' body, when the bandages fell off his physical form and body walked out of he tomb, according to the accounts.  I don't think we have considered these issues properly. 
I am all for debate and discussion of the issues, faith, however, as I see many people summing it up, is essentially foolishness.  I have faith in the concrete or the road under me because I know that it has held me up and I am confident it will support me again, that is good faith.  However, if I look out over a black void, I do not have faith in what I cannot be confident will support me, that would be foolishness.  Likewise faith in a contradiction would be foolishness.  Many of my fellow Christians have chosen foolish arguments and justified their foolishness as faith. They will look down on someone who says hang on a moment, can you please explain, and go off on a tangent to justify some idiotic contradictory thesis on the claim that they have 'faith'.
Yes I have considered the possession by spirits as an explanation of the reincarnation issue.  Naturally, these spirits would have to have historical knowledge in a specific time and location of what is described by these subjects across the continents.  What would suggest that, it is not spirits, is that when they take the person to the location they automatically are familiar with the settings and lead the people around - that discounts the spirits hypothesis.  The bottom line is that the facts revealed by these experiments leave us with one of two options: 1. Reincarnation is real or 2. There are some very tricky spirits out there who can possess people in the most extraordinary way.  Which leads us back around to the same place, in that we, according to the Christian philosophy, possess our own spirit.  So why can't our own spirits possess our own bodies?  Hence No. 1 seems to be the logic conclusion.  Jesus could certainly come back in the same way he came the first time, could he not?  And that, for Christians, is perhaps the check mate to the argument regarding reincarnation, is it not?  Jesus came into the world as a baby, God reincarnate.  Can't he do it again and again?
E=MC² - is pretty 'terrestrial' / celestial / pure energy thing.  What do you think of The Origins of Everything Thesis?:  again, this thesis fits in perfectly well with the concepts Christ taught, just as reincarnation does.
I would appreciate your feedback on a new, somewhat more bashful blog I am writing, called "Christian's?".  Attached - please give me your first impressions.  How are things going on your side?
Greatly appreciated & Kindest regards,


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