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SOC - Saying Of CLive   

Proverbs from a collection of sayings by Clive Boustred - sorted in date order:

"It's your walk that counts" - SOC see 2005-11-01, 2006-06-01, 2007-07-09, 2007-08-08, 2008_07_06

"With knowledge even sand can be made more valuable than gold." - SOC

"This is the millennium of the mind." - SOC

"Tyranny feeds on fear and flees when there is no fear." - SOC
"The only thing we need fear, is fear itself." SOC

"I have seen more integrity behind bars than behind the bench." - SOC

"You can’t be an American all alone." - SOC

"If you do not separate State from school, schools will produce fools." - SOC


2010-10-26 "Until the consequence is greater than the reward, the bankers will continue to hire henchmen with the money they make out of nothing." – SOC

2010-10-26 The only way to reverse this war against society and civilization is to make the consequence greater than the reward for those who work in the banker's interest. That includes all bankers, politicians, judges, District Attorneys, cops, military personnel, administrative government, and executive agencies. There are two ways to make the consequence greater than the reward. The first is through enforcement of grand jury indictments and common law courts, both of which these henchmen either ignore or respond to with kidnap, violence and murder and the second is to shoot the henchmen. Does this leaves the only option to fight fire with fire?" - SOC

2010-10-26 "Christianity is the tool Rome invented to control the masses. Idiots who believe in this myth based entirely on Mithras, are leveled incompetent as they pray to a god that does not exist for help against real evil. With not one single eyewitness account of Jesus and absolutely zero archeological evidence, coupled with a primitive and utterly idiotic construct promising heavenly reward for earthly sacrifice, the forgiveness of sins from slicing the neck of an innocent animal or hanging a god-man on a tree, one might just as well throw virgins in volcanoes or rip the hearts out and chop off the heads innocent bystanders to make the sun rise on the third day of summer solstice." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Frivolous faith in foolishness paralyzes the people." - SOC

2010-10-26 "Reliance in religion reduces rational thought to dangerously duped and dumb disciples." = SOC

2010-10-26 "Those who believe sacrificing animals, good-guys or deities to wash away their sins, will use this primitive and idiotic concept of ablution to justify repeating the crimes." – SOC

2010-10-26 "What impact does "go sin no more" have on someone who thinks a savor can wash away their sins?" – SOC

2010-10-26 "Religion reduces rational reason to ridiculous ranting of raving lunatics." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Souls are never set free of sins, just as what is done in the past cannot be undone." – SOC

2010-10-26 "No sacrifice or savor can set a soul free from what was done in the past. Our actions make up the very essence of our soul. What is done is done. Only the future can mend wrongs." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Corrupt rulers rely on religion to rule fools." – SOC

2010-10-26 "How anyone ever expects to own a home or anything while bankers literally make money out of nothing, defies all logic." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Interest on money is a direct tax on the entrepreneur and the poor." = SOC

2010-10-26 "Fiat-money is noting short of fraud. If we do not arrest those dealing in and with it, we are destined to economic slavery." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Slavery and involuntary servitude are serviced by fraudulent fiat-money. Who would ever expect freedom while banks make money out of nothing and backed by nothing." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Money is merely a mechanism to facilitate trade. When money itself is considered an asset by itself, the world will be enslaved by those who make it." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Money made out of nothing and backed by noting makes the masses morons destined to slavery and involuntary servitude." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Limiting what asset can back money makes whoever mines that asset king. The gold and silver standard enslaves all to those who do not mine silver and gold, and removes these useful metals from anything meaningful." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Money merely represents assets in trade. Interest on money is fraud and a criminal act that enslaves the masses to the involuntary servitude of the bankers." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Sovereignty secures slavery." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Heavenly savors subject the simple to slavery, sacrifice and sovereigns." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Only the simple subject themselves to sovereigns and spiritual saviors." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Christianity's savor secures sovereignty and slavery." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Deities are designed to dupe the simple to slavery under sovereigns." = SOC

2010-10-26 "When government officials are responsible for prosecution, political corruption is secured." – SOC

2010-10-26 "If a people will not govern themselves they guarantee their own enslavement." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Police States are empowered by Public Prosecutors, the people must maintain sole authority to indict and prosecute." = SOC

2010-10-26 "Public Prosecutors power Police States." – SOC

2010-10-26 "The only way to prevent political corruption is to empower civilian Grand Juries and limit the states authority to prosecute to those indicted by civilian controlled juries." – SOC

2010-10-26 "If the people do not know how to form, manage and control their own juries and courts, politicians will rise up to corrupt justice." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Code based legal systems create crime." – SOC

2010-10-26 "There can be no crime unless there is an intentional criminal act that causes real damage." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Tickets and fines for pre-crime are a crime." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Crime cannot be fractional, either there is a crime or there is no crime. The Act, Intent and Damage must be present in every crime. Fines for infractions are themselves real crimes." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Incentive will ensure justice or injustice." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Incentive will ensure justice or injustice. If public prosecutors, judges, cops and lawyers profit from public prosecution then unjust prosecution will prevail." = SOC

2010-10-26 "If doctors, hospitals and insurance companies profit from sickness, sickness and diseases will prevail." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Pay your doctor while you are healthy, and his incentive is to keep you that way. Pay your doctor while you are sick and he will keep you that way." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Nothing is more powerful than incentive." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Integrity is the lifeblood of longevity in love, which itself makes up life." – SOC

2010-10-26 "To save your soul steer a straight course with love and integrity." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Grow your soul with love, destroy it with evil." – SOC

2010-10-26 "If you don't govern yourself someone else will." - SOC

2010-10-26 "If you don't govern yourself someone else will and you will constantly flee from place to place seeking freedom." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Organizations grow with visionaries and die with accountants." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Organizations are founded by visionaries who are by definition not in conformance with the general populous. Founders die off and administrators take control of successful organizations, often steering them with in opposite direction and intent of that of the founders." – SOC

2010-10-26 "If there is any group I associate with in history, it is with the Masons who founded the United States of America. Three or so generations later, the Masons represented everything I despised." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Mammon is now the god of the Masons. Destroyed by deities, an association that sought to serve not slaughter, took on the other Mithras, Lucifer, as its deity and the illuminated became dimwits." – SOC

2010-10-26 "God is love and life, in any deistic form god is evil and brings death." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Death and deities are one and the same, both terminate at life." - SOC

2010-10-26 "Christianity's deity, drawn from Sol Invictus' Mithras, worships the god of mammon, designed to dupe the masses into subservience and slavery and to someone who claims to be their sovereign to extract taxes, tithes and obedience to the devil." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Children and the immature, get awfully upset when someone debunks their favorite deity like Father Christmas." – SOC

2010-10-26 "The foundation of justice is a fair trial. If any of the following fails the affirmative, the trial is not fair and void on its face: 1. An impartial qualified jury; 2. No exclusion of evidence or testimony; 3. competent defense." – SOC

2010-10-26 "It is better criminals go free than innocent are incarcerated." – SOC

"An arrest is such an extraordinary violation of liberty that no arrest should ever take place without at least twelve of twenty four ordinary citizens in a Grand Jury determining that the accused is probably guilty of a crime worthy of arrest." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Public servants purpose is to serve. No servant has any right to arrest their master." – SOC

2010-10-26 "When control and authority to prosecute public servants is removed from the people, public servants become masters of the public." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Everyone buys service and complains when there is only one service provider. When governments charge the people tax for delivery of services, why can the public not choose their own individual government?" – SOC

2010-10-26 "Free market principles succeed in all service and product offerings because competition helps reduce the product and service price wile improving quality. Why can we not have more options in selecting government??" – SOC

2010-10-26 "If you don't like or agree with a government, why must you pay for it?" – SOC

2010-10-26 "Should governments be allowed to form gangs called political parties?" – SOC

2010-10-26 "Until the masses understand that their communal cooperation is an unstoppable force that no monopoly can dominate, the masses will continue to be subservient to monopolies." – SOC

2010-10-26 "Don't complain about a monopoly if you support it. What you buy determines who profits." – SOC

2010-10-10  “Imagine a world that is only in one color.  You would not see a thing.” – SOC


2010-08-26     “Masons take blood oaths to support other Masons over and above the law and justice.  Consequentially any individual who is a Mason cannot hold office as they are by their own oath untrustworthy.” - SOC

2010-08-25     “Equal pay for unequal work simply cannot fly.  Communism is a proven failure.  When one understands that the bankers were the ones who established Communism, placing their administrations in control of every citizen’s wealth, the noble claims of Communism quickly disappear.” - SOC

2010-08-25     “Centralized power is centralized corruption.” – SOC

2010-08-25     “The larger the organization the larger the corruption.” – SOC

2010-08-25     “The more levels of administration the greater the corruption.” – SOC

2010-08-14    “If there are no differences then there is nothing.” – SOC

2010-08-14      When I left South Africa, it was either black or white, I came back and it’s in full color!

2010-08-14     “Celebrate color, celebrate difference, because without difference there is noting, pitch black is just black and all white is just blank white.  Imagine a world with one color or only one type of atom, like hydrogen.  What can you build with hydrogen alone?  But with two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom, you get water!  Recognize that it is the variance and difference which creates beauty.  Even a flower made of one color has shades of color, otherwise you would not see it.  Never look at anyone with disregard or distain for their difference.  Celebrate color, enjoy differences.” - SOC

2010_08_14 “Religions pass on like diseases and genetic defects from one generation to another.” – SOC

2010-08-03     “Accountability to ones neighbor causes people to refuse to believe the truth, lest they have to do something about it and ruin their day or life.” – SOC

2010-07-31     “The penalty for crime committed by public servants should be ten times that of other criminals” – SOC

2010-07-31     “Paperwork is important but it’s the delivery of the substance that matters.” – SOC

2010-07-31     “The purpose of paperwork is to be able to go back and check if you are doing with you said you would.” – SCO

2010-07-31     “When I left South Africa during the height of Apartheid, the country was black or white, mostly white, there wasn’t even grayscale.  When I returned, South Africa was a new country, Apartheid was gone and the country was in beautiful color.  Celebrate color, without differences life is boring.” – SOC

2010-07-30     Rise up America be what you were called to be, “Masters of public servants” and not “Servants of Public Masters”.

2010-07-30     “Our souls are the sum of our acts.” – SOC

2010-07-30     “My Lord is Love” – SOC

2010-07-29     “Does a judge or jury have any right to forgive? Surely such belongs to the real party of interest, the injured party?” – SOC

2010-07-29     “The growth of your soul is not based on how much you accumulate for yourself or your family, but rather how much you bring to all. For in all you will find yourself.  Love brings life. Live your life in love and you will find fulfillment.” – SOC

2010-07-07     “Enlightenment is not attained through memorizing symbols or babbling words, enlightenment is from within.” – SOC

2010-07-15     “TV is both a good educator and vegitator.” – SOC

2010-07-17     “Faith in fiction is for fools.   Only children who are too young to be sensible and idiots believe in fairy tails.” – SOC

2010-07-18     “Blind obedience eventually destroys the obedient.” – SOC

2010-07-18     “He who carries out an evil task in blind obedience carries the full responsibility of the evil along with the instructor.” - SOC

2010-07-18     “Societies that teach blind obedience are blind.” - SOC

2010-07-18     “Individuals and societies who keep secret knowledge that would benefit mankind, are the enemy of mankind”. - SOC

2010-07-19     “Authorities who insist on blind obedience clearly have a great deal to hide.” = SOC

2010-07-19     “Hindsight is 20/20. To see clearly as to what lies in the future, make sure you understand the past.” – SOC

2010-07-19     “When the illuminated hide their candle, they become dimwits.” – SOC

2010-07-19     “What purpose is illumination if it is kept in the dark?” – SOC

2010-07-19     “What use is knowledge if it is not used to feed the Tree of knowledge?  Knowledge fertilizes the Tree of Life.” = SOC

2010-07-28     “Today in the US the truth does not set you free, it gets you incarcerated.” – SOC

2010-07-28     “If you want government then pay tax. If you don’t want government and don’t agree with the government then don’t pay tax.  Why can’t governments earn their income on a free market basis like everyone else?  If a government is not worth it, don’t pay for it.” – SOC

2010-07-28     “The world’s worst criminals, governments, banks and churches, depend on goodwill to implant stupidity and a refusal of acknowledging the truth, because acknowledging the truth would mean people would have to do something about it.” SOC

2010-07-28     “If all others have to earn their business, is not involuntary tax theft by State?”” – SOC

2010-07-20     “The ugliest thing about Christians is their dogma. Perhaps we should call their god “godma”.  These poor fools believe faith in foolishness is a positive attribute.  The still cling onto a religion that claims you can blame something, someone or some sun of god for all the bad things they do.  Throwing virgins in volcanoes, sacrificing innocent little lambs, or their own children in the case of Abraham, or hanging good guys on trees, are sacrificial constructs that belong to very primitive idiots and not intelligent people in the 21st century.” = SOC

2010-07-20     “The fact that the ‘evangelecon’ (good news of military victory), or ‘gospel’ in English, written by Josephus about how the Roman’s slaughtered the Jews was used as the foundation of the Christian gospel’s, is a sorry and sore irony.”

2010-06-23  “It has been said that ‘God is love’, just so ‘Love is god’”. – SOC

2010_06­26  “What we do in time and space is etched into time and space and makes up the very essence of our soul.  It cannot be undone.” – SOC

2010_05_12 "Those who claim to know secrets that are above their fellow man, demote themselves to the lowly position of judging their own incompetence." - SOC

2010_05_05 "Is the inaction of US citizen’s benign, or does it amount to murder? - SOC

2010_05_05 "Every year the US slaughters millions in cold blood, as corruption is exposed, evidence shows an increased intent." - SOC

2010_05_05 "The apathy of the general populous will annihilate their liberty." - SOC

2010_05_05 "Are Americans accountable for allowing the atrocities of their administration?" - SOC

2010_05_05 "Is an apathetic populous excused for inaction or does their inaction not only enable but instigate greater atrocities by their administration, can apathy amount to murder?" - SOC

2010_05_05 "Each individual should have a secure spot on earth where no one or government can tread." - SOC

2010_05_05 "He who buys on credit is enslaved by debt." - SOC

2010_05_05 "Allowing any institution to make interest baring money out of nothing will allow them to own the world." - SOC

2010_05_05 "Supporting institutions that make interest baring money out of nothing enables them ot enslave the world." - SOC

2010_05_05 "You had better be dam sacred if your government want's to take care of your health care, because they will." - SOC

2010_05_05 "When the courts are nothing less than criminal enterprises and judges are the filthiest criminals in the land, the nation turns to violence and war." - SOC

2010_05_05 "To maintain the fraud caused by the Federal Reserve Bank obnoxious strangers are forced on us just as Lincoln threatened." - SOC

2010_04_14 "To the warmonger and terrorist, the one who preaches love is a terrorist and ‘war criminal’ because they kill war." - SOC

2010_04_12 "Religion and money is the root of all evil. With religion good men can be made to do bad things, with fiat-money, evil men fund them. Both must go. It is time we started practicing 'love your neighbor as yourself' instead of preaching it." - SOC

2010_02_22 "Any politician who seeks to eliminate the 2nd Amendment right to bare arms who does not first disarm the police and military is nothing less than a liar and thief who seeks to make themselves the top thug on the block" - SOC

2010_02_02 "All corruption is plaint to dee by those who committ it, their concience cannot escape conviciton" - SOC

2010_01_29 "It is better to die as a pauper with honor than a corrupt king for the soul feeds on honor and is deminished through corruption. Love expands the soul, evil deminishes it. That which is eterman is certainly more valuable than that which is fleeting. Thus the pour in this life can gain great eternal riches that last forever while the wealthy gain the world and loose their soul." - SOC

2010_01_29 "All ill gotten gain turns to gaull, eventually it will consume the concience of the thief." - SOC

2010_01_29 "All ill gotten gain turns to gaul, in the end it will consume the concience of the perpetrators and their very sould will be destroyed." - SOC

2010_01_29 "Love gorws the sould, evil eats it up." - SOC

2010_01_29 "Eat animals and they will eventually kill you." - SOC

2010_01_29 "Corrup court cause civil war." - SOC

2010_01_29 "When the courts are corrupt the entire nation becomes evil and will eventaully self deistruct." - SOC

2010_01_29 "Criminals count on greed. A lack there of kills crime." - SOC

2010_01_29 "Armies do not destroy great men, little people with no morals who find themselves in positions of trust do." - SOC

2009_12_18 "If your opponent can make money out of nothing, you will loose." - SOC

2009_12_18 "Individuals are far more easily controlled and corrupted than a random selection of twelve people from the public.  By having all criminal cases tried only by a jury of twelve, the ability of criminals to control government is greatly reduced." - SOC 

2009_12_18 "If a people will not take on the responsibilities and functions of government they will loose their sovereignty to someone who will and be their slave." - SOC

2009_12_15 "Faith based on what you cannot depend on or prove is foolishness." - SOC

2009_12_14 "If something moves emotions in you, it's for a reason. If you can't face that reason, perhaps you need to look at it again & fix the problem." - SOC

2009_12_06 "He who lets the waters of corruption pass under his bridge, floods his neighbor." - SOC

2009_10_13    "Those who ignore crime like water under a bridge, flood their neighbors house down stream." - SOC

2009_10_10    "The silence of apathy is as deafening and dangerous as the shouts of war" - SOC

2009_09_11    "Revelation inspires revolutions." - SOC

2009_09_11    "Revolutions are inspired by revelation." - SOC

2009_09_10   "All is certainly not good! Knowing the difference between good and evil is the heart of knowledge.  Choosing good over evil is the source of civilization. Love is civilization is love." - SOC

2009_09_10   "When Americans turn off their TV, stop attending State school and drinking sedative laced water, they will wake up and kick the banksters and criminals out of government, and the American people will grow up and be their own government and save the world. This is the meaning of Novus Ordo Seclorum." - SOC

2009_09_10   "There is no way in hell that life happened by chance, life was engineered." - SOC
see Origin Of Species

2009_08_31   "Its often through the wrongs that we see the right." - SOC

2009_07_15   "It was once said that "an eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind". However, an eye for an eye teaches people to respect other's eyesight through their own. Without accountability there can be no justice." - SOC

2009_06_13   "If the "truth will set you free", clearly our authorities want to keep us as slaves." - SOC

2009_06_11   "If you keep your eyes and ears open, it’s a simple matter of stepping off the track to let the freight train go by.   Ignorance of the facts however presents an entirely different outcome." - SOC

2009_04_20   "He who argues against a truth wile refusing to weigh the facts lies to himself." - SOC

2009_03_21   "Illumination is not a qualification or level one can obtain in a school or society. Illumination is initiated in one's soul and is the enlightenment of love which encompasses life. Thus it is often easier for the simplest of society to reach enlightenment than it is for the smartest. - SOC

2009_02_24   "It’s a sad state of affairs when our best technology goes into military applications, built for death & not to make the world a better place." - SOC

2009_02_24   "As a technologist if all your ideas are simply used to build weapons of destruction, what use are you to the world?" - SOC

2009_02_24   "The world wars were artificially instigated by bankers. America’s greatest enemy is within it’s borders, the bankers who control the money supply, the politicians and our military, police and judiciary who violate their oath of office to uphold the Constitution for the United States of America." - SOC

2009_02_24   "When you find that in law enforcement you are sent after good people, then you know for sure that you are working for the devil." - SOC

2009_02_24   "What when you are in law enforcement and you are asked to enforce so-called laws that violate your oath to uphold the Constitution? By law are you not called to violate the so-called laws that violate the Constitution for the United States of America?" - SOC

2009_02_24   "By law, anyone in law enforcement that does not prosecute lawbreakers, do themselves become lawbreakers, the highest responsibility is to prosecute violations of the Constitution for the United States of America – read it and follow it!" - SOC

2009_01_31   "When money in itself represents an asset greater than the paper or metal on which it is printed, then you have a scam and fraud that can destroy the world." - SOC

2009_01_31   "Money is surely the root of all evil." - SOC

2009_01_31   "Money can only represent a real asset, it can only be a note that facilitates the exchange and trade of tings of real value. When a bank or the provider of the monetary system charges interest on their money, you know you have a criminal enterprise at the heart of the monetary system." - SOC

2009_01_31   "Violence begets violence. It takes an incredibly strong person to not retaliate"- SOC

2009_01_31   "I am all for disarmament, the first people and organizations that must lay down their arms are the government officials, police and military. It is only by the government leading in the laying down of arms that disarmament can occur, otherwise any military personnel, police or government official who attempts to take away anyone’s weapon is nothing less than an extreme hypocrite and liar with an evil and ulterior intent." - SOC

2009_01_31   "An armed society is a polite society. When an armed grandma can blow a bully's head off, the bully will not abuse your grandmother." - SOC

2009_01_31   "Weapons even the strength of arms, neutralizing threat." - SOC

2009_01_31   "When you have a government that rushes to produce weapons when they are not under threat, you have a nation that will become a serious threat to all other nations.  Disarmament must start at the national level and end with the individual.  Disarmament cannot start with the individual it must start with disarming the government." - SOC

2009_01_31   "When you disarm the weak you enable their assault.  Hands are deadly weapons, you cannot take away hands." - SOC

2009_01_31   "Violence and crime must not go unpunished, especially at the National leader level." - SOC

2009_01_31   "People have the explicit right to defend themselves from violence.  No authority has any right to remove a person's right to protect themselves. The right to own and carry arms is as important and absolute as the right one has to defend oneself." - SOC

2009_01_24   "If a judge determines what evidence can be put in front of a jury, then it’s a trial by judge not jury." - SOC

2009_01_24   "If there is no-fault in divorce, then who’s to blame for the crimes committed by happen in Family Court commissioners and judges?" - SOC

2009_01_24   "If the State determines the best interest of your children, does that not imply that the State is head of your family?" - SOC

2009_01_24   "If they can make money out of nothing why can’t we?" - SOC

2009_01_06   "When leaders are corrupt, corruption reaches to the lowest level. When leaders have integrity, integrity reaches to the lowest level." - SOC

2009_01_06   "Lead in love and love will prevail. Lead in tyranny and tyranny will prevail." - SOC

2009_01_06   "A leader who steals, robs himself and will die in discontent." - SOC

2009_01_06   "Leaders should never be above reproach. With integrity they will gain respect." - SOC

2009_01_06   "A flattering tongue by those bribed through corruption is the same as an insult." - SOC

2009_01_0     "One can choose to be a warrior or a worrier. In the end action will only make the difference. A warrior must carefully plan their action. Sometimes it is best to not attack. To fight another day sometimes one must retreat. Attack when victory is assured, or if you have absolutely no other option. Feigned attack can test an opponent but it can also release the unknown." - SOC

2009_01_0     "If you attack me, you will only make me stronger, which shall immediately or finally come at your expense. If you partner with me, we both become stronger to both our benefits. - SOC

2009_01_0     "Nations cannot be invaded with force. The minds of the people need to be invaded to win a nation." - SOC

2009_01_0     ""Violence does not win, it only controls while the threat lasts.   One can only win with integrity and justice." - SOC

2009_01_0     "I have no problem ever sitting down with anyone, including leaders who are completely in the wrong. As a draftee in the South African military, I became an instructor, I trained people to kill freedom fighters. I was wrong and on the wrong side.  We all make mistakes, some worse than others. The issue is to recognize mistakes and help those who are making mistakes to firstly see the mistake then to stop making the mistake, then to develop a remedy to right the wrong." - SOC

2008_11_10    "Today is the first day of tour future, Use it wisely." - SOC

2008_11_06    "If you focus on the little things, can you ignore the big things?   Big things, are however made up of little things." - SOC

2008_11_06    "The power vested in me to bring liberty to you, is vested in you to bring liberty to me. Together we must stand, or surely individually we will fall." - SOC

2008_10_28    "If the average U.S. citizen knew what was going on in banking and the government today, there would be a revolution within moments of that realization." - SOC

2008_09_26    "In Nature you will find God. Nature distributes control. Nature has no Sovereign, all are kings. There is no hierarchical New World Order in Nature. In Nature, even a cell is autonomous. Freedom comes from autonomy and not central world government. Freedom comes from less control not more control. Governance belongs to the individual not Washington DC or the United Nations, Governance belongs to 'We the People' and not 'They The Government;." - SOC

2008_09_26    "If we the people do not stand up and assume governance, someone else will." - SOC

2008_09_26    "Currency merely represents what is real. You cannot charge interest on currency. Currency must be free, so should banking.   Currency cannot be controlled by individuals or governments." - SOC
see: CopperCards Banking

2008_09_25   "If we stand together we will succeed. If we stand alone we will fall." - SOC

2008_09_25   "Money, worthless in itself, can only be measured by the assets that back it." - SOC

2008_09_25   "A note backed only by faith and credit facilitates fraud." - SOC

2008_09_25   "Fraud is facilitated by notes backed only by faith and credit." - SOC

2008_09_25   "New World Order's Fascism and Socialism is destined for self destruction." - SOC

2008_09_25   "Nations who instigate war will instigate their own demise." - SOC

2008_09_25   "Nations who instigate war will ultimately wage destruction on themselves." - SOC

2008_09_25   "A Nation that allows government to get away with prosecuting a righteous person is destined for civil war." - SOC

2008_09_25   "A world that allows bankers to take control of their currency will loose control of their government, military, business, homes and freedom." - SOC

2008_09_25   "Hitler had no problem hiring the Gestapo, neither will Bush.   How should we treat local government officials that fight for fascism?" - SOC

2008_09_11   "Tyrants are few, the masses are many. To squash a tyrant the masses merely need to sit down and say no.” - SOC (in jail)

2008_09_05   "Masters require slaves to make slaves." - SOC (in jail)

2008_09_05   "Media manages the masses." - SOC (in jail)

2008_09_05   "Violating an oath of office voids the office." - SOC (in jail)

2008_09_05   "To violate your oath is to seek dismissal." - SOC (in jail)

2008_09_05   "Enemies of the Constitution are enemies of State." - SOC (in jail)

2008_09_05   "Those who oppose the Constitution oppose the U.S.A." - SOC (in jail)

2008_09_05    "Peace shall never come through spilling blood." - SOC (in jail)

2008_09_05    "How can socialism succeed when it ignores the construct of the individual, since the whole is made up of individuals. If the individual cannot stand by itself the body cannot stand." - SOC (in jail)

2008_09_05    "Secrets and secrets societies are bastions of ignorance, sealing up so-called knowledge. Knowledge shared builds the body of knowledge enabling growth to perfection." - SOC

2008_08_25    "Distain for the righteous is rooted in evil." - SOC

2008_08_20    "Your destiny is yours to choose, to live for love or to die in evil." - SOC

2008_08_20    "No one is worth hating." - SOC

2008_08_20    "There is no accomplishment in hate, there is nothing gained even in the slightest bad thought. There is everything gained, life itself, in love.   Every good thought, every moment we love, we live life to the full, and we are complete. Live, love oppose evil. Let no moment go by without love." - SOC

2008_08_20    "Bitter is the sting of death, one day it will be gone for us all, guaranteed. Let love remain." - SOC

2008_08_20    "Life is everlasting in love. Love builds bonds that can never be broken." - SOC

2008_08_20    "Some noble professions cannot be incented by profit; they must live on honor alone.   Banking and Law are such as these." - SOC

2008_08_20    "The Rothschild’s/Bauer’s are so poor, riches are not found in gold, life itself carries all the riches one can ever own. And ones so evil who's actions take others lives, gain nothing but loss." - SOC

2008_08_18   "First there is apathy regarding the truth.   Anger follows when the truth upsets the status quo.  Action is the final stage when the individual realizes that failing to act will only make things worse." - SOC

2008_08_18    "Selective denial does not remove accountability, rather, it increases it." - SOC

2008_08_07    "Righteousness is a liberty that can never be stolen.  They can throw you in jail and take what is most precious and everything you own.  Righteousness however lives forever, it will crush wrongdoers." - SOC

2008_08_07    "The public official who commits crimes under the color of law stands on a pedestal waiting to be exposed." - SOC

2008_08_07    "Guilt is a choice that cannot be hidden from oneself.   The wrongdoer makes their choice and the deed cannot be undone. Forgiveness, however, is a choice a victim can take at any time." - SOC

2008_08_07    "The means one chooses to accomplish the end are how a person will be weighed and not necessarily the end itself." - SOC

2008_08_07    "Public officials who commit crimes under the color of law are standing on a pedestal waiting to be exposed. Light will eventually uncover secrets past." - SOC

2008+07_06    "For the sinner the deed is done and cannot be undone.
Forgiveness is always the choice of the victim." - SOC

2008_07_06    "It does not matter who you are or what your accomplishments are, it’s your walk that counts." - SOC

2008_06_20    "If the land is free, you do not need to carry an identity document" - SOC

2008_06_19    "The gold standard is based on the construct that anyone who can find shiny stuff is king" - SOC

2008_06_19    “Whether money is printed on paper, metal or cotton, is not the issue, the issue is interest and asset backed currency." - SOC

2008_03_20    "Facts Bring Freedom." - SOC

2008_03_20    "In the Tree of Knowledge, Life Can Be Found" - SOC

2008_03_20    "Liberty and truth are companions that cannot be separated.
Liberty cannot be won without the truth" - SOC

2008_03_20    "Liberty through Truth, Captivity through Ignorance." - SOC
2008_03_20    "Ignorance is Captivity, Truth is Liberty." - SOC
2008_03_20    "Ignorance = Captivity; Truth = Liberty." - SOC
2008_03_20    "The Truth Will Set You Free. Ignorance Only Leads To Captivity." - SOC

2008_03_19    "Lies limit liberty and life. Lies steal liberty. Liberty, like love, must be nurtured and guarded." - SOC

2008_03_19    "Liberty must be mutual. One persons liberty should not take from another persons liberty." - SOC

2008_03_19    "Follow the money to uncover the source of evil." - SOC

2008_03_19    "When money is considered an asset and not simply a currency to enable trade,
   the money will grow evil." - SOC

2008_03_19    "Friends are easy to choose, integrity will determine their value." - SOC

2008_03_19    "Enemies present themselves, choose them carefully." - SOC
2008_03_19    "Enemies present themselves, you attitude however may have the opportunity to annul the relationship and turn it to nothing or something, or to turn it to friend or foe." - SOC

2008_03_19    "Life leads down a road on which we often loose steering.
The conditions on the road of life are an important factor influencing your ability to steer, as are the condition of your body and more importantly your mind.
Choose your paths wisely." - SOC

2008_03_19    "There is the body and there is also life. Today science can explain the body. Life however, science has no explanation for and little understanding of." - SOC

2008_01_14    "If you won’t acknowledge wrongs today, they will still be here tomorrow." - SOC

2008_01_14    "If you cannot learn from the past, you are destined to past calamities." -SOC

2007_12_10    "Ignorance, one innocent does not make." - SOC

2007_12_10    "Innocence cannot be bought with ignorance. He who turns a blind eye on crime and corruption will be overrun by it." - SOC

2007_12_10    "The apathy of the general populous is jealously guarded
lest the truth escape and the people are forced to do something about their criminal government." - SOC

2007_12_10    "With a badge of authority the crooked judge acquits criminals
and convicts the innocent. Oh, how hollow are a people who overlook such injustice. In time, their silence will turn on them." - SOC

2007_12_10    "Oppose not corruption and corruption will surely overtake and consume you too."   - SOC

2007_12_10    "To stand idly by and watch the innocent thrown in jail and
your nation invade other nations, literally slaughtering millions in cold blood,
is the same as partaking in the crime." - SOC

2007_12_10    "The terrorism a Nation dishes out will be dealt back to it." - SOC

2007_12_10    "“Look terrorists did it!” cries the leaders who want to incite their people to war, when the leaders themselves committed the terror." - SOC

2007_12_10    "Kill a terrorist and two more will emerge. Terrorism cannot be fought with terror, for terrorism is mostly bred from irrational policy. One cannot eliminate a terrorist without eliminating the policies that caused the terrorism." - SOC

2007_12_10    "Terrors await a Nation who’s government acquits the guilty and convicts the innocent."  - SOC

2007_12_10    "He who stands with criminals, as a criminal he will stand." - SOC

2007_12_08    "He who chooses to follow a criminal’s order, as a criminal he will be dealt with." - SOC

2007_11_30     "Violet action begets violence.  Peace silences violence." - SOC

2007_11_20     "How irrational is the irritation one receives when invading someone’s ignorance?  Or are they just protecting what they don’t what to know? - SOC

2997_11_19      "Life's short, live to be worthy of eternity." - SOC

2007_11_15      "Separation of Church and State is important, however, separation of School and State is critical" - SOC

2007_10_15      "Arrest people who abuse animals, defend the defenseless." - SOC

2007-08-21      "The bliss of ignorance will soon be faced with the stark reality and consequence of doing nothing about our out of control government.” - SOC

2007-08-21      "When people are more concerned with someone using the word ‘fuck’, than the fact that they are directly funding and supporting the mass murder of innocent children, women and men around the world, the state of that individual is indeed poor." - SOC

2007-08-21      "Certainly one does not need to use so-called foul language. However, when people ignore the fact that the government they fund and support has built a police state and is busy invading nations all around the world and slaughtering millions of innocent people, how then does one get their attention?" - SOC

2007_08_20    "The most powerful messages ever delivered in the history of the world were not delivered in violence, they were delivered in love." - SOC

2007_08_20     "The demise of those who follow the devil is the premise that rewards come from deception." - SOC

2007-08-16      "When government officials can claim sovereign immunity because they are caught in outright crimes, they declare and end to their Nation." - SOC

2007-08-16      "Earthly claims of sovereign immunity are overtly evil." - SOC

2007-08-16      "Any earthly authority who claims sovereign immunity is clearly a devil." - SOC

2007-08-16      "When people obey earthly authority when they know the authority is corrupt, they side with evil." - SOC

2007-08-16      "Earthly authority is always subordinate to the authority of truth." - SOC

2007-08-10     "Lack of understanding and vision can make one an unwilling accomplice to anything, including evil.  Ignorance is far from bliss." - SOC

2007-08-10      "Fear that which brings eternal damnation and not that which brings you to judgment." -SOC

2007-08-03      "War causes an economic boom for a very few individuals and massive destruction, loss and excruciating agony for the masses."  - SOC

2007-08-02    "To say the enemy of America and much of the world is well funded, is not putting it succinctly, they are the bank." - SOC

2007-08-02    "When the apathy of the general populous turns to aggression, it is the guise of guilt." - SOC

2007-07-09    "Conflict induces change, however, cooperation masters change.
Cooperation cannot be accomplished with conflict." - SOC

2007-07-09    "The end does not justify the means.  The means determines the end. It's your walk that counts." - SOC.

2007-07-09    "I am as much against State controlled religion as I am against State controlled education. What after all is the difference between education & religion?" - SOC

2007-07-09     "Communism is when the State takes more than ten percent of your income." The average person in the U.S. pays more 50% in taxes. - SOC

2007-07-09    "Governments, first they mug you, then they make you believe you need them." - SOC

2007-06-25     "I Am you. I served and I received. I was punished for others sins, but that is not the issue. That which we live moulds life in us. Either love grows or life dies. Love. Love frees you to live your life. Hate hides the reality of life which is love. Love can overcome anything. Love is all powerful. God is Love.
Love." - SOC

2007-04-31    "Inaction can be as criminal as action." - SOC

2007-03-12     "Terrorism greatly increases a governments ability to tax it's citizens.  The primary financial benefactors of terrorism are government employees." - SOC

2007-03-01      "The most interesting news comes when the dust has settled and the truth is left exposed." - SOC

2007-02-23      "Let the government get away with breaking the law and soon the only law that will exist will be tyranny" - SOC

2007-01-09      "If you can sufficiently understand your adversary, you may have an opportunity to turn them into an ally" - SOC

2007-01-09      "The family provides us our first foundation in life and love.
if our family life is messed up our foundations are shaky and we loose out on learning the incredible power of love." – SOC

2007-01-09      "Love being the heart and soul of life is lost in Hegelian's ‘Statehood construct’ where the State, an inert infrastructure devoid of life or love, is placed at the pinnacle or center of our lives. To live one’s life for an inert entity is surely one of the most foolish wastes of a life that clearly, is devoid of the most precious part of life, love."– SOC
(For those not versed in the construct of Hegelianism it is advisable to read up on this foolish construct to understand where idiots in the U.S. government are attempting to take the nation and where idiots like Hitler and Stalin led other fools.  Members of the Bones Club, the Socialists and Fascists who have been mislead by Hegel and Fichte, desperately need education in the construct of life, which is love)

2006-12-29      "Silence in the face of a dictator is support of that dictator." – SOC

2006-12-29      "Silence in the face of tyranny is support of that tyranny." – SOC

2006-12-06      "The cost of resisting tyranny is much less than going along with it." – SOC

2006-12-05      “Men of moral ideals establish nations, immoral men ruin them.” – SOC

2006-11-23      "To lie is to steal from the truth." – SOC

2006-11-23      "A liar is a thief who steals from truth." – SOC

2006-11-10      "Certain principles, truths and constructs do not change with time." – SOC

2006-11-08      "Either the government respects the law or it does not. 
When the government ignores the law it looses its authority." – SOC

2006-10-24      "The light of life is love." – SOC

2006-10-24      "When light falls, darkness prevails. God is light, God is life, God is love" – SOC

2006-10-24      "The opposite of evil is live, the opposite of darkness is light, when light falls, evil prevails and death takes over life." – SOC

2006-10-24      "Woe to the light bearer who does not let the light shine." – SOC

2006-10-22      "To live without love is evil." – SOC

2006-10-21      "Love is everything, Love is all, Love is.
Master love and you have mastered the universe. God is love." – SOC

2006-10-16      "The defense of a country is built by the will of the people
and not the size of their army." – SOC

2006-10-04      “Stand together or fall individually.” – SOC

2006-10-04      “Failure to act can enable crime.” – SOC

2006-10-04      “They who act not against a tyrant authorize tyranny.” – SOC

2006-10-04      “In the face of tyranny, stand together or you will surely all fall individually.” – SOC

2006-09-20      “Ignorance is bliss, until you face the consequences.” – SOC

2006-09-19      “If a government can get people squabbling about irrational and emotional issues such a racism or abortion, then that government can get away with committing crimes behind the backs of the squabbling people.” – SOC

2006-09-11      “Do not stand in line of man with deadline.” - SOC

2006-08-27      “What you work for will determine your final destiny, after life.” - SOC

2006-08-27      “As soon as you step over the line of integrity, you are on the wrong side.” - SOC

2006-08-27      “The word integrity implies no compromise.” - SOC

2006-08-27      “Preventing the growth and advancement of other nations or other individuals buys only lost progress” – SOC

2006-08-27      “Corruption is like a virus. There need not be any coordination or conspiracy between the criminals who often in unison work towards each of their individual goals which are one and the same: to line their personal pockets. - To control nations and the world, one simply needs to point the virus in an intended direction to achieve the end goals." – SOC

2006-08-21      “Like a lover with other lovers, if you are lukewarm I will spew you out. Beauty will turn to ashes.” – SOC

2006-08-21      "A lover with other lovers turns beauty to gall, love to ashes.” – SOC

2006-08-21      "Love that is only skin deep will turn ugly.” – SOC

2006-08-21      "The consequence of diving into shallow water awaits those who dive into shallow love. However, as the beach leads gradually to deep ocean, love too can grow. Cautiously and carefully one sails through shallows into the uncertain security of deep water.” – SOC

2006-08-12      “The Israelites were instructed to have no sex during war.
Does a lack of sex invoke violent behavior? How many wars are initiated by men who don’t get it?” – SOC

2006-08-12      “If Christianity is based upon a personal relationship between an individual and God, then what authority does the institution of the Church hold?” - SOC

2006-06-10      “Justice must not be swayed by eloquence, expressive djectives, or four letter words, justice is above such. Justice deals with the Act, Intent and Damage. How these facts are portrayed after the event has noting to do with whether or not a crime has been committed.” - SOC

2006-06-01      “There is only one way to invade a nation and that is through the hearts and minds of its people.” - SOC

2006-06-01      “State Socialism represents a failure on behalf of the family and Church.” - SOC

2006-06-01      “Wolves choose the church for a sheep’s disguise.” - SOC

2006-06-01      “The most evil atrocities are fraudulently carried out in the name of God.” - SOC

2006-06-01      “Someone once said that there are good people and bad people who do either good or bad, however, in the name of religion, even the good can do bad.” - SOC

2006-06-01      “Stabilize the family and you will have a stable nation.” - SOC

2006-12-29      “Break up the family and you will break up the nation.” - SOC

2006-06-01      “At least there is innocence in ignorance. But does turning a blind eye to injustice grant any reprieve for ignorance?” - SOC

2006-05-31      “People get drunk to forget problems, however, drunkenness won’t solve any problem it is only likely to accentuate the problem.” - SOC

2006-05-24      “I would rather pick 12 individuals randomly off the street to judge me than allow some person who a politician chose to decide my fate.” - SOC

2006-05-24      “The media can help to bring accountability. (SOC 2003-09-12)
When the media refuses to report the truth, society dies and we all suffer. 
The crimes hidden will befall all.”  - SOC

2006-05-24      “When courts are corrupt turn to the court of public opinion.” - SOC

2006-05-24      “To drive properly, one must look out at the road ahead. (SOC 2004-09)
On the road of life, all we have is a rear view mirror to see ahead of us.” – SOC

2006-05-24      “The thief who steals your money turns it around to rob you again. So it is with governments who mug the public for personal profit.” – SOC

2006-05-24      “Find me a government that can effectively employ half the tax money you give them and I’will be impressed.” - SOC

2006-05-24      “He who turns a blind eye on the tyranny of his government will eventually be consumed by the same tyranny.” - SOC

2006-05-24      “If a Sheriff receives bail money then that Sheriff will falsely arrest many.” - SOC

2006-05-24      “If County’s employees are given authority to write tickets and the County receives the proceeds from those tickets, then many improper tickets will be issued.” - SOC

2006-05-24      “People take alcohol and drugs to cut out the noise of life.
Alcohol and drugs dull the mind and senses, however, sometimes that can bring focus by clouding out noise. - SOC

2006-05-24      “Alcohol and drugs take control and can make one do things a person would never do in their right mind, things they can’t undo and later may seriously regret.  Be careful who or what you give control to.” - SOC

2006-05-24      “The first amendment should be used to tell the government to get out of our face.  The second amendment should be used to make them get out of our face.” - SOC

2006-05-24      “The second amendment brings peace by arming the people with equal power to that of the government. A government that cannot be controlled by the public can turn into a threat to the entire world.” - SOC

2006-05-24      “I have no problem laying down my arms, so long as the government does it first. Go out and buy guns, arm yourselves, for that is the purpose of the second amendment, to keep the government in check.” - SOC

2006-05-24      “How is it that the country with the most weapons of mass destruction insists that other countries may have none to protect themselves?” - SOC

2006-05-24      “The worst men pretend to be Christians. What better disguise for the wolf?” - SOC

2006-05-24      “The sheep don’t see the wolf in sheep’s clothing. That’s how George W. Bush got elected as President of the U.S.A.. That’s how criminals amongst our judges, DA’s and police get into power.” - SOC

2006-05-24      “When criminals get into power they gather more criminals around themselves.” - SOC

2006-05-23      “I would rather pick 12 individuals randomly off the street to judge me than allow some person who a politician elected to decide my fate.” - SOC

2006-05-22      “Thank God for men and women of immoral character.  Who else will test those you might give your heart to?” - SOC

2006-05-20      “Once sold the deal is done, the trade passed beyond return except for perhaps another separate deal. The same is with one’s relationship and soul. Who will you sell or give yourself to? Once they have possession of you, perhaps a more worthy owner has lost the opportunity. Or perhaps you have lost the opportunity to find someone more compatible. Choose wisely and be not hasty to close a deal for your life or soul.” - SOC

2006-05-20      “If there is no money for government, criminals will not gather there.  Government must come from the heart, given freely.” - SOC

2006-05-20      “Oh, I am a socialist, I believe in socialism. 
Socialism starts with the family and ends with the church
into which you are born or baptized. 
However, when socialism gets into government it invariably breeds corruption.” - SOC

2006-03-23      “Can time erode a crime?  Statutes of limitations imply such.” - SOC

2006-03-14      “What good is the 1st amendment if the courts won’t listen and act on the facts and law?  Perhaps that is why our founding fathers gave us the 2nd.” - SOC

2006-01-30      “Is any crime worse than accusing and convicting the innocent?” - SOC

2006-01-03      “At least when you jump from the frying pan into the fire you have a chance of putting out or getting out of the fire, otherwise you’re going to be eaten.” - SOC

2006-01-03      “Arguments can be divided into logic or belief, knowledge or emotions, hopefully knowledge and logic prevail.” - SOC

2006-01           “A judge who decides what can and cannot be put before a jury can unfairly fix the outcome of a trial and such a trial is not a Trial By Jury.” - SOC

2006-01           “The right to a speedy trail includes all levels of trial all the way through to final conviction.  The Appeal system is not outside of the Constitutional requirement for a speedy trial.” - SOC

2006                “Tyranny feeds on fear. Tyranny and oppression only survive where there is fear and indifference.” - SOC

2005-12           “If a beneficiary imposes tax or fines, what’s to prevent corruption?” - SOC

2005-12           “Does not our Republican form of Representative Government imply that no Legislature may enact any new legislation unless they represent a majority of the citizens and not just those who turn out to vote?  How else can legislation be ratified?” - SOC

2005-11-01      “What is Religion? 
Religion is a belief influencing how a person walks their life;
a belief influencing a person’s action.” - SOC

2005-10-27      “Instead of trying to figure out ways to take money from the rich and distribute it to the poor, why not figure out ways to help the poor make money?” - SOC

2005-04-29      “Many people who spend much time looking in the mirror, never see themselves.”

2005-04-28      “Combating terrorism with terror only breeds more terror.
Violence breeds violence.
Force exerts force that is equal and opposite.
Negative cancels positive.
Negative builds negative.
Love absorbs hate.
Love builds love.” - SOC

2005-04-27      “Injustice is seldom forgotten, it simply tends to fester. 
Revenge to injustices is ready to explode at any time or place.” - SOC

2005-04-27      “Much can be learned from the concept taught in the East regarding reflecting energy.  Arts such as Jujitsu teach the concepts of redirecting force.  When a violent force is applied against us, there often exists an opportunity to turn that force in on itself.  Scriptures suggest a similar method in Proverbs 25: “v21 If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat; if he is thirsty, give him water to drink. v22 In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head, and the LORD will reward you.” - SOC

2005-04-27      “Opposing violence with violence only adds violence. 
Opposing violence with love absorbs violence. 
By absorbing violence one can gain control of out-of-control situations. 
Adding violence induces loss of control and pent up retaliation.” - SOC

2005-04-27      “The key in life is to turn whatever situation one finds oneself in into an advantage.  Finding means to turn bad situations into good is hardly ever impossible.” - SOC

2005-04-24      “How many Christians are a shame to the concept of Christ?
The mythical Jesus allegedly said (Matthew 5:20): “But I warn you – unless you obey better than
the teachers of religious law and the Pharisees do, you can’t enter the Kingdom of Heaven at all!” - SOC

2005-04           “A judge has a duty to ensure justice is metered out in court,
not a duty to limit justice or to turn a blind eye on crime or hold a cloak of bureaucratic legal jargon and complicated court procedures in the way of justice.” - SOC

2005-04           “Justice is not metered by time.  Justice has no expiry date. 
Time does not erode crime.” - SOC

2005-04           “Statutes of limitation are neither statutory nor constitutional,
violating the foundation of a fair trial and due process. 
‘Statutes of limitation’ introduce the unjust concept of time eroding crime.” - SOC

2005-04           “The judiciary’s duty is not to interpret the law as that leaves leeway for the judiciary to interpret whatever they want, effectively allowing the judiciary to make law.  The judiciary may only enact the law.  If a law is not clear then it must go back to the legislature to make it clear.  No legislation should be passed without ratification by a majority of the people and not just those who turn out at the poles.  If the people do not turn out to vote then the issue is not important enough.” - SOC

2005               “I am a socialist, I believe in socialism, so long as the socialism starts at the family and ends with the church.  A Socialist government invariably becomes corrupt.” - SOC

2004-11-02      “When government steps into the domain of family and church,
you guarantee disaster and corruption beyond measure.  Welfare is first the responsibility of family and second that of the church and last that of the state.” - SOC

2004-10-26      “If as a society we enact laws to come down heavily on criminals, then equally so we need to enact laws that come down exceptionally heavily on false prosecution.” - SOC

2004-10-23      “The apathy of the populous to crimes of tyranny against their neighbors halts the start of a righteous revolution.” - SOC

2004-10-23      “The thief who steals your money turns it around to rob you again.” - SOC

2004-10-23      “Those committing the crimes of tyrannical rule escape with the murder of decent and just society, while feeding on the fear, apathy and lack of courage of the average man.”

2004-10-21      “Would you rather have a friend or an enemy?  Win the enemy onto your side.” - SOC

2004-10-19      “Prisoners are put in jail involuntarily, however, drugs are a jail some choose to put themselves in.” - SOC

2004-10-09      “Knowledge may be used for both good and evil.  The gift of knowledge carries with it the responsibility to ensure that knowledge is used for good and not for evil.” - SOC

2004-10-09      “Some knowledge only profits evil, such knowledge should be silenced.  Such evil knowledge should not be confused with neutral knowledge that can be used for both good and bad.” - SOC

2004-09-28      “A person’s innocence or guilt is determined by evidence. 
Deny the evidence and the innocent are convicted.” - SOC

2004-09-28      “By evidence, a man’s guilt or innocence is determined. 
By denial of evidence, the innocent are convicted.” - SOC

2004-09-28      “As soon as judges or the police can in any way receive a reward for influencing punishment or fines, they will become corrupt.” - SOC

2004-09-28      “Censorship determines what a society sees, hears and reads,
these in turn determine how neighbors interact and the society itself.” - SOC

2004-09-28      “Corruption will come unless there is separation of funds or the influence of funds from those who judge and police.” - SOC

2004-09-28      “The freedom of a student to choose education, is as important as guaranteeing the freedom of publishing education.” - SOC

2004-09-25      “Bigotry and hatred is bred through ignorance,
freedom and freedom of speech melts ignorance.” - SOC

2004-09-25      “Innocent until proven guilty implies that you cannot be punished in any way before being properly proven guilty.  The probable cause standard to imprison someone, or even momentarily detain them, needs to be extraordinary high probability.  Otherwise officials will tend to do everything in their power, including breaking the law, to prove that someone they have punished is guilty of something to justify the official’s action against that individual.” - SOC

2004-09-25      “Tyranny and oppression only survive where there is fear and indifference.” - SOC

2004-09-24      “Bigotry and hatred is bred through ignorance,
freedom and competition of speech melts ignorance.” - SOC

2004-09-24      “Knowledge can be used to enslave or to set free. 
By making knowledge freely available through education, we ensure freedom.” - SOC

2004-09-24      “Terrorism cannot be stopped with violence.  That only breeds more terrorism. Terrorism can only be eradicated by removing the root cause of the terrorism, which is generally political policies.” - SOC

2004-09-24      “Criminals are attracted to piles of money.  In governments both can be found.” - SOC

2004-09-24      “The silence of the good is more deafening than the shouts of evil.” - SOC

2004-09-15      “It s not necessary monopolies that are the problem,
but corrupt monopolies which are the problem.” - SOC

2004-09-15      “The larger the enterprise, the greater the opportunity for corruption in that enterprise.”

2004-09-15      “Safety and decency in society is based on knowing those around you and being accountable for one’s actions.” - SOC

2004-09-15      “When the government manages identity documents,
it opens up an extreme danger for corrupt monopolistic control.” - SOC

2004-09           “The deterrent of punishment starves off the will to commit a crime.” - SOC

2004-09           “Turn prisons into profit centers and the prisons will be filled and new ones will be built.” - SOC

2004-09           “When a government entity has the ability to reward itself,
that government entity will grow out of control.” - SOC

2004-09           “Terrorism is bred out of bad policy.” - SOC

2004-09           “A nation cannot be conquered by force alone,
the minds and hearts of the people must be won. 
As such, a nation can really only be conquered through love.” - SOC

2004-09           “I have no problem with communism, so long as the government does not run it.” - SOC

2004-09           “Inspiration comes not by the clock. 
You cannot check in to inspiration. 
Inspiration must be captured at the time of invention. 
Ignoring it can loose it to time.” - SOC

2004-09           “To drive properly, one must look out at the road ahead.” - SOC

2004-09           “Welfare is first the responsibility of family and second that of the church, and third that of the community and lastly that of the state.” - SOC

2004-09           “When the government steps into the domain of church and family, government corrupts.” - SOC

2003-09-12      “Without accountability there can be no justice.” - SOC

2003-09-12      “Without accountability there is no responsibility.” - SOC

2003-09-12      “The media can help to bring accountability.” - SOC

2003-09-12      “Removal of accountability is a recipe for corruption.  Most government officials and legal officials make themselves unaccountable for their actions.  Some absurd jurisdictions have even removed accountability form divorce, a recipe for the destruction of families and the consequential delinquency or unstable upbringing of children, our future.” - SOC

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