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By Gary Arnold

The mistreatment of the people of Santa Cruz and the favored treatment of others amount to a transfer of wealth reaching (over time) hundreds of millions of dollars. Is this a deadly game to make profit by destroying thousands of lives?

The two properties mentioned in the County of Santa Cruz Inter-Office Correspondence are seen below. If either of these properties were purchased as the result of planning's red tag terrorism abuse of driving down the price for favored buyers ... then a full scale investigation should begin.

Planning Department head Tom Burns should be put on suspension because the pattern continues. Tom Burns is said to by former planning whistle blowers that he intimidates them to prevent their speaking up.

Many people across the county have lost their property and their life savings do to the ignoring of the building Code 108.8. Tom Burn's has hide the Appeals Board and denied appeals to that board when asked. The Board of Supervisors willfully and openly supported that abuse of due process.

The planning employees wish to just do their job ... and allow a board of appeals to make reasonable exceptions.

But the Susan Mauriello seems pleased to have hired planning management head Tom Burns for his enforcement of an "un-American agenda". The department head runs the department as if it were a branch of the Stasi police.   .

There is a long detailed profile to suggest serial theft.  There is obviously a symbiotic relationship between the BOS and Planning Department denial of due process.   

We don't need a Sherlock Holmes ... Orphan Annie can figure this one out! 

The Board of Supervisors have gone to all out damage control. They fired the Appeals Board altogether and made them selves the appeals board! 

The Board of Supervisors should be personally held liable for the monetary loss to the victims of this long standing scam.   

If Bernie Madoff was the Sentinel Newspaper's financial columnist ... he would still be there if it were up to editor Don Miller to spot a misdeed.

So don't expect to hear a word from this mouth piece for corrupt government and higher taxes.


How many properties ended up in the hands of "favored Non-profits" and friends of the Board of Supervisors and supporters?

South County Housing  and Mid-Peninsula Housing Coalition received "required" favored treatment by the Planning department boss as shown by the Inter Office memo.  

DATE: January 20, 2000
TO:    Jan Winter, Rachel Lather, Laura Brinson, Jack Nelson, Martin Jacobson, Ken Hart, John DeCourcy   
FROM: Alvin James, Planning Director

SUBJECT: San Andreas and Vista Verde Housing Projects

Yesterday, our department issued two building permits for affordable housing projects in Santa Cruz County- one to construct 43 units of replacement farm worker housing at the San Andreas farm worker housing site, and a second permit to construct 76 units of affordable housing in South County at the Vista Verde project site.

Both of these projects were eligible for substantial tax credit financing from the State of California, but only if they obtained building permits from the local jurisdiction before January 21st.

 I know that extraordinary efforts were required from each of you to resolve numerous technical issues in order to get these permits issued by the deadline date. The fact that there were two projects under this same time line created added pressures on each of you. I want to thank you for your personal attention to these very important projects.  

We can all be proud of the job we did to help make these projects happen. 



The San Andreas Farm Labor Camp is a 43 unit affordable rental project targeted to very-low income farm workers earning at least 50% of their income from agricultural employment. It includes onsite management and maintenance facilities, laundry facilities, and a community center to accommodate an array of social, recreational, and educational services including an after school homework program, computer center and summer program. Other uses include residential meetings, ESL and job readiness skills classes, Head Start and library programs. Salud Para La Gente and Dientes! provide on site medical and dental education and screening and a Sheriff’s office is maintained at the site. The reconstruction of the San Andreas Farm Labor Camp from a troubled property with severe overcrowding and numerous health and safety violations to a vital housing resource has given farm worker families a safe, stable community with easy access to many important social services.

Location:  295 San Andreas Road, Watsonville

Property Management:  Mid-Peninsula Housing Coalition
                                  (650) 482-5523

Number of Units:  1 - 1 BR; 4 - 2 BR; 12 - 4 BR; and 1 - 3 BR unrestricted 
                          manager’s unit

Project Completion:  June, 2001

Financing:  $605,404 HOME loan; $252,000 AHP loan; $700,000 Agency 
                loan for acquisition and construction; $694,596 Agency grant 
                for construction; $6,034,300 federal tax credits



Vista Verde Townhouses, developed in partnership with South County Housing Corporation, is targeted to very low income families. Half of the two bedroom ground floor units are either accessible or adaptable for persons with disabilities. The townhouses are designed with awnings, covered front porches, second floor decks, and wood siding and trim.

The 4.7 acre site includes a spacious community center, laundry facilities, two acres of open space and ample parking for all residents and guests. The site is beautifully landscaped with separate tot and children’s plan areas that are fully equipped, a small turfed soccer field for older children and adults, and interior courtyards within clustered building groups. In addition, each unit has a private outdoor patio area. The community room accommodates an array of social and educational services, including after school homework programs, citizenship, English as a second language and computer classes in the computer center.

Location: 44-59 Stewart Avenue, Freedom

Property Management: South County Property Management
                                (831) 763-2449

Number of Units: 76 Apartments: 44 - 2BR, 29 - 3BR, 3 - 4BR

Project Completion: March, 2001

Financing: $1,510,000 private loan; $952,380 Federal HOME loan; $47,620 Federal HOME grant; $406,377 AHP loan; $8,404,616 Federal/State tax credits; $100,000 Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation Grant; $139,371 CHFA Prop 1A grant; $2,230,000 RDA loans and grant;  $175,245 contribution by South County Housing.

It has been suggested that investigators sniff around a "Lagoon" in Santa Cruz to see the early evidence of the wealth transfer formula.