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Santa Cruz County Corruption

They Did it!!!! SC BS dismissed the Appeals Board!!!! See pictures from the un-hearing... Just prior to breaking the code, the BS awarded our heroes who saved lives, are they now going to lay them off???  Video & Story to follow.. 

Santa Cruz, the unholy cross that sheds darkness on the State of California shows off how government in the US has become a band of filthy criminals.  Operating under the New World Order's Administrative Procedures Act which takes governance from We the People and hands it to carefully selected criminals that can be controlled, usually because they have ugly skeletons in their closets, Santa Cruz's Board of Supervisors has been caught red-handed again.  County officials hand themselves the authority to red-tag properties.  Red-tag's are a type of ticket that is issued against some so-called building-code violation on your property.  The Planning department (of which little Santa Cruz has one of the largest in the nation) puts itself in the position of Real Party of Interest, Legislator, Executive Office, Judiciary and Militia - your accuser, judge, jury and prosecutor all wrapped up in one person.

Apart from the booty they collect, by red-tagging properties, county officials are able at whim, to significantly devalue your property.  When your property is red-tagged, you can't get 'permits' to do anything else and you can't sell the property without paying the county their red-tag ransom.  So it's quite a scam these county criminals have here, modern day Property Pirates like the cut throat scum that would sail the high-seas.  Some are even calming that the courts are implementing Admiralty Law as evident by the type of flat they fly in their courts of crime - the gold fringe around the flag is not just for decoration, it is meant to signify Admiralty.  However, because the courts refuse to answer Bills of Particular, no one really knows what sort of court they are, other than the fact that they are courts of crime where the Constitution for the United States of America is not worth a dam.

William Wagner caught the crime on tape:

After implementing World War One, World War Two and the Great Depression, the NWO forced the treasonous Administrative Procedures Act upon us.  Under the APA, the County is meant to appoint an Appeals Board to offer an appearance of justice.  No trial by jury is allowed, the Seventh Amendment is summarily dismissed in favor of carefully chosen administrative officers.  In Santa Cruz, a county renowned for abandoning even a pretence of the law or code, they did not even bother putting together any sham Appeals Board.  So when enraged residents found out about the missing Appeals Board, they tool the County to task.  The County hastily formed an Appeals Board, in their rush they did not quite stack the Appeals Board properly.  Dam it all, they went and appointed uncorruptable citizens on the Appeals Board who recognized their fellow citizens concerns.  Spelling disaster for the Board of Supervisors, who have been using the red-tag process to pirate property, the Appeals Board had to be eliminated.

No problem, the Board of Supervisors (BS) simply dismissed the Appeals Board, after all the BS claims they are sovereign - that means the people on the BS claim that God put them on the throne and they can therefore do no wrong.

World renowned Producer Anthony J. Hilder interviews the Chairman of the Appeals Board the BS dismissed:

Agenda 21 is the property scam agenda set out by the Rockefellers through "metro government 13-13". This program is where local governments are able to take over local property through Red Tag Terrorism - which denies the property owners building permits or the owners are charged thousands of dollars in fees, fleecing the land into the hands of these county criminals.

Up until the 1930's American's were secure in their homes which they held under Allodial Title - the banksters however stepped in and destroyed the people's sovereignty and right to own their homes.

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