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Banking systems form the foundation to commerce. For the past century, banks have been forced to offer their clients the dictates of their local government. As in the case of the United States of America, banks have been forced to deal in what is effectively the private currency of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank, U.S. Dollars do not belong to the people or government of the USA, rather they belong to the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank, a cartel made up of mostly non Americans, the largest shareholder of which is the Rothschild family. Other minor share holders are the Warburgís, Lazardís, Kuhnís, Seafís, Lehmanís, Goldman Sachs and Rockefellerís. Money with in the Federal Reserve Banking systems is backed by nothing and manufactured out of nothing, otherwise referred to as Fiat-Currency.

With the introduction of the Internet, as with the introduction of the printing press, everything has changed and the opportunity exists to introduce new banking systems that revolutionize commerce and stable economies.

First, let us consider where money came from.