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Opposing Evil By Expanding The Future Through Love

Civilization is built though love, when evil prevails civilizations are destroyed.

Right now, the forces of evil threaten to contract and destroy civilization and life on earth, and money is the root of that evil. 

From the capitalization of the Catholic church and other religions from spiritual movements into physical/worldly organizations valued in monetary terms, and not in the spirit of love, we can start to trace back and identify the problems in the world.  Follow the money and you will identify the evil that threatens life on earth.

As you read this age old theory, evil forces are marshalling to literally commit mass genocide. Scientists have proven that the Swine Flu was engineered, H1N1 could not occur naturally.  However, the Swine Flu itself will not kill you, the Swine Flu along with the blatantly obvious Chemtrails containing chemicals that attack your immune system, appear to be the impetus to create the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD), and a 'pandemic' that will allow evil authorities to force mandatory deadly vaccinations.  Vaccine produced by Baxter International have been proven deadly and Obama, the US government and World Health Organization are being sued for attempted genocide.  Naturally, the banker owned media is not reporting any of the facts, after all, the bankers are behind it all.  Visit to examine the facts.

Starting with the fraudulent fiat based monetary systems the Bauer family promoted through their Rothschild goldsmiths shop in Frankfurt we can identify the root funding source of wars in Europe that spread to funding the Un-Civil war in America and the establishment of the treasonous and fraudulent Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 and it's immediate funding of World War One, causing the Great Depression then instigating World War Two, the current economic cataclysm and this World War Three we now find ourselves in. Money forms the root of this evil. In particular charging interest on money.  Many religions, especially the Jewish and Muslim religions forbid charging interest on money, or fraudulent fiat-money based on nothing . Is this why this World War Three that was planned in 1871, is intended to wipe out both Jews and Muslim's?

Exposing the evil and helping people to understand that fiat-money is utilized to create conflict (evil that kills and destroys) allows us to build a better future and escape evil by promoting love.

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