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New World Order Elite

The Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg Group.

Following their plan they put in stone on the GEORGIA GUIDESTONES this minority of revolutionaries, an oligarchy of banksters, are intent on exterminating and destroying civilization.

The Council on Foreign Relations is the American branch of a society which organized in England . . . (and) . . . believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one world rule established." [WITH NO APOLOGIES by Senator Barry Goldwater, Berkley Books, New York, p 126]

The Trilateral Commission was formed in 1973 by private citizens of Japan, Europe (European Union countries), and North America (United States and Canada) to foster closer cooperation among these core democratic industrialized areas of the world with shared leadership responsibilities in the wider international system. "The Trilateral Commission is international . . . (and) . . . is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States." [ WITH NO APOLOGIES, by Senator Barry Goldwater, Berkley Books, New York, p 293]

The Bilderberg is a quasi-secret consortium of international elite who meet annually to plan world economic and political policies. The Bilderberg has no membership per se. Those identified with “B” in this chart have attended at least one Bilderberg meeting.

While many individuals who are members of these groups may not fully comprehend that they are essentially an oligarchy of criminals enslaving the world under the banksters funny money system and violence, it is hard to believe that anyone who reaches such stature in the political realm cannot for a moment examine the fruits of the organizations and governments under which they serve.  It's pretty dam obvious that the US is unlawfully invading other nations, that the CIA operates as terrorists with the criminal intent of destabilizing any government that does not enslave their people under the money masters.  The simple raw statistic that the US has more people in jail, prison and on probation than every other nation in the world combined is enough to indict every one of these filthy criminals.

This chart shows present and past members and their positions; B, F, or T indicates affiliation - In PDF Format: 2009Chart.pdf

F - Council on Foreign Relations

The Harold Pratt House
58 East 68th Street, New York, NY
Tel. (212) 434-9400; FAX (212)434-9800
Washington Office
1779 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20036

Richard Haass President F,T
Henry Siegman. Sr. Fellow ,
Dir. Mid East Pproject B,F

T - The Trilateral Commission

1156 Fifteenth Street, NW, Washington,
DC 20005
Tel. 202-467-5410

David Rockefeller. Fonder, Honorary Chmn, Lifetime member B,F,T
Joseph S. Nye, Jr. North American Chairman B,F,T
Paul A. Volcker fmr No. American Chmn B,F,T

B - Bilderberg Group

The Bilderverg Group is secret group that meets annually to plot their conquest to own the world.


United States Presidents

Barack Hussien Obama, B
William J. Clinton B,F,T
George Herbert Walker Bush F,T
James Earl Carter F,T
Gerald R. Ford, Jr. B,F
Richard Milhous Nixon F
Dwight D. Eisenhower F
Herbert Clark Hoover F

Vice Presidents

Joseph Biden B
Richard B. Cheney F,T
George H. W. Bush F,T
Walter Mondale B,F,T

2008 Presidential Candidates

Hillary Rodham Clinton [D] B
John Edwards [D] B,F
John S. McCain III [R] F
Fred Thompson [R] F

Special Assistants to the President

Dennis B. Ross , Mid East Cord for GHWBush & Clinton B,F,T
Richard Holbrooke Spec. Rep Afghanistan & Pakistan B,F,T

Federal Reserve System

Daniel K. Tarullo Bd of Gov. (designate) B,F
Alan Greenspan Chmn, Bd. Gov.(fmr) B,F,T
Roger W. Ferguson, Jr Vice Chmn (fmr) F,T
Alice Mitchell Rivlin Vice Chmn, Bd. Gov (fmr) F,T
Alan Stuart Blinder Vice Chmn (fmr) F
Paul AdolphVolcker Chmn, Bd. Gov (fmr) B,F,T
Eugend R. Black Chmn, Bd. Gov (fmr) F
Arthur F. Burns Chmn, Bd. Gov (fmr) F
William McC. Martin Chmn, Bd. Gov (fmr) F
Thomas B. McCabe Chmn, Bd. Gov (fmr) F
Eugene Meyer Chmn, Bd. Gov (fmr) F
G. William Miller hmn, Bd. Gov (fmr) F
Ellen Victoria Futter Chmn. FR Bank, NY F
E. Geerald Corrigan Pres. FR Bank, NY (fmr) T
Maurice R. Greenberg Dep. Chmn FRB, NY(fmr) B,F,T
William J. McDonough Pres. FR Bank, NY (fmr) B,F
Dorothy Meadow Sobol FR Bank, NY F
Willene A. Johnson Sr. Officer, FRB, NY F
Ernest T. Patrikis Dep. Gen Counsel, FRB, NY F
Harold W. Anderson Pres. FR Bank, KS City (fmr) F
Robert Patrick Forrestal Pres. FR Bank, Atlanta F
Michael H. Moskow Pres. FR Bank, Chicago B,F
Warren Bruce Rudman Dep. Chmn, FR Bank, Boston F
A. William Reynolds Chmn, FR Bank, Cleveland F
Margaret L. Greene Dep. Mgr. FR Bd. Frn Ops. F
Sam Y. Cross Mgr. Fed Open Market Acct F

Federal Judiciary

Stephen G. Breyer Assoc. Jus. S.Ct F
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Assoc. Jus. S.Ct. F
Sandra Day O’Connor Assoc. Jus. S.Ct. F
Felix Frankfurter Fmr. Assoc. Jus. S. Ct F
Charles E. Hughes Fmr. Assoc. Jus S. Ct F
Dudley Baldwin Bonsal Dist. Ct. Judge, NY F
Jose Alberto Cabranes Dist. Ct. Judge, CT F
William W. Schwarzer Dist. Ct. Judge, CA F
Laurence Hirsch Silberman Cir. Ct. App. Judge F
Barrijngton D. Parker Dist. Ct. Judge, NY F
Richard Clark Allison U.S.Clms Trib Judge,
The Hague F
Stephen Myron Schwebel Int. Ct. Judge,Hague F
Theodore Tannenwald, Jr. Tax Ct. Sr. Judge F

National Security Council

Richard N. Haass, Sr. Dir. GHWBush Admin F,T
Meghan L. O'Sullivan, Dep. Dir, GWBush admin F,T
William J. Luti, Sr. Dir for DefensePolicy B

Central Intelligence Agency Directors

Gen. Michael V. Hayden F
George J. Tenet F
William O. Studeman F
John M. Duetch B,F,T
James Woolsey F
Robert M. Gates F
William H Webster T,F
William J. Casey F
Stansfield Turner F
George H. W. Bush F
William E. Colby F
James Schlesinger F
Richard Helms F
John A. McCone F
Allen W. Dulles F
Walter Bedell Smith F

Directors of The Federal Bureau Of Investigation

William H. Webster F
William D. Ruckelshaus F,T

United Nations Ambassadors

Madeleine Albright F
John R. Bolton F
Jeane Kirkpatrick F
Bill Richardson B, F

9/11 Commission

Thomas H. Kean, Chmn.; fmr Gov., New Jersey F
Lee H. Hamilton,Vice Chairman, fmr Congressman (D-IN) F
Jamie Gorelick, fmr Deputy Attorney General, Clinton Admin. F
Bob Kerrey, Pres. New School University, fmr US Senator (D-NE), fmr Gov, NE F
John F. Lehman,fmr Sec. Navy F
Philip D. Zelikow, Executive Director/Chair B, F


Anne Applebaum Writer, Washington Post F
Max Boot Cont. Ed., The Weekly Standard, WSJ; Sr. Fellow, CFR B, F
David G. Bradley Chmn, Atlantic Media Co. T
Rajiv Chandrasekaran Editor, Washington Post F
Richard M. Cohen senior producer for CBS News and CNN F
Katherine Anne "Katie" Couric Mng Ed.,CBS Evening News F
Lee Cullum Columnist, Dallas Morning News F,T
David Gergen editor-at-large, U.S. News & World Report F,T
Paul A Gigot Wall Street Journal, Editor B
Donald E. Graham Chmn, CEO, Washington Post Co. B
Jimmie Lee "Jim" Hoagland Asso. Ed, Washington Post B,F
Robert Kagan columnist, Washington Post F
Richard N. Kaplan president of CNN/U.S. of the CNN News Group F
Glenn Kessler Washington Post diplomatic correspondent. F
Joe Klein Columnist, Time Magazine F
Anne Elise Kornblut staff writer, Washington Post F
Charles Krauthammer Columnist, Washngton Post B,F
Charles M. Lane editorial writer, The Washington Post F
Andrea Mitchell Chief Foreign Affairs Corr, NBC News B,F
Rupert Murdoch chmn, managing dir. ,News Corporation (News Corp) F
Richard Dean Parsons former CEO, Time Warner F
Norman Pearlstine Cont. chief, Bloomberg L.P;
fmr Sr. Adv. Time Warner; fmr Ed Time B,F
Steven L. Rattner founder Quadrangle Group B,F
Charles Peete (Charlie) Rose, Jr. PBS, Charlie Rose Show B,F
Vivian L. Schiller senior vice president and general manager, New York Times F
Lesley Stahl Co-Editor, 60 Minutes in New York F
Martha Teichner Correspondent, CBS News Sunday Morning F
John Vinocur Sr. Corres, International Herald Tribune B
Barbara Walters ABC World News Tonight F
Robin Wright foreign policy reporter, The Washington Post F
Mortimer B. Zuckerman U.S.News & World Report, Chmn, Editor in Chief F,T

Cabinet Officials

Secretary of Agriculture
Daniel Robert "Dan" Glickman B,F
Secretaries of Commerce
Ronald H. Brown F
Juanita M. Kreps F,T
Elliot Lee Richardson F,T
Peter G. Peterson F,T
John Thomas Connor, Jr. F
Barbara Hackman Franklin F
Secretaries of Defense
Robert Gates F,B
Donald Rumsfeld B
Douglas J. Feith, Under Sec. B,F
Richard Norman Perle, Asst. Sec B
John J. Hamre, Deputy F,T
Joseph S. Nye, Jr. Asst. Sec B,F,T
William S. Cohen F,T
John M. Deutch. Deputy B,F,T
Graham T. Allison, Asst. F,T
William J. Perry B,T
Les Aspen F
Richard B. Cheney F,T
Frank C. Carlucci, III F,T
Casper W. Weinberger F,T
Harold Brown F,T
Donald H. Rumsfeld F
James R. Schlesinger F
Elliot L. Richardson F,T
Melvin R. Laird T
Robert S. McNamara B,F,T
Neil H. McElroy F
Charles E. Wilson F
George C. Marshall F
James V. Forrestal F
Secretaries of Energy
William B. Richardson B,F
James R. Schlesinger F
Charles W. Duncan, Jr. F
Secretaries of Health & Human Services
Tommy G. Thompson F
Donna E. Shalala F,T
Joseph A. Califano, Jr. F
Casper A. Weinberger F,T
Elliot L. Richardson F,T
Abraham A. Ribicoff F
Secretaries of Housing & Urban Development (HUD)
Henry G. Cisneros F,T
Carla A. HIlls F,T
James T. Lynn F,T
Secretary of Interior
Bruce E. Babbitt F,T
Attornies General

Charles A. James, Asst, GW Bush admin B
Jamie Gorelick, Deputy, Clinton admin. F
Richard Thornburgh F
William P. Rogers F
Elliot L. Richardson F,T
Nicholas deB. Katzenbach F
Secretaries of Labor
Elaine L. Chao F
Lynn Martin F
Secretaries of State
Hillary Rodham Clinton B
James B. Steinberg, Deputy Sec. fmr. Dean,
Univ. of Texas LBJ School F,T
Anne-Marie Slaughter,
Dir. Policy Planning F,T
Condoleezza Rice F
Philip D. Zelikow, Counselor
(exec. dir.,9/11Commission) B,F
Colin Powell B,F
Robert B. Zoellick, Deputy B,T,F
Winston Lord, Asst. Sec. F,T
Thomas R. Pickering, Und. Sec F,T
Richard L. Armitage, Deputy T
Madeline Albright F
William B. Richardson F
Warren M. Christopher F,T
Lawrence S. Eagleburger F,T
George P. Schultz F
Alexander M. Haig, Jr. F,T
Edmund S. Muskie F
Cyrus R. Vance F,T
Henry A. Kissinger B,F,T
William P. Rogers F
Dean Rusk B,F
Christian A. Herter Jr. B,F
John Foster Dulles F
Dean G. Acheson F
George C. Marshall F
Edward R. Stettinius, Jr. F
Cordell Hull F
Henry L. Stimson F
Frank B. Kellogg F
Secretary of Transportation
William T. Coleman, Jr F, T
Secretaries of Treasury
Timothy F. Geithner B, F, T
Henry Merritt "Hank" Paulson Jr. F
Lawrence Henry "Larry" Summers B, F, T
Kenneth W. Dam, Deputy B,F
Robert Edward Rubin F
Lloyd Millard Bentsen, Jr. F
Nicholas F. Brady F
James Addison Baker, III F
W. Michael Blumenthal F
William E. Simon F

President’s Council of Economic Advisors

R. Glenn Hubbard F
Janet Yellen F
Joseph E. Stiglitz F
Laura D'Andrea Tyson B,F
Martin S. Feldstein B,F,T
Murray L. Weidenbaum F
Alan Greenspan B,F,T
Paul W. McCracken F

Military Officers

Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Richard B. Myers F
John M. Shalicashvilli F
Colin L. Powell B,F
William J. Crowe, Jr. F,T
John W. Vessey F
David C. Jones F
Maxwell D. Taylor F
Lyman Lemnitzer F
Chiefs of Staff - Air Force
Norton A. Schwartz F
T. Michael Moseley F
Ronald R. Fogleman F
Merrill A. McPeak F
John T. Chain, Jr. F
Lew Allen, Jr. F
Michael J. Dugan F
Charles A. Gabriel F
Larry D. Welch F
Chief of Staff - Army
Eric K. Shinseki F
Dennis J. Reimer F
Gordon R. Sullivan F
John A. Wickham, Jr. F
Edward C. Meyer F
Chief of Naval Operations
Jay L. Johnson F
Thomas B. Hayward F
Elmo R. Zumwalt F
Marine Corps Commandant
Charles C. Krulak F
Paul X. Kelley F
Coast Guard Commandant
Thad W. Allen F
Robert E. Kramek F

Current U. S. Senate

Evan Bayh (D) IN B,F
Christopher J. Dodd (D) CT B,F
Dianne Feinstein (D) CA F,T
Kay Bailey Hutchison (R) TX B
John F. Kerry (D) MA F
Joseph I. Lieberman (D) CT F
John McCain (R) AZ F
Jack Reed (D) RI F
John D. Rockefeller, IV (D) WV F,T
Olympia J. Snowe (R) ME F
Mark R. Warner (D) VA F

Former U. S. Senators

Lloyd Bentsen (D) TX B
David L. Boren (D) OK F
Rudy Boschwitz (R) MN F
Edward Brooke (R) MA B
William L. Bradley (D) NJ F
John H. Chafee (R) RI B,F,T
Hillory Rodham Clinton (D) NY B
William S. Cohen (R) ME F,T
Dick Clark (D) IA F
Jon Stevens Corzine (D) NJ B
Alan Cranston (D) CA T
John C. Culver (D) IA F,T
John C. Danforth (R) MO T
John Edwards (D) NC B
Bob Graham (D) FL F
Chuck Hagel (R) NE B
Fred R. Harris (D) OK B
Gary Hart (D) CO F
J. Bennett Johnston (D) LA B
Charles McC. Mathias (R) MD B,F
George S. McGovern (D)SD F
George J. Mitchell (D) ME F
Daniel Moynihan (D) NY F
Sam Nunn (D), GA B
Claiborne Pell (D), RI F
Charles H. Percy (R) IL F
Larry Pressler (R), SD F
Abraham Ribicoff (D) CT F
Donald W. Riegle (D) MI B
Charles S. Robb (D) VA F,T
Terry Sanford (D) NC F
Paul Sarbanes (D), MD F
Hugh Scott (R) PA B
Adlai E. Stevenson, III (D) IL B,F
William V. Roth, Jr. (R) DE F,T
Robert G. Torricelli (D) NJ F
Timothy Wirth ( D) CO F
Harris L. Wofford (D) PA F

Current House of Representatives

Howard L. Berman (D) CA F
Sanford D. Bishop, Jr. (D) GA F
Charles W. Boustany Jr. (R) LA F
Gerald E. "Gerry" Connolly (D) VA F
James (Jim) H. S. Cooper (D) TN F
Goeffrey Clark Davis (R) KY F
Norman D. Dicks (D) WA F
David Dreier (D) CA F
Jane Harman (D) CA F
James A. McDermott (D) WA F
Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) DC F
Ed Pastor (D) AZ F
Thomas E. Petri (R) WI F
Charles B. Rangel (D) NY T
John M. Spratt , Jr. (D) SC F
Ellen Tauscher (D) CA F
William M. Thornberry (R) TX F

Former House Members

John B. Anderson (R) IL F
Michael D. Barnes (D) MD F
Anthony C. Beilenson (D) CA F
Douglas K. Bereuter (R) NE F
John Brademas (D) NY B,F,T
Thomas J. Campbell (R) CA F
Richard B. Cheney (R) WY F
William F. Clinger, Jr. (R) PA F
Barbara B. Conable (D) NY T
Mervyn M. Dymally (D) CA F
Dante B. Fascell (D) FL F
Geraldine A. Ferraro (D) NY F
Thomas S. Foley (D) WA F,T
Sam Gejdenson (D), CT F
Richard A. Gephardt (D) MO F, T
Newton L. Gingrich (R) GA F
Daniel "Dan" Glickman (D) KS B,F
William H. Gray, III (D)PA T
Lee H. Hamilton (D) IN B,T
Jane Lakes Harmon (D) CA F
Amory Houghton, Jr. (R) NY F
Henry Hyde (R) IL F
Nancy Lee Johnson (R) CT F
James T. Kolbe (R) AZ F
John J. LaFalce (D) NY B
Mel Levine (D) CA F
James A. S. Leach (R) IA T
Dave K. McCurdy (D) OK F
Susan K. Molinari (D) NY F
Jim Moody (D) WI F
Donald M. Payne (D) NJ F
John Edward Porter (R) IL F
Ogden R. Reid (D) NY F
William B. Richardson (D) NM F
Carlos A. Romero-Burcelo (D) PR F
Patricia Scott Schroeder (D) CO F
Charles Schumer (D) NY F
Peter Plympton Smith (R) VT F
Stephen J. Solarz (D) NY F
Louis Stokes (D) OH F
Esteban Edward Torres (D) CA F
Robert G. Torricelli (D), NJ F
Vin Weber (R) MN F
Charles W. Whalen, Jr. (R) OH F
Howard Wolpe (D) MI F

College & University Presidents (partial list)

Robert Hazard Edwards Bowdoin College (fmr) F
Vartan Gregorian Brown Univ. (fmr); Pres. Carnegie Corp, NY F
Tomas Abel Arciniega Cal. State, Bakersfield (fmr) F
Stephen Richard Lewis, Jr. Carlton College F
William Reckling Cotter Colby College (fmr) F
Michael Ira Sovern Columbia (fmr); Chancellor, Columbia Law School F
Claire Lynn Gaudiani Connecticut College (fmr); Professor: New York University F
Frank Harold Trevor Rhodes Cornell Univ. (fmr) F
David J. Skorton Cornell Univ. F
Thomas H. Kean Drew Univ. (fmr) F
Nannerl Overholser Keohane Duke Univ. fmr) ; Wellesley College (fmr); Prof, Princeton Univ. F,T
Stephen Joel Trachtenberg George Washington Univ., President Emeritus F
Neil Leon Rudenstine Harvard Univ. (fmr) F
Lawrence Henry "Larry" Summers Harvard Univ. (fmr) B, F, T
Steven Muller J ohns Hopkins Univ. (fmr) F
Robert Irvin Rotberg Lafayette College (fmr) F
Niara Sudarkasa Lincoln Univ. (fmr) F
David Joel Steinberg Long Island Univ. F
Melville Peter McPherson Michigan State Univ. (fmr) F
Elizabeth Topham Kennan Mt. Holyoke College (fmr) F
Lawrence Jay Oliva New York Univ. F
Henry S. Bienen Northwestern Univ. F

Union Leaders

Jay Mazur ILGWU, Pres , AFL-CIO VP F,T
John J. Sweeney AFL-CIO Pres F,T

Religoious Leaders

Rick Warren pastor, Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, CA;
Author, The Purpose Driven Life. F
Richard D. Land president, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC),
the public policy entity of the Southern Baptist Convention, U.S. F


Export-Import Bank
James H. (Jim) Lambright Chmn,Pres. F
John D. Macomber Pres. & Chmn (fmr) F
Kenneth D. Brody Pres. & Chmn. (fmr) F
Eugene K. Lawson 1st VP, V. Chmn. (fmr) F
International Monetary Fund
Kenneth Saul "Ken" Rogoff
Economic Counsellor and Director F,T
John P. Lipsky First Deputy Managing Director F
William Brown Dale Dep. Mng. Dir, Geneva F
Helen B. Junz Spec. trade Rep. Geneva F
Richard David Erb Dep Mng. Dir., Washington F
The World Bank
Robert B. Zoellick President B,F, T
Jessica P. Einhorn Mng. Dir. (fmr) F,T
James David Wolfensohn Pres. (fmr) B,F
Robert Strange McNamara Pres. (fmr) B,F,T
Raymond Vernon (dec) Visiting Prof. (fmr) B,F
David A. Wirth Econ. Asst.(fmr) F
International Bank of Reconstruction & Development
Lewis Thompson Preston (dec) Pres. (fmr) F
Andrew M. Kamarck Washington office (fmr) F
Bank of America (Bankamerica Corp)
Hugh McColl Chmn & CEO (fmr) T
A. W. Clausen Chmn & CEO (fmr) T
Nicholas Burns Binkley Chmn & CEO (fmr) F
Rudolph A. Peterson (dec) Chmn Exec Comm (fmr) B,F
George William Coombe, Jr. Exec VP (fmr) F
Ignazio E. Lozano, Jr. Dir. F
Bankers Trust Company acqired by Deutsche Bank
Charles Stedman Sanford, Jr. Chmn & CEO F
George J. Vojta Vice Chmn (fmr) F
Donald L. Staheli Dir. (fmr) F
Brown Brothers Harriman
Robert Livingston Ireland, III (dec) Gen. Partner F
Alexander Tonio Ercklentz Partner F
Frank W. Hoch Ltd Partner F
Chase Manhattan Bank
merged w/ J.P.Morgan (2000) to form J.P.Morgan Chase
James "Jamie" L. Dimon,CEO, chmn, JPMorgan Chase & Co.. F
David Rockefeller Chmn Int Adv Comm B,F,T
Walter Vincent Shipley Chmn & CEO (fmr) F,T
Robert Royal Douglas V. Chmn (fmr) F
John Donald Wilson Sr. VP (fmr) F
John P. Lipsky Ch. Economist (fmr) F
Riorden Roett Director (fmr) F
Marina Von N. Whitman Director (fmr) F,T
Richard Dean Parsons Chmn, CEO F
Stanley Fischer Vice Chmn (fmr) F,T
Walter Bigelow Wriston (dec) Chairman (fmr) B
William Reginald Rhodes Vice Chmn (fmr) F
Richard A. Freytag (dec) Pres. & CEO (fmr) F
Leslie Elizabeth Bains Mng Dir. (fmr) F
North Carolina National Bank (NCNB) renamed NationsBank acquired BankAmerica
Hugh L. McColl Jr. Chmn & CEO (fmr) T
Federal National Mortgage Assoc. (FNMA) (Fannie Mae)
Franklin Delano Raines Chmn & CEO (fmr) B,F,T
Thomas L. Donilon Vice Pres B

Financial Institutions
Jack Sheinkman, (dec), Chmn., Amalgamated Bank B,F
Richard L. Carrion, Chmn. CEO, Banco Popular de Puerto Rico F
Odeh Felix Aburdene, (dec) Mng. Ptnr.,Capital Trust, Boston F
Mitchell W. Hedstrom, VP, Citibank, NYC (fmr) F
Richard Leslie Huber, Vice Chmn., Continental Bank Corp. merged w/ BankAmerica F
Jackson B. Gilbert, 2nd Chmn., Espirito Santo Bank, FL F
Alan R. Batkin, Vice Chmn, Eton Park Capital Mgmnt F,T
John Robert Petty, Chmn., Marine Midland Bank in New York F
Maynard J. Toll, Jr., Managing Dir., First Boston Corp., NYC F
Richard C. Holbrooke, V. Chmn., CS First Boston B,F
David C. Mulford, fmr Chmn.CEO, CS First Boston, Inc., London F
John M. Hennessy, former Chmn. & CEO, CS First Boston, Inc. F
Alfred R. Abboud, former Chmn. & CEO, First City Bankcorp, Hou. F
Anthony P. Terracciano, Chmn, Sallie Mae; former Pres. Wachovia F
Ferdinando “Nani“ Beccalli-Falco, Pres. CEO, GE International T
Peter Weinberg, fmr CEO, Goldman Sachs International, Partner, Perella Weinberg Partners B
John L. Thornton, co-CEO of Goldman Sachs International B
Jon Stevens Corzine, co-CEO, Goldman Sachs B
Joseph A. Rice, fmr. Chmn & CEO, Irving Bank Corp. F
Stanley Fischer, Governor, Bank of Israel, Jerusalem F,T
Dennis Weatherstone (dec), fmr. Chmn. & CEO, J. P. Morgan & Co. F
Thomas S. Johnson, Chmn. CEO, Greenpoint Fin. Corp. Dir., Freddie Mac F
Robert G. Wilmers, Chairman, fmr.Pres & CEO, Mfr & Trdrs Trust, Buffalo F
Henry Furlong Baldwin, Chmn., Mercantile Bankshares F
Rimmer de Vries (dec), fmr Sr. VP, Morgan Guarantee Trust F
Frederick L. Deming, Pres., National City Bankcorp. (Ret), former Pres., FRBank Minneapolis B
Richard E. Beeman, Chmn. CEO, The Private Trust Co. F
Hugh L. McColl, Jr., Ch., Pres. & CEO, NationsBank Corp. F,T
Morris Wolf Offit, Pres., Offit Bank, NYC F
Arthur F. Ryan, Chmn, CEO, Pres Prudential Financial, Inc. F,T
Leslie Elizabeth Bains, Exec. VP, Republic Bank of NYC F
Joe Lewis Allbritton, Chmn., Riggs Bank of Washington F
George Soros, Chmn. Soros Fund Mgmt. B,F
Roger W. Ferguson , Jr., Pres, CEO, TIAA-CREF F,T
M. Straser Holcomb, Exec. VP, USAA, San Antonio F


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