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Major General Confirms Worldwide Genocide Attempt;
Claim of Over Population A Hoax To Coverup Banksters Crimes.

Major General Albert Stubblebine III, commanding general of the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command from 1981 to 1984 confirmed the world's largest genocide attempt when speaking to the internationally renowned real world reporter Alex Jones.  Baxter International's vaccine division, naturally headed by a Bush family member, was caught red-handed shipping out a Bio-WMD disguised as innocuous flu vaccine.. Baxter even admitted to the crime after first attempting to deny it.
David Icke warns:
 "Flu is not the biggest danger... It's the Vaccine"

In this article we contemplate what makes our 'leaders' want to kill us all.

Were the world populated at the same density as Monaco where many of the worlds wealthiest families live, there would be over two trillion people on the plant. However, many of the world’s wealthiest families living in Monaco were somewhat taken aback when “His Serene Highness The Prince” Albert II recently crowned Sovereign of Monaco, indicated their tax-free status was about to end. Albert wants his nation of a little over thirty thousand souls with it’s relatively meager $30,000 GDP per capita, to give their share of income to the UN. Guess they don’t count the wealthy residents wealth in their GDP, just the servants income who work in Monaco’s exclusive homes and hotels.

Covering only two square kilometers, Monaco has a population of 32,796 (2008).  It is the most densely populated place on the plant and also the home of many of the NWO dimwits. No wonder these morons want to murder billions of us. However, will Monaco implement the World Health Organizations (WHO) mandatory Baxter Bird Flu BioWMD vaccinations? Will they line up His Serene Highness The Sovereign Prince and stick him three times with the deadly 'flu' vaccination? Based on population density, Monaco should be the first place to cull population, if one assumes the idiotic construct of culling that is.

Albert, pictured next to his late papa, dressed to the nines opposite, opened up his little countries first overseas embassy outside Europe in Washington D.C., the Capital of morons. Little Albert dux, has been trotting the globe yelling the global warming tune we heard All Gore put his foot in his mouth with.

When the ice melts in your glass, does the drink overflow?  Most of the icecap is floating, you are not going to drown even if the ice melts (A massive planet traveling though the solar system could however cause massive tides and flooding just like the full moon raises the tide, however, that's another even more mysterious topic). No doubt, the D.C. Monaco Embassy will increase the tunes of insanity were hearing from the wealthy.  The genocide attempt was real enough, but is it a smoke screen? Are they trying to hide some other reality?

It's not really fair to pick on Albert.  At least Monaco is not invading nations like the Washington DC Nazi's are.  Monaco, as far as we know, had absolutely noting to do with the eighteen million gallons of Agent Orange sprayed over Vietnam that is now making it's way into the ocean, or the two thousand tons of nuclear waste blasted into Iraq and the Gulf in the form of DU, or World War One and Two.  Well, perhaps they have something to do with it, if any of the Rothschild's live or play in Monaco. The banksters are intimately linked to the destruction of civilization, the repeated depressions and recessions and the genocides, we now have more than enough evidence to prove that. Is their goal simply to take care of themselves and dam the world?

The pieces of the puzzle are perhaps falling into place. With confirmation coming from all sorts of sources, including Major Generals in the US forces, Doctors, the free press, and Baxter International itself, the world’s most massive genocide attempt ever, has at least a couple of us concerned.

At least in Austria Baxter is facing a lawsuit for their genocide attempt after Baxter shipped their BioWMD H1N1 laced 'flu vaccination' to 18 Nations and had Homeland Security ship the lethal injections across the US. At first, Baxter attempted to deny their flu vaccine was a Bio-WMD, however, the lab results were irrefutable and Baxter, who’s vaccine division is headed up by Kim Bush, took another tact, “oops", they said. Baxter claimed that their Bio Level Three Vaccine Production Facility had made a mistake and inadvertently engineered the H1N1 deadly virus mix into the vaccine they distributed around the world as a 'regular flu vaccination'. The trouble with that story is that it’s not possible for a Bio Level 3 facility to make that sort of mistake.

Guess if they got the Jews to think they were going into de-lousing showers, what's to stop the rest of the world thinking they need vaccinations?

So why is 'our' ‘NWO government’ bent on murdering us all? Could it be that the little boys who grew up with gold spoons in their mouths and decorations of medals for opulence think that the world is populated like Monaco? They are quite open in their pronouncement of their ‘belief’ that the world is overpopulated. Their Bilderburger Group, Council on Foreign Relations, WHO and the UN have all made known their intention to take the world’s population down to under five hundred million people. They even put it in stone on the Georgia Guide Stones.

Hop in a plane and fly between any city and the reality of the swath’s of open space and sparse population strikes one as hours tick by traveling over nothing. Perhaps if we took some of these little golden boys down to the Australian Outback and sent them packing their perception of over population would quickly dry up in the hot Australian sun. With wealth beyond any imagination, surely these mega wealthy, who want to wipe us all off the planet, travel. Surely they don’t think there are two billion people on the plant. There must be some other underlying rationale to their worldwide genocide effort.  What are they hiding?

Simply consider the logistics of the Chemtrail operations.  Just getting aircraft over every populated region of the world and spraying a concoction of Barium, Aluminum Oxide and other immune and brain numbing chemicals, is mind boggling. Looking up in the sky today, the Chemtrail planes seem to have disappeared, maybe they realize they were just too much in our face and they called them off, or they are holding them for their next mass extermination effort?

Clearly the Chemtrails were carefully timed to coincide with Baxter's Bird/Swine Flu Bio-WMD vaccination release. It was a logistical exercise any gold hoarding Rothschild, Albert and Charlie boy should be proud of. Guess they never counted on Czechoslovakia blowing the whistle on their BioWMD 'flu vaccinations'. WHO, however, and Barry Soetoro (aka Obama), are insisting they have the lawful right to round up you and your children and deliver three lethal doses of vaccines to mitigate the Swine Flu ‘Threat’, regardless of the reality.

According to The World Health Organization's Avian Influenza Timeline of Major Events dated 23 March 2009, WHO lists the following number of deaths in different Nations: Egypt 59; Viet Nam 109; China 38; Indonesia 140; Cambodia 8; Thailand 24.  That's around 400 deaths according to the WHO timeline.

About 40,000 or so people die in the US alone each year from regular flu.  So what's really going on?

Clearly there was a media buildup, however, when Baxter was caught red-handed lacing regular flu vaccinations with the deadly virus, their genocide attempt flopped.  Now the question is WHO planned it and why are they not in jail?  And why has WHO declared a Level 3 Pandemic claiming they are entitled to inject you with Baxter's lethal vaccine? Who says WHO can march into your neighborhood and claim the right to inject you and your children?


Coffins & Concentration Camps: Chilling Cause For Concern

As chilling as the fact that Baxter along with Homeland Security distributed a biological Weapon of Mass Destruction around the world under the guise of a flu vaccination, is the pre-meditated planning that is clearly evident for this mass genocide.  The NWO government has spent millions upon millions of dollars preparing and building Concentration Camps for dissenters, just as they built them in Nazi Germany and Communist Russia. 

If you don't know by now that the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank, planned, funded and controlled Hitler, Stalin and Mao then get a dam clue, because your lack of knowledge is a threat to all of us.  It is well known that President George W. Bush's grandfather Prescott Bush literally couriered money to Hitler, he was a Director of Brown Brothers Bank who funded Hitler.  Immediately after forming the Fed, they set about funding World War One which was planned in 1871 by Albert Pike and their criminal crew of Satan loving morons.  We believe the Lucifarian line along with the silly indoctrination ceremonies they have for the Mason's and Yale Bones club are simply to train idiots to do idiotic things.  If you can for example get people like both the George Bush's to jack off in a coffin while there is a Satanic ceremony going on around them, as is now well know is one of the Yale Bones Club's initiation ceremonies, then when they are President, there is no limit on the insane things you can get them to do.

These are not pleasant subjects, however, when we ignore the facts when CPS workers, judges and cops are actively engaged in pedophile rings and stupid Satanic ceremonies and rituals, the consequence is that the nation turns into the terrorist organization the US is today.  US citizens are responsible and accountable for the millions of innocent people the US murders ever year. 

Ignorance is no excuse, shutting your eyes, ears and mouth regarding these well known and published facts will not excuse you.  Make sure you study the evidence regarding the millions of coffins the NWO government has stockpiled throughout the US in preparation for their genocide pans and the disposal of your body.


Over Population Is Clearly Not The Issue.

If the world were populated at the same density as the USA, there would be 4.3 billion people on the planet. Ironically the US lead the mass murder exercise controlling and directing the massive logistics exercise of spraying populated areas of the world with chemicals to lower people’s immunities for the final fatal blow that was meant to be delivered in the Baxter vaccinations.  Guess now all they can do is to get WHO to inject you.

China however, has a population density that would put the world's population at 18 billion.  The Netherlands, for example, “Holland” for those who don’t know the nations real name, has a population of sixteen point six million people. Covering an area of just under thirty four thousand kilometers, the world, were it populated at the same density as Holland, would have sixty four billion people in it and nearly ten times more people than we have on the planet today. Were the world’s population at the same density as Germany, there would be 30.8 billion and not 7 billion people on the plant.

With around two hundred million people, Brazil is populated at half the density of the rest of the world, and Sweden has even lower population density than Brazil. Saudi Arabia with twenty eight million people, has a population density of only twenty six percent of the average. The world would only have 1.7 billion people on it if we were populated at the same density as Saudi Arabia.

Russia, with just over one hundred and forty million people and seventeen million square kilometers, would bring the worlds population from six point seven down to one billion people if the world were populated at the same density as Russia. Australia and Namibia’s population densities are so low that the world would only have three hundred and sixty million people on the planet.

The bottom line is that population growth and density varies and changes naturally. Education is perhaps one of the most powerful contraceptives to population growth. Material greed and possessions appear to have the most powerful impact on keeping family size in check.  Perhaps it is material greed that forms the genesis of the NWO genocide goals.

The dimwits who call themselves the “Illuminati”, with their Old “New World Order” master plan written in stone on the Georgia Guide Stones, want to take the world’s population down to under five hundred million people. They believe the world should be populated with the same density as Australia, Namibia, Iceland, Guyana or Botswana. Perhaps we should drop these dimwits and destroyers of civilization off in the Australian outback to give them a feel of what the world would be like with less than half a billion people in it.


Over Population Hoax, Global Warming Hoax. Swine Flu Hoax, What's Next?

We don’t believe overpopulation has anything to do with it. Get on a plane as any Jetsetter does, and you quickly comprehend the reality of the masses of open space in the world. We believe the problem is more fundamental.

Guttenberg’s invention of the printing press caused the Old World Order's last nightmare. When regular folk could not only afford to purchase a Bible, they could even read and understand the language it was written in, the Pope’s Papal power was undermined as people realized the Pope's word was not God's word and that they did not have to pay their pastor for forgiveness of sins.  As the masses rose up against their Old World Order masters in the Renaissance and Reformation, the Old World Order was undermined.

Computers and Internet today represent a printing press of far greater magnitude than anything that ever existed. Today we are living in the New Renaissance and the Second Reformation.  Internet is exposing the corruption of our government.  We now all know the Rothschild's and crew own our Federal Reserve Bank and the Euro and that they make money out of nothing.  We now know they were the ones behind all the World Wars, the depressions and recessions.

The great printing press of Internet and computers has allowed us to identify this minority of revolutionaries, this oligarchy of banksters who's actions have done noting but exterminate and destroy civilization.  What better way to deflect reality and the consequence of their crime being exposed, than to cause more wars, another great depression and a worldwide pandemic and genocide?

When you look at all the nonsense these banksters put on their TV, it's a wonder anyone watches it.  Cut off the TV and make sure they stop adding chemicals to our water supply and spraying us from the air, and the people might just wake up enough to rise up against this band of thieves, these banksters and criminals in office.  It's really not that hard at all to recover the USA and NOA. 

Clean out your local County and you are well on the way to recovering the USA.  The CopperCards County Cleanup Program teaches you how to utilize Grand Juries formed by you to hold officials accountable to their oath of office to uphold the Constitution for the United States of America. Clean out your County and you clean out DC.  It's time to elect Judges and sheriffs who work for us and who obey the law.  Get active America, wake up and get up off your ass before you are drowning in your own snot and can't do anything, because that's clearly the plan your leaders have for you. Shut down your TV, don't drink the fluoride or city water supply.  File charges of treason against your local judges, DA, sheriffs and Board of Supervisors if they are not opposing the New World Order.

In closing, perhaps the best advice for the person who believes the world is over populated is for them to take action in practicing what they preach and start with bumping themselves off.

Liberty For Life


Source Data: U.S. Census Bureau, "International Data Base" (as of 18 June 2008). MenuVert

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