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Illuminatzi's Core in American Government & Universities

by Antony C Sutton

Method of Member Penetration

Motto: “That only he that wares upon his breast, Their emblem, he for every post shall be considered best.” CNOTE: i.e. we’ll promote members over anyone else, if we can, regardless of skill set.


Universities established

Academic Associations

University Agents 


“Gilman imported the experimental psychology of Hegelian physiologist Wilhelm Wundt from Germany.  This psychology was grafted onto the American education system thorough the educational laboratories at Columbia and Chicago University.  And they moved a familiar name, John Dewey, a pure Hegelian in philosophy, along the fast track in his career.

After Yale the three studied at the University of Berlin: Gilman between 1854 and 1855; Dwight between 1856 and 1858; White between 1856 & 1858.  Wilhelm Wundt the founder of experimental psychology in Germany was also at the University of Berlin in 1856.



Government / Pseudo Government Associations

Yale Politicians

 Also see Yale Bones Club Freemasons


Think Tanks

Peace Research Institute 1960 (merged to Institute for Policy Studies – McGeorge Bundy 40), James Jeremiah Wadsworth 27 setup institute -

Foundations / Institutions

Church (all Protestant organizations) 2% of Club

Union Theological Society (also known as “Red Seminary” for its communist association), associated with Colombia University in New York – Henry Sloane Coffin 97 Professor of Practical Theology from 1904-1926 & President from 1926-1945 (Henery Sloane Coffin Jr. 49 was one of the Boston Five indicted on federal conspiracy charges)

Law Firms

Note the BAR Association is effectively controlled from the British Accreditation Registry out of Inner-City-State of London & Freemason headquarters.

Founded 1884 by Thomas Day Thatcher (B 1871)

Son Thomas Day Thatcher (B 1904) – brother worked for Henry L. Stimson (B 88)

Represents the Soviet State Bank In U.S. and helped the Soviets circumvent U.S. law with the cooperation of the U.S. government.



For much more details See Zionatzi Media Who Rules America

Oil Companies


Dozens of Bones Club members

New York Federal Reserve - Pierre Jay 92 First Chairman

Knight Wolley (Bones 1917) – Director Federal Reserve Bank N.Y.

Attended University of Gottengen (the center of Hegelian activism), Germany for 2 to 3 years in mid 1850’s

Morgan was careful to maintain contacts with both the left and the right: Morgan, Dwight Morrow were aligned with Republicans; Russel C. Leffingwell was allined with Democrats; Grayson Murphy extreme right; Thomas W. Lamont left.

After Morgan died the firm which was originally founded by George Peabody (1795-1869), the firm was merged with Stanley – Harold Stanley (Bones 1908)

Morgan’s partner Henry P Davison’s son H.P. Davison (Bones 1920) – this partner also brought Thomas Lamont and Willard Straight, who build the U.S. Communist Party, into the Morgan firm.

Morgan partner Thomas Cochran (Bones 1904)

Morgan dominated firms:

W.A. Harriman Company merged with Brown Brothers  in 1933

Bones Connections

W. Averell Harriman (Bones 1913)

Edward. Roland Noel Harriman (Bones 17)

Ellergy S. James (Bones 17) partner in Brown Brothers

Ray Morris (Bones 01)

Prescott Sheldon Bush (Bones 17)

Knight Wooley (Bones 17) With Harriman 1927 – 1931 and Brown Brothers from 1933 on

Mortimer Seabury (Bones 09)

Robert A. Lovett (Bones 18)


Post WWII Partners

Eugene WM. Stetson Jr. (Bones 34)

Walter H. Brown (Bones 45)

Stephen Y. Hord (Bones 21)

John Beckwith Madden (Bones 41)

Grange K Costikyan (Bones 29)

Non Bones Partner: Matthew C. Brush (32º Mason)

Original Capital from Whitney, Rockefeller, Harriman & Vanderbilt families

Harry Payne Whitney (Bones 94)

William C. Whitney (Bones 63)

Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt (Bones 99) (drowned when he failed to receive a warning telegram to not board the Lusitania sank in 1915)

W. Averell Harriman (Bones )

Percy Rockefeller (Bones 00) (Son of William D. Rockefeller who was brother of John D. Rockefeller)

Bones Connections

Harold Stanley (Bones 08)

W. Murray Crane (Bones 04)

Harry P. Whitney (Bones 94)

W. Averall Harriman (Bones 13)

Knight Wooley (Bones 17) with Guaranty Trust 1919 - 1920

Joseph R. Swan (Bones 02)

Thomas Cochrane (Bones 94)

Percy Rockefeller (Bones 00)


Post WWII Partners:

George H Chittenden (Bones 39)

William Redmond Cross (Bones 41)

Henery P. Davison Jr. (Bones 20)

Thomas Rodd (Bones 35)

Clement D. Gile (Bones 39)

Daniel P. Davidson (Bones 49)


Harriman & Nazi interests

Bones 1917 cell D 115 & Directors of Union Banking Corporation NY:

Prescott Sheldon Bush – Patner Brown Brothers, Harriman

E. Roland Harriman – VP W.A. Harriman & Co. NY

Knight Wooley – Director Guaranty Trust NY & Director Fed Res Bank NY

Ellery Sdgewick James – Partner, Brown Brothers & Co. NY

Other Directors who where Nazi’s: H.J. Kouwenhoven, Johann Groninger



British Equivalent – “The Group” or “US”

Founded at Oxford University (not associated with Yale Bones and without Masonic mumbojumbo)

Mission: “The extension of British rule throughout the world, the perfecting of a system of emigration from the United Kingdom and of colonization by British subjects of all lands wherein the means of livelihood are attainable by energy, labor and enterprise … and the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of the British Empire.” (From Cecil  Rhodes Will)

Soviet Ties

W.Averell Harriman, prime financial and diplomatic supporter of Soviets in 1920’s

Participated in RUSKOMBANK first Soviet commercial bank

Guaranty Trust’s Vice President Max May which was dominated by Harriman-Morgan interests became the first Vice President of RUSKOMBANK and placed in charge of all the banks foreign operations.

Hitler Ties

Averell  Harriman,  his brother Roland Harriman, W.W. James and Knight Wooley & Prescot Bush (all Bones members) through Union Bank were prime financial backers of Hitler.

Security / CIA

William Bundy with CIA for a decade

National Security Assistant to President Kenedy & Johnson - McGeorge Bundy

Bundy’s were also associated with the pro-Marxist Institute for Policy Studies

Core Illuminatzi

“To get along you must go along”

Counsel on Foreign Relations

Est 1922. 2,500 members.

1921 "The Council on Foreign Relations was established through the efforts of Col. Edwin Mandell House. He was the initiator of the effort to establish this American branch of the English Royal Institute of International Affairs". ... "The late Professor Carroll Quigley of Georgetown University described the CFR as "a front for J.P. Morgan and Company in association with the very small American Round Table Group." [13] J.P. Morgan, in turn is primarily a Rothschild front organization.

On December 15, 1922 the Council on Foreign Relations endorsed world government. [14]

See Illuminati & Counsel on Foreign Relations for more details.

Trilateral Commission

Est. 1973 Founded by David Rockefeller. 200 members (70 from US)

The Trilateral Commission’s purpose is almost identical to that of the Bones Club or “The Order”


The Pilgrims

Est 1900. Probably a relatively harmless social club used to forge US / UK relationships


Est. 1950s

William F Buckley appears to be the few Bilderberger's who is a member of Bones

The Bilderberg Group, another very secret society, was under the chairmanship of H. R. H. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, who served in that position for twenty-two years beginning in 1954. Creation of the group was not Bernhard's brainchild but that of politically connected Dr Joseph H. Retinger. After decades of covert conniving, it was most likely the first formally scheduled meeting of the banking elite and other prominent individuals. The group's purpose: coordination of American and European foreign policy towards establishing a New World Order. "At a small hotel near Arnhem in the deeply wooded uplands of eastern Holland on May 29-31, 1954, a group of eminent statesmen, financiers, and intellectuals from the principal nations of Europe and the United States met together in, perhaps, the most unusual international conference ever held until then."

The hotel was The Hotel de Bilderberg in the Dutch town of Oosterbeek from which the group takes its name. Since then, a yearly meeting, strictly secure and highly confidential, is held in various places where powerful people, who crave even more power, meet. See the lists of attendees since 1991; they include media, government, and corporate business owners. Governor Bill Clinton attended in 1991 — pre-approval of his presidency? Do a cross-check of the Bilderberg and the Rhodes Scholar list. George W. Bush just happened to be visiting the Pope in 2004 at the very same time as the Bilderbergs 50th anniversary conference in Stresa, Italy — what a coincidence! Interestingly enough, Senator John Edwards was also there — perhaps to verify his selection as Kerry's running mate.

"It is a fact that in Europe, membership in the Bilderberger group guarantees political success. Not surprisingly, opposition to Bilderberger dogma will result in loss of power and position." European politicians adhere to the Bilderberg policies or suffer the consequences. Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, opposed the Bilderbergs and their 1992 goal of a European consolidation along with the adoption of a standard European currency. Apparently she voiced this opposition at the annual meeting in Spain in May 1989 much to the detriment of her career. Thereafter, "Thatcher was viciously attacked by every known media source within days of the meeting. She was denounced in almost all European newsprint, television, and radio as a 'provisionalist' and an 'Ultra-nationalist,' and that was only the beginning. Within days, a parliamentary assault was initiated against her." On November 28, 1990, she was succeeded by John Major.

The Bilderberg elite demanded that President Ronald Reagan provide $50 billion taxpayer dollars from the U.S. Treasury over the period of Reagan's presidency, eight years, to be given to third world countries through the World Bank and the IMF. That's big money for an acting job placement — thanks to the U.S. taxpayers. In the 1988 meeting, the group insisted on an American tax increase to increase funding of the IMF and World Bank. These treasonous acts constituted a redistribution of money from the American taxpayer's pocket into the banker's vaults. The poor received no benefits. The tax increase cost George H. W. Bush a second term. Perhaps his first-born son, George W. Bush, would be compensated later for his father's loss. It was the Bilderbergs who decided that hundreds of billions of American taxpayer dollars should fund the new democracy in the former Soviet Union. We were also required to buy needless, over-priced undelivered Soviet products to pump up their economy — more taxpayer dollars for covetous bankers and payola for accommodating third world Judases who also sacrificed their people. The Bilderbergers mandated the invasion of Bosnia. When the wicked rule, those who don't get slaughtered mourn.

Though select members of the media attend, they are discreet. David Rockefeller, speaking at the June 1991, Bilderberger meeting in Baden Baden, Germany said: "We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years." He went on to explain: "It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national determination practiced in past centuries." The media does, however, spin webs of deceit and furnish appropriate propaganda for elite political selections — Bilderberger Bill Kristol, publisher of The Weekly Standard through his editor, Fred Barnes, wrote a remarkably favorable report portraying George W. Bush as the "heavyweight" candidate prior to 2000. No doubt, because of all the silver spoons in his mouth and those elite connections -



Chapter 322

Could be the original Scroll & Key club formed in the 1850’s. Yale Bones Club is a chapter of Chapter 322.

The Illuminati, a secret society to counter the influence of the clergy, was founded and structured after the Masonic model at the University of Ingolstadt on May 1, 1776 by atheist Adam Weishaupt. "This contestation embraced Manichean symbolism, a war between light and darkness, between the illumination of reason and the sordid dark ignorance of religious superstition."  The goal was yet another face to the many Janus-gods.

Emulating yet another one of Akhenaten's monotheist relgions like Christianity, but with a different god figure, Lucifer. Reason postured as revelation and nature, the created replaced the Creator. The holy book for Christian enlightenment was the Bible, while the 36 volumes of atheist Diderot's Encyclopedia was the inspiration of the Enlightenment — all the while trying to "replace" the Christian God figurehead with Lucifer. This encyclopedia included imprints of Voltaire, Montesque, Rousseau, Buffon and Turgot. Significantly, the title page of Diderot's first edition offered a drawing of Lucifer, symbol of light and rebellion, standing next to the Masonic symbols of square and compass.

The Illuminati studied the Enlightenment philosophers to battle against the Jesuits (Opposite Janus Face) and strengthen the Illuminati philosophy through their literature. Weishaupt stated: "Princes and Nations shall disappear from off the face of the earth! Yes, a time shall come when man shall acknowledge no other law but the great book of nature; this revelation shall be the work of Secret Societies and that is one of our grand mysteries." 

The Illuminati had two to three thousand members and spread throughout Europe including Poland, Holland, England and France. Many functioned within illuminized Masonic Lodges. "Johann Gottfried von Herder (1744-1803), German philosopher, Atheist and composer was an Illuminist, as was Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1749-1823), German philosopher, writer and privy councilor. Goethe is best known, perhaps, as the creator of Faust, which some have speculated to be an Illuminist allegory." [10] In 1785, the Order that was intent on restructuring the state and destroying the church was officially abolished, unless of course it merely resurfaced in America as the more sinister, more secret Brotherhood of Death or the Order of Skull and Bones.


For more on the Illuminati & its formation see Illuminati Formation


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