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How Stupid R US?

I too was fooled, as a military instructor I trained troops to kill.  The problem was we were on the wrong side, the South African military during Apartheid.  At the time they told me it was the honorable thing to do, to 'serve your country'.  What crap..

So too are Americans who are being used to bring about the New World Order.

Look up in the sky above any populated area in the U.S. and you will see them.  Thick white chemtrails.  Vapor trails generally dissipate within a few minuets, the chemtrails hang around for hours, you can see stuff dripping from them.  Chemtrails are so in-your-face that no one would consider that they are deadly.  Oh, they won't kill you with one spray, the principle ingredient according to laboratory results is Barium.  Barium attacks your immune system so when you die, you will die from something else, like cancer or whatever they can dream up.  Make no mistake the chemtrails are real and they have been analyzed by independent laboratories.  The government or 'secret government' is spraying us like bugs.

In the military we were told they were terrorists.  Terrorists everywhere, people who wanted to kill us.  They, according to the authorities were in the wrong and we were the 'good guys'.  It was astonishing what they could get the 'good guys' to do. The viciousness of some of the 'honorable' South African troops was quite astonishing.  How far does a person have to be psyched to make a belt of human ears? How far does one have to deceive your military into utilizing nuclear waste in weapons, armor piercing DU weapons that will kill hundreds of thousands of your own troops?

With the roots going back to Chapter 322 in Germany, Apartheid formed the perfect Hegelian Dialectic.  The conflict Apartheid caused allowed the banksters to make off with all the gold and diamonds and everything else.  Get people fighting and they don't care what happens behind their back in their homes and businesses, they are too busy in the fight.  Boy were we stupid or what!  Who cares if someone with a black skin can sit on a park bench or go to a beach in their country?  What moron thinks that you can segregate people and force some unfortunate group into a corner because they don't look like you.  And what the hell did the Iraqi's do to US?  Nothing, absolutely nothing! 

When the secret US/UN government blew up the World Trade Center buildings they put up pictures of Saudi Arabians who they accused of being the terrorists on the TV stations they own.  So why invade Iraq?  It's like blaming the Germans and invading England!

On Sunday the 18th the chemtrails over Palm Springs in California were thick, then they painted a cross in the sky only to be followed by a broken cross.  Does that mean something?  Word on the street is that the people who caused 9/11, Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, the Fed's etc. plan something for the 21st or 22nd to 'challenge' Obama.

The question is how drugged are the U.S. public and how long will they put up with this crap.  When will people working for the government realize that they are spraying themselves, that they are betraying their countrymen and families.  When will they realize that the people at the top of the pile don't give a dam about them, that such an insane individual only cares for themselves.

Fortunately we have some astonishing people our government, people who have literally risked and given their lives for the sake of their fellow countrymen and families.  The men in our Air Force who blew the whistle on the B52 bomber and the 6 nukes the Whitehouse stole, the CIA agent who blew the whistle on the dirty bomb the banksters planned to blow up in Huston. 

There's plenty of evidence out there, all you have to do is look.  You won't see it on their TV channels though, unless it slips through.  But look on the net and you will find significant irrefutable evidence.  The net, like the printing press, is bringing about the New Renaissance and the Second Reformation. The NWO and the Black Pope will soon see their end.

What do these evil NWO banksters have in stall for the U.S. next?  Someone knows.

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