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New Order Of The Ages

Novus Ordos Seclorum is indeed the age of Aquarius.  As ancients predicted and as the USA was formed so shall it be.  However, the New World Order made up of the Old World Oligarchy who somehow believe they are the owls of the age are nothing but morons without a clue, dangerous dimwitted ignoramuses who have not the slightest idea of how to build a bright future.  All the OG know is how to make money, mammon, the root of all evil.  Fraud is the foundation of their fortunes.  A frivolous flock of fools, fumbling with figments of their feeble imagination.  Born with silver and gold spoons in their mouths, these so-called elite have utterly no clue how to pick up a shovel and no idea on how to build systems.  These patsies fear reality because they live in a fantasy world removed from it.

These are the sort of people who rush in to rob their victims who are subject to their wars, they rob the man who is down.  Conflict is the tool of these pick-pockets and thieves who are too useless to make an honest living.  Yet it is these idiots who have taken it upon themselves to architect the New World Order, and they have got a dam clue.  All these morons are building is the Old Order and it's not even in disguise.  Administrative agencies in a massive hierarchy heading up to the apex of the "United Nations" and their sovereign rulers. 

Hierarchical structures don't go high.  A tower of Babel, bullshit beyond belief.  The hierarchical administrative agencies building up the NWO are guaranteed to fall.  Like the tower of Babel, they will produce nothing but BS and corruption.  The further from the front line the more foolish the leader.

The secret to building massively scalar structures is to build small autonomous structures that can stand on their own, but as a body make up the whole.  To think big, you have to think small.

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