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2009_Dec_03 No Love Order Stands. Dad still may not tell sons he loves them.

2009_Nov_29 Thoughts - I may never see my Mum & Dad again - But I can't even speak to my little boys!

2009_Nov_27 Jefferson Alive? Government Starts Trial Monday To Lockup C

2009_Nov_27 Thanksgiving Blog: How Pilgrims Turned Into Turkeys

2009_Oct_20 Consequences & Engines that Run On H2O

2009_Oct_06 CLive's Origin of Everything = "Love manifests life manifests energy manifests matter, in time and space." - The Love Cards the Court would not allow Clive to send his sons.

2009_Oct_05 Shocking truth of the Swine flu!

2009_10_06 New Scientific Explanation To The Origins of Life, Energy, Matter & the Universe.

2009_09_06 US Government Prepares for US Genocide

2009_09_05 Who Murdered Michael? Do they want to kill you too?

2009_08_30 Astonishing Progress - I can tell my boys I love them!!!!

2009_08_27 Till death do us part? Sheriff's 4th Assassination Attempt On Clive

2009_08_16 Fire & Brimstone – Unholy Cross Being Judged? What’s install for the US?

2009_08_08 What's Really Goig On? A Story In A Story

2009_08_05 Please Attend – Kidnap hearing re Liberty For Life Clive’s Children. 8:30 am Tomorrow.

2009_08_05 The FBI seeks additional evidence of corruption in Santa Cruz government. (but does nothing when they get it)

2009_07_28 Major General Confirms Recent Worldwide Genocide Attempt - Over Population Claim A Hoax

2008_07_18 FORECLOSURE FRAUD - what can we do?

2009_07_06 Attempted Murder, Kidnap, Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft House – These Are the values of Santa Cruz County

2009+07_17 C UPDATE - Slippery Slimy Sick Robert B. Atack - Changes Court, Time and Judge

2009_07_16 County Officials Caught in Blatant Conspiracy

2009_06_20 A PARTY INVITATION That May Save Your Life

The Earth Plan's Peopleisim  is THE Solution to the Worlds Problems.
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