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Praying For Cloudy Sky's. Lethargic depleted feeling of helplessness? Rain Stopped, Chemtrails Started.

The picture below is a NOAA satellite shot over Iraq during the US invasion.  Although banned by the Geneva Convention, evidence of the US military’s use of Chemtrails in warfare is irrefutable.  Iraqi’s sprayed by the Chemtrails reported dizziness, allergic reactions never before experienced, shortness of breath and a lethargic depleted feeling of helplessness.  These are similar to symptoms people are reporting from around the world as they are subject to the mysterious white linear clouds seen over cities and populated areas on sunny days.

Find yourself walking around in circles, not quite sure what to do?  Is it hard to make decisions? Feeling strangely depressed? Family members acting strangely, especially women who are more sensitive to chemicals?

You can see them, there so obvious it’s ridiculous, there not normal.  Typical vapor trails or “contrails” as they are known can be seen forming behind jets as they fly across the sky, they dissipate in seconds. Normal contrails certainly never last more than five or ten minuets as the condensed water dissolves back into the sky.  Chemtrails however last hours, they can be seen hanging around and drifting down on you.  If you look closely, you can see the chemicals dripping down form the white clouds that streak across the sky behind the NWO BioBombers.  Another flat out giveaway, is that the Chemtrails start and stop over the windward side of populated areas.  In small towns like Clear Lake, we have seen NWO BioBombers fly in and spray a circular Chemtrail, then fly out again. Sometimes it’s just a dash in the sky, a punctuation mark above the populous.

First they tried to spray us from low-level bombers.  In Santa Cruz, they got us once or twice, however, they could not get past the public with that one, especially after one of the local judges got it in the face when he stepped out of his home.  See our article on “Political Moths” to learn more about that interesting exercise:


But why you ask?  Who would do something like that?

Ever wondered how they got the Jews to go so quietly to the gas chambers?  If you never knew George W. Bush’s grandfather Prescott Bush and the Federal Reserve Bank owners funded Hitler, perhaps you need to do some homework.  Prescott Bush was charged with Trading With The Enemy during WW2.  It did not seem to cause his family any problems though, he was still paid out after the war for his ‘war efforts’, that’s where the Bush family fortune originated.  After funding Hitler, his son took over the White House as President, his grand son too.  Makes you wonder how a Nazi sympathizer got both his son and grandson into the White House?

Does “Operation Paperclip” mean any thing to you?  Still in the dark?  Can’t blame you, you probably went to State School, it would have been better to give the State the church than let them take our children at their most influential age and ‘educate them’.  After World War Two, German scientists were flown out of Nazi Germany to the US under the Operation Paperclip program where they carried on unabated in their ‘research’.

If you are unaware of these basic facts, could you inadvertently aid the enemy?  Are American tax payers a threat to National and International security?


Morals Anyone?

Does the "Morrill Tax" mean anything to you? No? It should, you probably know about the Boston Tea Party.  That was a 2% tax that was raised to 5% and triggered the Revolution.  The Morrill Tax was a 37% tax that Dishonest Abe imposed, it was the entire reason for the Un-Civil War.  You can read about it in Lincoln’s Inaugural Speech. Smack bang in the middle of his speech Lincoln said “The power confided to me will be used to hold, occupy, and possess the property and places belonging to the Government and to collect the duties and imposts; but beyond what may be necessary for these objects, there will be no invasion, no using of force against or among the people anywhere.  He was referring to the Morrill Tax.

In other words, there would be no invasion if the people paid the 37% moral-less Morrill tax.  By the way, in the third paragraph of Lincoln’s speech, he said I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so.”  We have an article titled “Dishonest Abe” you might find interesting at


In The Dark?

So why did they never teach you about these obviously critical issues? It’s far more obvious than you realize.  What would you expect if a band of criminals were given the right to make money out of nothing?

If you don’t already know that the Federal Reserve Bank is a private bank, then perhaps you really are a threat to National Security.  The primary shareholder of the bank, Meyer Amchel Rothschild said "Let me issue and control a nation's money, and I care not who writes its laws", dah, and if you have experienced it, there certainly is no law in these Courts.

Clearly the lawmakers, judges, cops and politicians are owned by the Rothschild’s who also claim to own most of our homes with money they make out of nothing.  They even managed to get their servants, the judiciary, claiming that they, the State, own and determine the “best interests” of our children over and above their parents. That was what Stalin, who the bankers also funded, did in Communist Russia.

Why do you think Judges claim the right to order us to not even communicate with our children?  They work for the banksters and the British Accreditation Registry, that’s the "BAR", incase you didn't’t know that either.  BAR lawyers were banned from office and citizenship by the 13th Amendment, the one Lincoln attempted to overwrite when he went against his word.  You can read up on that fact and see the irrefutable fact that every copy of the Constitution following the ratification of the “missing” 13th Amendment has that law right there for you to feast your eyes on.  That’s why the British burned down the White house in 1812 and why there were absolutely no BAR associations in the USA between 1812 and Lincoln’s Un-Civil Morrill Tax War.  War? We digress, or do we?


Hegelian Dialectic

Does “Hegelian Dialectic” mean anything to you?  If you don’t know about it, then this is one area you had better start learning about, or you are in for a nasty experience.  “Conflict induces change”, “The end justifies the means” are two terms synonymous with Hegelian Dialectic.  War, depressions, recessions and any conflict, it was observed by the philosopher Hegel, provided an opportunity to ‘induce change’.  Perhaps more like the pick-pocket strategy, where on bumping into a victim, during the period of conflict, the pick-pocket slips their hand into the victims pocket and ‘induces the change’ from the victims pocket into their pocket.

By imposing the Morrill Tax, a 37% tax on all imports, Lincoln ensured the succession of multiple States and the ensuing conflict his invasion of the Confederate Nation induced.  The conflict naturally caused massive war debt (we don’t know anything about war debt do we?) which the bankers slipped into their pocket after Lincoln was ‘conveniently assassinated’ by a ‘lone gunman’ who was ‘acting without any known motive’ after Lincoln tried to pull the banksters scam and printed money out of nothing, the Greenback currency.

In a similar fashion to how John F. Kennedy’s Treasury Notes immediately disappeared after he was assassinated, Lincoln’s Greenback’s were immediately taken out of ‘circulation’ after his assassination. How convenient. 

Naturally, you know all about Kennedy’s Executive Order 11110 which set aside the Federal Reserve Bank by reinitiating the Treasury and handing back control of our currency to Congress. They taught you all about that at State School didn't they?  However, that was simply also a "coincidence" as it relates to Kennedy’s assassination within six months of effectively shutting down the Fed with EO 11110, wasn't’t it?


Jekyll Hiding Where?

It took the Nation seventy years to pay back the banksters for Lincoln’s Un-Civil War debt, a debt for which the banksters apparently also coincidentally demanded 37% interest on the money they made out of nothing.  That brings us to the “Creature from Jekyll Island”, the title of a wonderful book about what happened on that appropriately named island around 1910 where the banksters conspired to take over the dollar.  The Federal Reserve Bank Act was passed during Congress’s Christmas Recess by Woodrow Wilson in exchange for the banksters paying for his Presidential campaign. Wilson literally handed the dollar into the hands of foreign banksters.  However, they had to get rid of some ‘obstacles’ that stood in their way.

We won’t cover the ‘obstacles’ in any detail in this blog, however, search “Rothschild and Titanic” and consider the chance of three of the America’s wealthiest men, Benjamin Guggenheim, Isa Strauss and John Jacob Astor, all opposed to the Federal Reserve Banking Act, all going down in one swoop on a single ship.  Again, how convenient.  Presumably you know Star Lines who built the Titanic, was under JP Morgan’s name.  JP Morgan having inherited his business from George Peabody, that nobody who threw parties for the Rothschild’s in England after they were so unpopular for scamming the English stock market crash they triggered using the Hegelian Dialectic from the Battle of Waterloo.  Naturally the Rothschild’s funded both Napoleon and the English in that war.

These people have no problem bildind and sinking a ship full of civilians or blowing up building full of civilians or setting up and wiping out three thousand servicemen as they did with Pearl Harbor to incite America to War as they did with 9/11. They have been utilizing this False Flag shock methodology to incite conflict throughout history.

Oh, lest we forget, the Rothschild’s are also the bankers for the Vatican, naturally the Titanic Captain, Edward Smith, was a Jesuit.  Ok, we won’t go into the Catholic Mafia, the Jesuits, however, do take the time to read a Jesuit Oath of Office filed in the Library of Congress coincidentally in 1913:


Fiat-Money’s Financial Fraud

Where did the Rothschild’s get all their money?  They made it out of nothing with a scam they championed at their Frankfurt goldsmith store. Perhaps the first of our 'modern' banks.

The Bauers, as they were originally known, realized that they could issue more Notes representing gold than the actual amount of gold they held in their safe.  So long as they kept some gold in their safe, who would know if the gold they said Notes represented was not the gold in their safe?  Later after taking control of the Federal Reserve Bank, they did not even bother to pretend they had any gold, they simply made money out of ‘nothing’, known as "fiat-money".

The Bauers scam was so effective, they changed their name to go with the “red shield”  which hung over their goldsmith ‘store’ in Frankfurt, or “Rothschild”, in German.  Could the Bauer’s be related to the Bush family, who apparently dropped the ‘e’ when the Bushe family came to the US from Germany?

Regardless, you have to take your hat off to this band of "bank robbers", they pulled off the scam of the millennium.  They don’t bother printing the worth of the Rothschild’s when comparing to the world’s wealthiest, because they would make Bill Gates look like a pauper.

When one simply considers the logistics of spraying all the major populated areas around the world with Chemtrails, you must acknowledge the fact that these people sure are organized.  If they managed to keep the death camps secret during World War Two, obviously they can keep us mindless when it comes to Chemtrails, after all, they own our military and most of the world.


Who, What, Why?

So the Chemtrails, why, what, who?  Scientists tell us the primary ingredient of the Chemtrails is barium, the secondary ingredient aluminum oxide, along with a complex concoction of chemicals some Nazi scientist would dream up.  The barium attacks your immune system and makes you susceptible to their ‘treatment’.  Aluminum oxide makes you stupid, like Alzheimer’s which is rapidly brought on by aluminum oxide.  Remember how they quickly removed the aluminum cooking pots off the shelves because they caused Alzheimer’s.  Guess you may not remember?

Clearly the Chemtrails are designed to sedate and control the populous.  How else could Obama and Congress hand out trillions upon trillions of dollars to their buddies while our economy tanks without causing a riot?  How else could the banksters Courts and sheriffs throw millions of families out of their homes onto the street with money they literally made out of nothing without a revolution? How else could DA’s, lawyers and judges throw more Americans in jail, prison and on probation than all those incarcerated in any other nation and all the other nations of the world combined without a bloodbath of judged, da’s and cops?  Is it because Americans are just flat out stupid, State fools, or is it because Americans have no balls?  Or perhaps, it is because Americans are drugged and neuro linguistically programmed by the banksters TV?  What ever it is, we’re in serious trouble.  All those NWO BioBombers need to do is to switch the chemicals in their tanks and we’re all dead like Jews in a gas chamber.

We know Bush spent at least 36 billion dollars developing more biological weapons of mass destruction. You have to assume they have the chemicals to kill us all.  They were never shy committing genocide, so what makes you think you are not expendable?


Sting In Their Tail Revelation?

Revelations 9:7 The locusts looked like horses prepared for battle. On their heads they wore something like crowns of gold, and their faces resembled human faces. [8] Their hair was like women's hair, and their teeth were like lions' teeth. [9] They had breastplates like breastplates of iron, and the sound of their wings was like the thundering of many horses and chariots rushing into battle. [10] They had tails and stings like scorpions, and in their tails they had power to torment people for five months. [11] They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek, Apollyon.


There Is A Way To Turn This Around.

Here in the USA YOU ARE THE GOVERNMENT- public servants are your servants here to obey your command. They are acting like sovereigns because you let them!   There are far more of us than they are of them.  Stand together and you cannot fail, hesitate and all is lost.

You don’t even have to pick up arms to fight for your rights.  The law is on your side, and don’t for one moment think that any British Accreditation Registry lawyer will tell you what the law says, the first thing these criminals exclaim is that they don’t practice Constitutional law, you don’t say!  As if these lawyers can’t read a relatively simple 20 page document called the Constitution! The Constitution is THE supreme law of the land it overrules all other laws, even their code states that!

Learn the law, you don’t have any if you don’t know it.  Form Grand Juries and indict and prosecute public servants who don’t obey the Constitution and their oath of office.  Forget BAR layers and judges, they can't even read a 20 page document called the Constitution.  The BAR has betrayed us, dump them (again), indict, prosecute and take back America now.

Sign up with Guardians of the Free Republics and CopperCards today.  Honorable men and women in our services are finally recognizing their oath to uphold the Constitution, they have come forward and offered to enforce civilian Grand Jury Indictments.

Grand Juries are forming in every Republic to take back America. Together we can recover the Nation, shut down this planned global genocide and enter into the economic boom this "millennium of the mind", New Order of the Ages and New Renaissance promise.

The time is now. Rise up America and destroy these destroyers of civilization.

Liberty For Life
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