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Consequences & Engines that Run On H2O

"He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

"In Germany they first came for the communists and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a communist.  Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because is wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.  Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a protestant.  Then they came for me and by that time no one was left to speak up." - Pastor Martin Miemoller


"You know, the fact of the matter is, there are images where five hundred or six hundred Jewish people would sit there with two German soldiers holding guns on them, and leading them into a German prison camp. If people would only rise up, and take control of their own lives we cannot be coerced like this. What I think we need to do is mobilize people; utilize the training that our two-post war generations are the most widely educated educations in the history of our human family. We don't have to sit back and wait for someone like the king, or the pope, or someone like this to tell us this information. We can get this information ourselves, if we are willing to take the responsibility ourselves." - Daniel Sheehan.


“The silence of the good is more deafening than the shouts of evil.” - CLive SOC
"The silence of apathy is as deafening and dangerous as the shouts of war" - CLive SOC.

"Those who ignore crime like water under a bridge, flood their neighbors house down stream." - CLive SOC

It's not at all complicated - the reason the US is messed up is so blatantly obvious it's ridiculous. 
Take any person on your block, hand them a printer and let them print as much money as they want, hey, even let them lend the money out plus interest! 
How long will it take before the block banker owns everything?  How long before the block banker buys out politicians, police, judges, district attorneys and Attorney Generals? 
What on earth do you expect when we have a private Federal Reserve Bank that is owned almost entirely by foreigners?  Who do you think our politicians, judges and police work for?
The bankers have carefully selected government officials of the lowest morals possible.  Secret clubs test how much of an idiot their initiates are, the more ridiculous the initiation, the more suitable the person for corrupt public posts.
However, in Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia (Both initiated and funded by the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank), the State depended on neighbors and even family members to betray each other.
Anamaria Tichatschke Clive's adulterous ex-wife has been entirely responsible for preventing Clive from communicating in any way with his sons, it was she who refused to settle the divorce loosing more than a million and a half dollars in assets and it was Anamaria who got the sheriffs to shoot at Clive and his children and continuously prosecute Clive, that is why the State is awarding Anamaria's adultery.
Clive is one of the few people proposing any solutions to fix the Nations' banking, education and media problems.  Clive is a serious threat to the bankers control, however, it is his adulterous ex-wife Anamaria, who has been used to destroy Clive.  Now it is judges like Michael E. Barton, Robert B. Atack, Samuel S. Stevens, Arianne Simons and John Salazar and Santa Cruz District Attorney Bob Lee who have been exposed in their crimes who are adamant in crushing Clive. These judges, DA and sheriffs fight for adulterers and criminal bankers so they can keep their own pocket lined.
The fact that there is no law in the Courts, is as blatantly obvious as the fact that we have a band of banksters making dollars out of nothing. Will the people refuse to rise up?  Will they allow good people to be wiped out by adulterers and criminal judges and DA's?
Is America a land of adultery? Does America fund and supports terrorist acts of mass destruction world wide?
Why do the American people remain silent?
When good people refuse to stand up against corruption how long is it before the corruption overruns them?
All we need to do to take back the USA is stand together against corruption.  Learn how to form Grand Juries by the people and kick criminals out of government.
We can replace the Federal Reserve Banking system with a stable non-fiat based banking system and currency that bares no interest, just like Clive designed.  There would be no depression if Clive's banking technology was not wiped out by the State. 
The economy can be invigorated overnight by lifting gag-orders on technology that competes with the banksters H2C based carbon fuels.  Engines can run on H2O just as they run on H2C, eliminating pollution and control by the banksters.  The engine below is one such engine that Clive was involved with, this is why the banksters boys, Barton, Atack, Steven, Simons, Salazar and Lee are determined to destroy Clive.
What is so difficult in understanding that H2C (gasoline) can combust when gasoline consists of two hydrogen atoms bonded to a carbon atom in chains typically of seven molecules with an extra hydrogen atom at each end of the chain?  Everyone knows H2C combusts in engines.  They also know you cannot put diesel in a gas engine.  So what is so difficult in understanding that H2O can also combust?  You can run engines on H2O just like you run engines on H2C.
The only reason you do not have a non-polluting car that runs on water or other sources of non-polluting energy is because the bankers control society and throw people like Clive in jail.  Perhaps Santa Cruz needs to carefully consider the roles of Judge Michael E. Barton, Robert B. Atack, Samuel S. Stevens, Arianne Simons and John Salazar and especially the daily high treason committed by District Attorney Bob Lee who repeatedly files cases against your fellow citizens without obtaining the mandatory 5th Amendment Grand Jury indictments authorizing him to prosecute.  If we remove these criminals from office we may have a chance of saving our lives and living a bright future.
From the facts of the raw number of deaths from Swine Flu, you has as much chance dyeing from falling out of bed than you do of the Swine Flu.  Why on earth is the government hyping on how important the Swine Flu vaccinations are?  Clearly the vaccinations are for some other purpose, and considering the track record of the government and the banksters, it is most likely along the lines of the vaccinations Baxter International was caught red handed shipping to 18 nations, the vaccinations that were already proven to kill you.  See
If you are interested in taking back the USA sign up with and start forming you own Grand Juries to indict public officials who break the law.
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