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Thoughts - I may never see my Mum & Dad again - But I can't even speak to my little boys!

I just got off Skype talking to my Mum & Dad.  As I closed the call, it struck me that I may never see them again.  They are getting on in years.  If these filthy criminals in Santa Cruz who shot at me, kidnapped my children and stole my home, now get their way and throw me in jail for a very long sentence, I may never see my Mum & Dad again.
I have not seen my little boys or even been able to talk to them for well over a year now and nearly seven years where I could not see or speak to them from Monday to Friday.
I have never committed any crime and these criminal officials are simply filing case after case against me. After running me down in cold blood, they are now driving their car back wards and forwards over me.  I am penniless and wiped out and they keep coming at me.  They have repeatedly sent me to jail for non-crimes.  What's to stop them from doing the same again when they start this new trial on Monday, or the next two cases they are holding to charge if they fail on this one or the following false cases they file against me if they fail on those ones?
It's quite astonishing how filthy people like the Santa Cruz District Attorney Bob Lee, his assistants Stephen Dotter and Gretchen Brock and others are.  Judges like Michel E. Barton, Samuel S. Stevens, Robert B. Atack and Commissioner Irwin H. Joseph are astonishingly filthy criminals of the absolutely lowest moral character one could find in any society.  The Board of Supervisors and Sheriffs in Santa Cruz are the same.
What sort of people are these who are now our officials in America?  People who tell us they are our sovereigns and we cannot hold them accountable for any crime they commit against us.  People who use the color of law to assault the innocent.
What has become of the USA and society where an innocent man is ordered to not tell his sons he loves them and were officials commit crimes with impunity in the open?
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