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Jefferson Alive? Government Starts Trial Monday To Lockup C

On Monday 30th, November 2009 the trial starts where the government is trying to lockup CopperCards and Liberty For Life Chairman, Clive Boustred "C" for life.  The government who has attempted to assassinate C on numerous occasions has no mandatory Grand Jury indictment or presentment nor any legal basis to their charges.  After sentencing C to six months in jail for driving at 27 mph down his private road, which they claim was a felony, the government who shot at C, now claims that because C owns lawfully purchased guns he must go to prison, for life.


The trial will be held at the Watsonville branch of the Santa Cruz Superior Court at One Second Street, Watsonville, CA.
The political perspective of Clive Boustred bares an even more of a striking resemblance of that of Thomas Jefferson. 
This case should get those who believe in reincarnation ticking.  What will the government do? 
How many of the Founders do you believe this government would lock up?
Would you come to Jefferson's defense?
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