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Till death do us part? Sheriff's 4th Assassination Attempt On Clive

NEWS RELEASE: Saturday night August 22, 2009, Santa Cruz Sheriffs armed with automatic assault weapons and dressed in riot gear setup another ambush for Clive at a famous Vineyard in Santa Cruz.  This is at least the 4th Assassination attempt on Clive's life since Santa Cruz’s Sheriffs Shooting Instructor Michael MacDonald shot at Clive from a point blank range with Clive's children in the direct line of fire on March 10, 2003.

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Clive’s  Account:

“We arrived at the party to see sheriffs talking to a lady at the gate of the internationally renowned vineyard. Not trusting the cops, we all decided that it was a good idea to drive on and come back later.  An hour later we drove back, no one was at the gate so we drove up the vineyard’s driveway.  At the top of the road were a bunch of sheriffs and their vehicles so we pulled off the road to ask some party goers what was going on.  While we were talking, a guy came up to the car and told us that the cops had said they recognized my car and were going to ‘chap’ me, they suggested I leave out the back gate through the vineyard.  Having been shot at before by the sheriffs, it did not take much convincing to get me to leave.

Later we called and found out that the lady at the gate had been arrested and we learned from people at the party what happened that evening after we left.

When the sheriffs approached the private vineyard they were asked what they wanted and if they had a warrant.  At first, apparently the sheriffs were unsure as to why they were there.  When someone asked them if they had come for a noise violation, the sheriffs apparently thought that was a good idea and agreed that that was why they were there.  As the DJ had already cut the sound, there was no issue and the sheriffs had no warrant, so they should have left.  However, ignoring the law, the sheriffs trespassed and drove their car at the lady at the gate then placed her under false arrest.  Locking her in the back of the patrol car, they proceeded uninvited and specifically instructed not to enter up to the vineyard’s homestead.

The sheriffs apparently then ordered the party goers who were neither noisy nor disorderly to leave.  About an hour later we arrived.  Partygoers still at the party noted that the sheriffs upholstered their guns, called for backup and took out their automatic assault weapons after I arrived.  The sheriffs according witnesses then turned their patrol car lights off and took up positions behind their vehicles waiting for us to drive back down from the vineyard.

The sheriffs waited in this ambush position for about two hours, then dressed in their riot gear, a swat team descended on the vineyards home, demanded entry and searched the home.

The question is what on earth were the Sheriffs doing?  They had absolutely no reason nor right to setup an ambush to stop me.

On Monday I went to court where Judge Michael E. Barton is still attempting to preside over the 8th and 9th false cases Bob Lee has filed against me.  Despite Barton having not even made any appearance in the two lawsuits I filed against him, Barton claims that neither the lawsuit nor the movie and 30 or so webpage’s I made that refer to Barton as a low level scumbag, will have any influence on his decision making ability to judge me or give him any reason to be biased against me, yea right.

What can we do regarding this insane behavior by the Sheriffs, Judges and DA in Santa Cruz?

Please write with your suggestions to


But Now For More Important Matters.

What should I write to my sons?  The Court has said that I am allowed to submit to the Court on the 27th a card written to my sons for the court to determine whether or not my sons may see the card.

For a whole year I have not been allowed to even tell my sons that I love them or even write to them since Irwin H. Joseph ordered I be evicted from my home on the day he filed to get himself dismissed from the lawsuit I was prosecuting against himself, Lee, Barton, Stevens the Sheriffs and other County defendants.  


Richard is now 13 and William is 9. They have been put through such a traumatic experience.  At least, so far, they are not attending their dad's funeral!


What Can We Do?

How could the County get so utterly out of control? Is it because my fellow citizens are not prepared to stand up and be Americans? Is it because they don’t know their rights and the law, or is it because they are scared into submission by the tyrannical sheriffs, DA and judges? Whatever, we need to change this insanity.  Your suggestions are most welcome.

If you can make it please come to Department D, Watsonville Superior Court, One Second St. Watsonville at 8:30am on Thursday 27th August 2009 (tomorrow) - your presence will make a huge difference.

Kindest regards,


Clive Boustred, Chairman Liberty For Life Association

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