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Fire & Brimstone – Unholy Cross Being Judged? What’s install for the US?

Is Santa Cruz whose government is so utterly corrupt and supported by inaction of it’s citizens being judged?  Throughout history, corrupt government’s and people who put up with them sooner or later suffer repeated disasters both natural and man made.

Clive UPDATE: On Monday 17, August at 8:30 am Department D, Watsonville Court, 1 Second St. Watsonville, CA, Clive will come before Judge John S. Salazar to again plead that the Santa Cruz government who has held Clive’s son’s hostage for a year ordering that Clive communicate in no way what so ever with his sons Richard and William, not even in writing, email or a telephone call, allow their dad to see them!

Repeatedly in retaliation for suing them, the Santa Cruz “Superior” court judges and commissioners have refused to allow Clive any contact with his children. Is this is the sort of crime that brings fire and earthquakes on Santa Cruz? Clearly most Santa Cruzian’s don’t recognize any god, however, most recognize karma.

Lt. Hemingway died of an aneurism (aneurism’s cause your brain to blow up with blood clots). Hemingway, who was apparently known as, ‘Pewee Herman’, was the one in charge when they tried to blow Clive’s head off in front of Clive’s children on March 10, 2003 .  A heart attack took Art Danner, he was the one who sent Clive to jail for 6 months.  Danner claimed that because Clive drove at 27mph down Clive’s private road before the Sheriffs without probable cause attempted to blow Clive’s head off in front of Clive’s children, that Clive was therefore a ‘felon’. Vicki Parry, who has been the root cause of preventing Clive from ever finalizing his divorce and who presumably planned the murder and kidnappings, well her liver packed in, guess she is ‘livid’. What’s is in store for the other officials committing crimes against Clive?  Can Stevens, Danner, Barton, Joseph, Atack, Tracy, Lee, Drottar and the others who commit these crimes they claim they have ‘Sovereign immunity’ for? Are they bringing judgment on Santa Cruz?


US Unholy Cross? What Does US Deserve?

Santa Cruz, which means ‘Holy Cross’, is far from holy.  This County government is perhaps one of the most corrupt in the Nation.  The little County has more cops, DA’s and ‘planning department’ per capita than any other County in the Nation, and the world for that matter, and pays it’s County Employees far more per capita than anywhere worldwide.

Earthquakes and fires are pounding this unholy cross, who’s officials violate all laws and ethics and public does little to stand up to.  Is Santa Cruz’s government and citizens too godless?  Would all be forgiven if Santa Cruz’s citizens repent and clean out their government like Nineveh? Or is much more in stall for Santa Cruz and the US?

“Did Germany deserve it?” was the question Clive asked his friend a week ago.  An affirmative response drew the next Clive comment, the sort that people don’t like, a comment that should rather have been drawn as a question to allow self realization rather than the facts in your face, ma’am:

“But, the US funded Hitler, and Stalin too, they dumped eighteen million gallons of Agent Orange on Vietnam and two thousand tones of nuclear waste on Iraq, the US funded all the World War’s and is trampling on nations and government around the world through the military and the CIA.  The US is not only the world’s worst prison state, it’s the world’s worst terrorist. And US citizens who pay taxes fund the crime.” Was Clive’s remark, which apparently, by the way those who went to school in the US would have been comprehended if it was phrased as a question rather than a statement:

The Federal Reserve Banking Act was passed in 1913, what happened in 1914? Was not World War One funded by the Rothschild’s bank, the Federal Reserve Bank formed the year before?  Surely World War One would not have occurred without the Fed funding?  You do know that the Rothschild’s are the primary owners of the Federal Reserve Bank don’t you?

Was not President George Bush’s grand father, Prescott Bush, when he was director of Brown Brothers Bank, charged with “Trading with the Enemy” during WW2 for couriering money to Hitler?

Did the US not manufacture armaments for both sided during WW1 and WW2?

What about the support the US gave Stalin, when they sent technicians to the Russian oil fields to solve the technological problems they had during the Cold war with their oil wells?

Do you know how much Agent Orange was sprayed over Vietnam, are you aware that the chemicals are now making their way into the ocean and are likely to kill off a significant amount of ocean life?

What about the Depleted Uranium used in US ammunition in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Are you aware that two thousand tons or more DU has been fired into the region.  Have you seen the results of the DU in the deformed babies and the disabled soldiers?  Perhaps you should download the Department of Veterans Affairs Gulf War Information Report which shows that by August of 2007 far more than a million US soldiers were already classified as disabled.  Do you know what it takes for a US soldier to be classified as disabled?

So if Germany deserved being blown out of the ‘Father Land’ for invading their neighbors, what does the US deserve for funding the World Wars, disrupting governments around the world, for causing some of the worlds worst ecological disasters, for being the worlds worst prison State and terrorizing people everywhere? How many millions of innocent lives have US bombs and violence taken?  When US citizens sit back and pay their taxes which fund this US holocaust, when they turn a blind eye on what happens to their neighbors, what karma do they deserve?

Just a thought,

Liberty For Life

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