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What's Really Goig On?

Story In A Story – The Future Depends Entirely On You & Your Neighbor

UPDATE: At Clive’s hearing to get his children back, the hearing was delayed to the 17th of August.  Clive has been ordered not to communicate in any way what so ever with his children for more than 11 months now! The Santa Cruz Superior Court however in an emergency hearing modified Clive Stipulated Custody Order so as to allow Clive’s Personal Assistant Stephan Tichatschke who was barred from any contact with Clive’s children, to have full access to Clive’s sons Richard and William.

IMPORTANT DATE: On Monday 10th Clive will have a hearing to set aside the illegal orders issued by Commissioner Irwin Joseph.  While Joseph issued the orders so as to get himself dismissed from the lawsuit Clive was prosecuting against himself, Lee, Stevens, Atack, Barton and Santa Cruz County, Joseph a mere commissioner (pretend Judge), failed to obtain the proper jurisdiction over Clive to issue the orders in the firs place.  The hearing is a straight forward process where Joseph’s illegal orders by law must be set aside, that is if the Santa Cruz Court can get itself to follow the law.

But What’s Really Going On? 

These judges, DA’s and sheriffs are breaking so many laws, what did Clive do right?

Like A Dog Going Back To It’s Vomit.

Repeatedly throughout history the Rothschild’s who own the Federal Reserve Bank have taken us into war after war, after depression after depression, and were so dam stupid we did not even get it!

Handing out trillions of dollars to their bankster buddies in DC (more money than it would take to literally pay off every single American home owners mortgage and credit card debt), we now have to face Swine Flu and global genocide. Don’t you get it? Conflict confuses - it's the pickpocket strategy.


These bankster guys were the same people who funded Hitler, Stalin, Mao They formed the Federal Reserve Bank during Christmas recess in 1913 and immediately funded World War One. They were the ones behind the Un-Civil War.

For World War Two, they setup Pearl Harbor to get the gullible American’s enraged with a Nation who’s assets they had just stolen.  The Japanese secret code had been cracked, the American’s had intercepted the plans to invade Hawaii.  To make sure the attack was effective, the arch criminal FDR, took the aircraft carriers out of Hawaii and sent them to California.  FDR made sure the commanders of the US military in Hawaii were kept on separate intel, he made sure the North Western approach to Hawaii had no ships to sound the alarm, literally diverting all ocean traffic to the Southern and complete Northern routs. If you do not believe this, research it, because the consequences of your ignorance is costing the rest of us or lives, homes, businesses and children. 9/11 is no different.

When the other day my neighbor told me to shove my conspiracy theories up my ass, he was exhibiting the second phase one goes through, anger.  The first phase is apathy :Don’t tell me because I don’t want to know".  Because if I know my government is a band of thieves who are responsible for mass murder, then you ruin my day and I have to do something about it, and that will make me angry.

Does intentional ignorance acquit one of guilt? Obviously not! The anger stage my neighbor was exhibiting reflected the fact that he knows dam well that all is not well, that something is awfully wrong.  Most people don’t know what to do about the government, they feel helpless, without hope, and they want to stick their heads back into the sand to enjoy the ignorance.  Ignorance is bliss, they say, until the train hits them.

There are simple solutions though, all they require is basic Action!


The Train Sure Hit Clive.

One of the top technologists in the world, Clive had architected some of the largest networks and banking systems (For a track record of some of these accomplishments go to  Clive’s resume:

When architecting the systems for some of the larges banks and banking systems in the world, as a Senior Technical Strategist for Sun Microsystems, Clive never even knew the Federal Reserve Bank was a private bank!  He did understand that the biblical concept of money was that money merely represented real assets and that biblical law, both Jewish, Christian and Muslim, forbid charging interest on money.  So when Clive started building InfoTelesys’ next generation internet, an internet that would deliver one gigabit connections anywhere in the world,, the banking system he was putting on the 91 LEO satellites, 9 MEO and 3 GEO satellites the company was launching, was to provide zero interest currency.

When Clive was commuting from Santa Cruz to Toronto every week to assist Bell Canada solve their computer problems, the architect of Bell Canada’s Networks made a comment regarding a financial problem Bell had: “Bits know no border”, he said.

The Bell problem was an interesting one.  Internet, you see, is not free.  The carriers like Bell and AT&T have to build networks of cables and wireless infrastructure to carry the text and pictures.  So when Bell hands their customer’s internet traffic over to AT&T’s network, AT&T is going to charge them, unless Bell is carrying the same amount of AT&T’s customers internet traffic, then they will call it quits.  The problem Bell had was that all the interesting websites were south of the border, all their customers were heading for websites hosted in the US and AT&T was telling Bell to cough up and pay for the traffic.

Bell was either going to have to charge their customers way more for internet access, which would not go down well, or they were going to make a loss.


Meanwhile, back in the US, congress got together and complained that obscenity laws in the US prohibited pornography sites from operating in the US.  The porno sights said “up yours”, literally, and moved their web servers north of the border into Canada. Googling Americans were now heading north of the border to look at porno! Pictures take up way more space than text.  For example a simple picture of a paragraph of text will take up fifty or more computer bytes than the text.  Computers store data in bits and bytes, that’s the one’s and zeros of computer language.

So when the porno sites gave the "up yours to Congress" and moved north of the border, the digital bits that were shooting across the network had no concept of any border, hence the phrase “bits know no border”.

The same applies to transactions.  If you can move the seat of a transaction to virtually anywhere, then the ability for a government to tax that transaction, disappears.

With InfoTelesys, Clive was solving both the fiat-money and tax problem in one shot!  Not only was Clive building a network that would give an 'up yours' to illegal tax (90%  of the tax is highly illegal and only ends up funding wars and depressions), to top it off, the InfoTelesys networks was delivering a new media channel and education system on top of that.  With one gigabit per second internet connections, Clive’s InfoTelesys was capable of delivering on-demand DVD and HDTV quality video anywhere in the world.


Get IT Ed.

InfoTelesys’ education system itself, was just as revolutionary. Get IT Ed, the group within InfoTelesys that was delivering Clive’s new concepts of education, was turning tutoring on it’s head.

Education, today, and in the past, has been built around the ‘consulting concept’.  That is, you hire an expert, called a teacher, to impart their knowledge to the students.  Typically one teacher per thirty or so students.

The problem is that it costs allot to hire good teachers and you can’t find many teachers, especially in the science and technology fields.  Clive realized that given a 20 min National Geographic movie on gravity, children grasped the concepts of gravity far more quickly than if they had a teacher reading out of a text book.  The National Geographic movie on gravity could pack into a lesson what no teacher could afford.  Lessons could not only be digitized and their quality significantly improved, they could be tuned to the individual cognitive preferences of the student.

Because the audience (number of students) for a movie is so much larger, you can afford to spend far more money on a digital lecture than one would spend on a teachers lesson.  Clive was simply swapping the consulting financial model for schools to that of the movie making financial model and using his high speed next-generation InfoTelesys IT-I2™ network to deliver the goods.

When one understands, as Clive did, only after they shot at him mind you, that the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank were the ones who funded all the wars and owned all the media companies and book manufacturers with money they made out of nothing, naturally when Clive hit the market with technology that not only wiped out the ability to make money out of nothing, but also replaced the media and education channels with pull and not push technology, perhaps you can now understand why Clive has been shot at, had his children kidnapped, his estate home stolen and businesses wiped out.

However, what is shocking is that it is Clive’s ex-wife Anamaria and her lover Stefan Tichatschke, who paid Clive $55K to be Clive’s Personal Assistant, have been the lynch pins in taking Clive out. The story gets more intriguing.  Who, after all, shot President Kennedy after he issued Executive Order 11111 that re-established congressional control over the currency and set aside the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank? Were these the same people who are going after Clive?


Simple Fact: The Federal Reserve Bank Is Private, They Make Money Out of Nothing.

The simple irrefutable fact, that in the US, we have a band of foreigners owning the right to make US Dollars out of nothing, is surely simple enough to grasp that we have a problem!

Clive, however, was no small fry problem for the Fed’s.  Russia had stepped in.  The Russian’s who had already been put through the Rothschild’s revolutions and concentration camps, fully grasped the problems associated with the USA’s controllers, the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank, foremost of which are the Rothschild’s.  The Rothschild’s and crew were the ones who put Lenin on a train with gold and sent him to Moscow to start the Bolshevik revolution and Communism.  The Federal Reserve Bank owners were the ones who supported Stalin. The Rothschild’s and their US banking buddies are directly responsible for murdering the twenty plus million Russians Stalin slaughtered, along with the tens of millions Hitler murdered.  When Clive came along the Russiand comprehended the InfoTelesys construct.

If you are an American, you have a duty to learn the facts regarding the Rothschild’s support and establishment of Communism, especially since you were lead to believe the Communists were your enemy.  Search “Prescott Bush and Hitler”.

Conflict is the modus operandi, the way and principle of these banksters, foremost of which are the Rothschild family.  It’s known as the Hegelian Dialect.  The fundamental principle is simple and no different to that of a pickpocket.  Bump into someone and during the confusion of the conflict, the pickpocket slides their hand into the victims pocket and induces the victims change into the thief’s hands.

The banksters and their politicians and government officials are no less sophisticated than pickpockets.  War and depressions are their way, even Family Court conforms to the Hegelian Dialect.  Get ex’s fighting, and before you know it, the lawyers own everything while the judges, cops and DA’s make heaps of money in their jobs.  Consider that the Santa Cruz Sheriffs by placing Clive under false arrest, forced Clive to write the Sheriff checks for more than $350,000, what a steal! And that’s ignoring the bribes the judges collect.


The Clive Threat

The Russians had signed over Rostellesat along with it’s 91 satellite network, 1.74GHz of ITU spectrum to Clive’s InfoTelesys, and they threw Space Station Mir in the mix.  InfoTelesys was way ahead of any competitor with the backing to deliver revolutionary technology that would have a significant impact on media, education and banking.

With Mr. Denisov, Deputy Speaker of The House of the Russian Federation’s support, when Mr. Gennadi Nikolayevich Seleznev,  Chairman Of the state Duma, Federal Assembly, Parliament of the Russian Federation offered to help InfoTelesys modify Mir in to a communications satellite, the news especially with InfoTelesys’ extraordinary technology and plans, should have been on the front cover of every newspaper and on every TV station’s news.

Repeatedly delaying the destruction of Mir to buy time, InfoTelesys technology and plan was however completely censored. Mainstream media censored and silenced Clive, despite the strategic win InfoTelesys offered the White House. The historic InfoTelesys website during the Mir Project can be found at

“Mir”, by the way, is the Russian word for “Peace”.  The Russians, having lived through a revolution, grasped the liberating technology InfoTelesys was building.  They comprehended the problem the Rothschild fiat-funny-money US$ caused, and comprehended that what Clive was building offered the world a way out from the banksters control.

Seeking a devious way to wipe out InfoTelesys on the sly, a creep was deployed. After approaching Clive to join InfoTelesys shortly after Mir was lost, Stephan Tichatschke had none of the necessary skills, so Tichatschke paid InfoTelesys $55,000 to work as Clive’s Personal Assistant.  Within a few months Tichatschke has started an affair with Clive’s wife Anamaria.

It took Clive about 8 months to recover the business and get InfoTelesys on the way again after the divorce.  That was after Anamaria made false CPS and 911 calls and was kicked out of the house, which Clive was had to pay her off for or sell within 30 days.  A Level II Custody Examination ensured Clive was the custodial parent.  Clive, content that Anamaria was now Tichatschke’s problem, was not quite on the mark, the adulterers had other plans.

Setting up a scene in Lake Tahoe on Clive’s son Richard’s seventh birthday celebration, Anamaria abandoned their son William, aged three, in the middle of a learner ski run.  When Clive went to rescue William, Tichatschke, who was bared from any contact with Clive’s sons, skied down and attempted to start a fight with Clive while Anamaria called the cops.  Clive picked up his son’s and drove back to Santa Cruz where he went the next day on Monday, to file a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) to prevent Anamaria and Tichatschke from resuming false 911 calls and from endangering William.  On his way home from the Courthouse after filing the TRO, the Sheriffs, cooperating with Anamaria and her lawyer Vicki Parry had setup an ambush for Clive.

When the Santa Cruz Sheriffs assassination attempt on Clive failed, Santa Cruz DA Bob Lee, his Ass’s. Stephen Drottar, Jeff Randolph, Gretchen Brock along with Judges Michael E. Barton, Robert B. Atack, Samuel S. Stevens, Ariadne J. Symons and commissioner Irwin Joseph and their cohorts in crime, rushed in to finish off Clive with malicious prosecution after malicious prosecution.

Clive sued Santa Cruz, however, the judges in Federal Court, Fogel, Ware and White, turned around and claimed that the government employees were Clive’s sovereigns (kings and queens), and that they could not be held accountable for any crime they committed on the job.  They literally put this in writing:

“Furthermore, judges are absolutely immune from civil liability for damages for their judicial acts, Mireles v. Waco, 502 U.S. 9, 9-10 (1991)” – Boustred v. Santa Cruz

“Judicial immunity “applies even when the judge is accused of acting maliciously and corruptly.” Pierson v. Ray. 389 U.S. 547, 554 (1967). Judicial immunity applies to any action taken by a judge in his judicial capacity, “no matter how injurious in its consequences it may have proved to the plaintiff.” Moore, 96 F.3d at 1243. – Boustred v. Santa Cruz

“Finally, the Court advises Boustred that the employees of the Santa Cruz Child Protective Services, including Angelica Glass, may be entitled to absolute or qualified immunity form suit.  “State actors, including social workers, who perform functions that are ‘critical to the judicial process itself’ are entitled to absolute immunity”. Doe v. Lebbos, 348 F.3d 820, 825 (9th Cir.; 2003) (internal citations omitted). When a state actor is entitled to absolute immunity, that state actor is entirely immune from suit.” – Boustred v. Santa Cruz.

“Accordingly, State of California, CHP and DMV enjoy Eleventh Amendment Sovereign immunity and cannot be sued regardless of the relieve sought. The Court grants the State Defendant’s Motion to dismiss with prejudice.” – Boustred v. DMV

When one reads the 11th Amendment, it mentions nothing whatsoever about Sovereignty or immunity, but rather it is a limitation on Judicial Power leaving only Jury Power to decide cases brought against the State. Judges have taken lawmaking into their own hands and interpret the law to mean the exact opposite of it’s intent.  Granting themselves and co-criminals absolute immunity is a classic example of how utterly out of control the Court are.

Faced with absolute corruption, Clive turned his intellect to addressing the problems in court and government.


You’re Not Meant To Come Up With Solutions

Like any top technologist, a problem is merely an opportunity looking for a way around it.  Solutions, to Clive, are the name of the game.  To develop a solution, one must first understand the problem. reflects Clive constructing and understanding of the problems facing the USA.  No small task.  The site receives around a million hits a month.

On the Liberty For Life site, you can learn a thing or two they won’t teach you in school and you certainly will not hear on mainstream media. The site breaks down some of the most fundamental problems facing the USA and tracks the source of the problem.

“Separation of Church and State is a good idea, however, separation of School and State is vastly more important. For goodness, sake, if you let the State teach you, you will grow up thinking Abraham Lincoln was honest!” – Clive

Ask anyone educated by the State in the US if they know about the Boston Tea Party, and they will give you a reasonable account of the 2% Tea Tax that was raised to 5%. However, ask anyone who went to school in the States if they know about the 37% Morrill Tax that caused the Un-Civil War, and in 99.9% of all instances they are utterly clueless.

Read the Un-honest Abe Article and hear it in Abe’s own words:  “I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so.” 3rd Paragraph Lincoln’s inaugural speech. The war was about tax, not slavery: "to collect the duties and imposts" as Lincoln himself threatened "but beyond what may be necessary for these objects, there will be no invasion" – center piece of Lincoln’s inaugural speech -

Center to much of the LFL site is the focus on the core problem: foreigners literally control the US dollar and make dollars out of nothing then lend this fiat-funny-money back to citizens plus interest! This astonishing undisputed fact, obviously and blatantly is the core problem in the US.

What do you expect to happen in government, when you have a band of foreigners making money out of nothing and buying up all your politicians, businesses and homes?  The page on the Federal Reserve Bank, especially Jefferson’s warning will bring you up to speed pretty quickly as to what is going on:

The Fed Instability page carries a chart which says it all:

“It must be noted that men with bad instincts are more in number than the good, and therefore the best results in governing them are attained by teaching non-violence, peace and academic instruction from a young age to teach the benefits of good. Many a man aims at power, many would like to become a dictator if only they could, and rare indeed are the men who are willing to sacrifice their own welfare for the sake of securing the welfare of all. Power must be retained by the people and governance subservient to the masses.” - 3rd Protocol Of Zion, Righted and Illuminated by C

The Eye Opener Section of the Liberty For Life site, holds evidence that will surprise and delight many a citizen.  The 16th Amendment was clearly never ratified, despite the fact that one can argue that ever since Lincoln’s Un-Civil War Congress has never been lawfully seated. That means the IRS is totally illegitimate:

The missing 13th Amendment, delights all citizens, except for BAR lawyers, who clearly have no right to hold any office in the USA:

One of the most visited pages on the Liberty For Life site carries the hard cold proof of Concentration Camps in America, including all the supporting evidence:


There are getting close to one thousand articles on the Liberty For Life site and teachers are using the site for education projects.  The fast nature in which the site has been put together however, includes a fair share of typo’s and unfinished pages.  One cannot expect much more from someone who is under fire and receives no compensation for the work.  Liberty For Life however allowed Clive to put together plans and strategies to fix the problems in government. reflect these solutions.


The Clive Threat, Part Two - CopperCards

CopperCards was officially launched on July 4, 2008.  By September 6, 2008, the government had already stolen Clive’s estate home overlooking Monterey Bay, kidnapped Clive’s children and forced Clive to pay the Santa Cruz Sheriffs $200,000 to bail out of jail from the 8th and 9th Maliciously prosecuted cases the government filed against Clive.  This is obviously the price for doing the right thing in the USA today.

CopperCards reflects all the core concepts and beliefs of the Founders of the United States of America.  After carefully studying the problems in Courts, government and finance in the USA, Clive, one of the world’s leading strategists, concluded that the Founders had it right, almost on every single point:

If only citizens would read the Constitution, perhaps they would force their servants to obey it.

Public servants in the US have usurped their masters position and now dictate their own law.  The situation is utterly and totally out of control.  The very construct of “Novus Ordo Seclorum" which embodies the underlying principles and principals of the United States of America and which translates to "New Order of The Ages" has been lost.

The USA represented a New Order where We the People were sovereign, there was no sovereign king, queen, Pope or United Nations Administrative agency lording it over citizens.  The government in the USA was servant to the people, the people were soveran to themselves and no one else.

The Constitution of the Constitution for the United States of America is extraordinary, the checks and balances are nearly perfect.  Perhaps there was one flaw.

As in nature, when a cell grows too large, it splits into two separate cells.  The County, where the seat of governance lies never specified a maximum size.  In a nation where governance is carried out by we the people, however, the size of the County has extremely significant consequences.

The sheriff, for example, who is meant to be one of us, is responsible for law and order in the County.  When the County grows too large, the amount of problems the Sheriff has to address grows with the County.   Before long, a part time Sheriff will complain that the job of taking care of the County is a full time job.  The great error entered into the USA when instead of splitting the County into two separate Counties with two part-time Sheriffs, we succumbed to the construct of ‘professional government’ and hired the Sheriff on with a full time job.

As in any profession, the nature and tendency is for the profession to want to grow.  If government is a paid professional government, naturally government is going to want to grow.  The problem with governmental growth is that the government, in essence, has their hands in everyone’s pockets.  As soon as we turned our “we the people” government into “they the government”, the construct of NOA was lost.

Today in the USA, NOA has almost drowned as the Old World Order pretends under the guise of the New World Order to act in the interests of society, where in essence they are simply maintaining their sovereignty and control of society and wealth.  The NWO wants to OWN it all.


Communism Was Invented By The Capitalists

Confused?  Start by researching who put Lenin on a train and sent him to Moscow to start the Bolshevik Revolution and Communism. The bankers on Wall Street not only funded Communism though it’s start, but also through its heyday of Stalin’s era, they also directly funded Hitler and Fascism.  It’s called the Hegelian Dialect.  Support both sides, get them fighting and you can make off with the jewels, house and even the children.

This brings us back to Clive.  Perhaps one of the finest, or worst examples of the Hegelian Dialect is in “Family Court”. The woman Clive married at a young age and who he supported and loved faithfully for so many years, was turned against Clive to cause a conflict that stripped Clive of everything, his home, his children, his business and dreams.

However, clearly there is more to life.  We cannot explain why the shooting instructors bullet missed form a range of only five to seven feet, or why the other assassination attempts on Clive’s life failed.  Clive, however, is still alive!  Missing his little boys terribly, and homeless, without even enough funds to pay the fees for the storage units where they threw the contents of Clive’s five thousand foot estate.  Life however, finds a way. Liberty too, if the people will stand together.

Within months we could recover the USA, our liberty and freedom, we could eliminate the fiat-funny-money banking scam, and even possibly recover some of the money and assets that were stolen.

We certainly could take the world into an exciting ecologically sustainable economic boom.  For years the banksters have suppressed technology and people like Clive. Bring these technologies, such as engines fueled by H2O and not H2C (oil), next generation Internet, education and banking such as that which Clive developed, and the world will enter into an exciting New Renaissance.

Now we understand the construct of conflict, the Hegelian Dialect and how it us used against all of us, we can establish new protocols that prohibit this foolishness, first and foremost of which is a banking system and currency that simply reflects real assets and does not make money out of nothing.  A banking systems that bares no interest on money and that is prohibited from funding war, a banking system just like Clive foresaw and has handed to CopperCards.

Clive, however, may not have many more days of freedom.  Bob Lee the Santa Cruz District Attorney and his assistant Gretchen Brock, G. David Genochio, Lisa M. Agltano and judges Robert B. Atack, Michael E. Barton and former Samuel S. Stevens are adamantly intent on throwing Clive into prison for the rest of Clive’s life.

They claim that because Clive drove 27 mph down Clive’s private road before the Santa Cruz Sheriffs attempted to murder Clive in front of Clive’s children, that Clive is there fore a felon and that because Clive did not flee from his home when Commissioner Irwin H. Joseph issued an illegal order evicting Clive from his home on the very day Joseph moved to have himself dismissed from the lawsuit Clive was prosecuting against Joseph, Lee, Atack, Stevens, Baton and the Sheriffs, that Clive must go to jail.  Serious, this is exactly what the allegations are.  However, make no mistake, there is no justice in the Courts, they could convict a ham sandwich and sent it to jail for the rest of it’s life…

If you can, there will be a hearing in Santa Cruz Superior Court sometime, somewhere on Monday 10, 2009, presumably to hear the motion to dismiss Joseph’s clearly illegal orders, however, we don’t know what these Criminals in black cloaks will do next, certainly, however, they do not want you watching.  Your simple presence caries a huge impact.  Clive has given up everything for the welfare of all, a little time and support and standing up with Clive will liberate all and maybe keep Clive out of the chookie.

Be sure to check out the County Cleanup Program and Grand Jury Process.

This solution handed to us by the Founders, and highlighted by Clive, can recover the USA in a matter of months, if we the people are simply prepared to get up off our buts and take the responsibility of a government by the people for the people.  The consequences of the alternate are to ghastly to contemplate 

Liberty For Life



PS. The reason Santa Cruz Judges and Clive’s ex-wife say Clive may not communicate in any way with his children is because the Sheriffs tried to murder Clive in front of his children and the Judges and DA repeatedly sent Clive to jail to cover that up. Now that the Judges, Sheriffs and DA have stolen Clive’s home and everything he has and again kidnapped his children, they say Clive is a ‘flight’ risk and therefore may not communicate in any way with his children, serious. If you don’t believe it, all the evidence proving it on the site - Government Abandons The Law, LFL Chairman Faces Life in Prison