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Request to Please Attend – Kidnap hearing re Liberty For Life Clive’s Children.

For more than eleven months Santa Cruz County has kidnapped and held hostage Richard Clive Boustred (13) and William Frank Boustred (9) from their dad Clive Frank Boustred.  At 8:30 Wednesday 5, 2009 department D, in the Watsonville Superior Court, One Second Street Watsonville, Clive has a hearing to get his children back.

What is astonishingly outrageous is that Santa Cruz Sheriffs Shooting Instructor Michael MacDonald attempted to murder Clive in front of Richard and William by shooting at Clive with a weapon that at the range of five to seven feet would have blown Clive’s head apart like a watermelon hitting the floor.  MacDonald has absolutely no lawful reason to shoot at Clive or Richard and William.

After the failed assassination attempt on Clive’s life, the Sheriffs violently assaulted Clive and threw Clive in jail accusing Clive of “assault with a deadly weapon”, “child endangerment”, “driving feloniously at around 40 mph down Clive’s private road” and “resisting arrest by freezing when Deputy Brozozowisky drilled his knuckles into Clive’s neck and crushed Clive’s wrist with handcuffs”.

Santa Cruz Superior Court Judge Michael E. Barton immediately ordered that Clive not communicate in any way with his children whom the Sheriffs handed to a man barred from any contact with Clive’s children, Clive’s former Personal Assistant, Stefan Tichatschke.  Barton set Bail at 15 times the schedule at $150,000, forcing Clive to pay the very sheriffs who had just tried to murder him in front of his children for his freedom. Barton also ordered that Clive’s dad, Richard and Williams, grandfather, could not communicate in any way with Clive’s children.

One month after keeping Richard and William completely isolated from their dad, Ass. DA. Stephen Drottar and Inspector Lindsey interrogated Richard in an attempt to trick Richard into being a false witness against Richard’s dad, Clive.

Santa Cruz County has continued to outrageously and maliciously prosecute Clive, Richard and William. The behavior of Judges Michel E. Barton, Samuel S. Stevens, Robert B. Atack, former Art Danner, Jeff Almquist, Commissioner Irwin H. Joseph, District Attorney Bob Lee and his Ass.’s Stephen Drottar, Jeffrey Randolph, Grechen Brock; Sheriff Mark Tracy, Stephen Roberts, Michael MacDonald, Amy Christy, M Pool amongst a host of other co-conspirator has been so astonishing it shocks the conscience.

The former Santa Cruz DA, Art Danner after quickly resigning when he was caught red-handed committing crimes, and was appointed Judge, despite twice being rated as “not qualified to be a judge” by the official Judicial Nominations Committee, sentenced Clive to six months in jail for Clive driving at 27 mph down Clive’s private road   All these facts are well documented and not refuted.  When Federal Court issued an Order to Show Cause to Santa Cruz, all Santa Cruz could answer with was a “Notice of non-interest”.

Clive sued Santa Cruz. The primary defendant in Clive’s lawsuit against the County, Irwin H. Joseph issued an unlawful order to evict Clive from Clive’s home on the very day Joseph filed to have himself and the County dismissed from the lawsuit Clive was prosecuting against him and the County.  At first the Santa Cruz Sheriffs agreed that the order was clearly illegal, so Joseph issued a second order.  The second time the Sheriffs said they were not sure if the order was legal or not, so Clive emailed the Sheriffs a 15 legal point proof that the order was blatantly illegal and Attorney Kate Wells called up the Sheriffs and informed them in no uncertain terms that Irwin H. Joseph’s eviction order was illegal.

The Sheriffs setup a meeting with Clive for the 9th of September, 2008 to discuss Joseph’s eviction order.  On September 6th, 2008, three days before their meeting, when Clive went to pickup his boys, the Sheriffs setup an ambush of around ten or more sheriffs who arrested Clive, threw him in jail, arrested Clive’s friend Peter who was at Clive’s home and threw Peter in jail and held him for eight hours (they never charged Peter with anything but threatend to accuse him of murdering his best friend). The Sheriffs then broke into Clive home and vehicle and carried out an illegal search.

Defendant Samuel S. Stevens, issued the warrant to arrest Clive. There was no evidence submitted in with the arrest warrant that Clive had broken any law.

Defendant Bob Lee filed five false felonies and one false misdemeanor in the 8th and 9th malicious prosecutions against Clive since the Sheriffs attempted to murder Clive

After arresting Clive, the Sheriffs waited three days before bringing Clive before Judge Jeff Almquist who Clive was also suing.  Almquist dismissed himself because Clive was suing him.  On the forth day the Sheriffs brought Clive before Judge Samuel S. Stevens who silenced Clive acted as Clive’s lawyer by unlawfully entering a plea for Clive then had Clive thrown out of court back into jail with bail set at $200,000.

While the Santa Cruz Sheriffs and Judges held Clive in jail, Irwin H. Joseph rushed down to federal court in San Jose and had Clive’s case filed against himself, Stevens, Barton, Atack, Lee, the Sheriffs and County dismissed with prejudice.  Without even any hearing, Joseph also completely without jurisdiction or lawful right ordered that Clive not communicate in any way with Clive’s sons and that Clive not be allowed to enter any evidence in Court or file any documents in the Recorders office.  He also ordered that Clive could not go within 100 yards of Clive’s homestead which he handed to Clive’s ex-wife whom Clive had paid off for the home six years earlier and ordered that Clive’s home be sold.

Clive had to pay Santa Cruz Sheriff Steve Robbins $200,000 to get out on bail.

Realtor Sally Ling flogged Clive’s home for one and a half million dollars below what it was last valued at and the Court is awarding the balance of equity in Clive’s home to Anamaria Clive’s ex. along with checks made out to Clive that Anamaria and her lawyer Vicki Parry stole.

All these facts are completely documented and undisputable – you can view them for yourself at - be sure to check out

Judges are claiming, in writing, that they and County employees are Clive’s sovereigns (kings and queens), and that they cannot be held accountable for any crime they commit against Clive. 

Here are verbatim world for word claims they made:

“Furthermore, judges are absolutely immune from civil liability for damages for their judicial acts, Mireles v. Waco, 502 U.S. 9, 9-10 (1991)” – Boustred v. Santa Cruz

“Judicial immunity “applies even when the judge is accused of acting maliciously and corruptly.” Pierson v. Ray. 389 U.S. 547, 554 (1967). Judicial immunity applies to any action taken by a judge in his judicial capacity, “no matter how injurious in its consequences it may have proved to the plaintiff.” Moore, 96 F.3d at 1243. – Boustred v. Santa Cruz

“Accordingly, State of California, CHP and DMV enjoy Eleventh Amendment

Sovereign immunity and cannot be sued regardless of the relieve sought. The Court grants the State Defendant’s Motion to dismiss with prejudice.” – Boustred v. DMV

When one reads the 11th Amendment, it mentions nothing what so ever about Sovereignty or immunity, but rather it is a limitation on Judicial Power. This is classic example of Judges ‘interpreting’ the law to mean exactly the opposite of what it states. In this instance these criminals in black nighties literally make new law that grants themselves and their co-criminals in power immunity from any crime they commit on the job, they extend this to CPS and the entire criminal enterprise:

“Finally, the Court advises Boustred that the employees of the Santa Cruz Child Protective Services, including Angelica Glass, may be entitled to absolute or qualified immunity form suit.  “State actors, including social workers, who perform functions that are ‘critical to the judicial process itself’ are entitled to absolute immunity”. Doe v. Lebbos, 348 F.3d 820, 825 (9th Cir.; 2003) (internal citations omitted). When a state actor is entitled to absolute immunity, that state actor is entirely immune from suit.” – Boustred v. Santa Cruz.

This case is one of the most astonishing cases of miscarriages of justice in the US and a blatant and irrefutable example of how utterly and totally out of control government in the US has become.

Be sure to attend the Wednesday hearing, it’s something you don’t want to miss.  Movies are already being made about this case on two continents, more will follow.  You are needed as a witness to testify to the actions of the Santa Cruz Superior Court Judges, your presence makes a significant difference.

Clive's boys especially need your support.

The reason the government is going after Clive is because Clive has developed multiple solutions to eliminate bad government and bring you the liberty and freedom you deserve.

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