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The FBI seeks additional evidence of corruption in Santa Cruz government.

COMMENT: While the FBI offers to help, with Clive they are strangely absent when enforcing the law - don's suppose it's the Fed connection do you?

While we are looking for all evidence of corruption in our local Santa Cruz government (Judges, commissioners, Sheriffs, DA’s, police, CPS, Planning Department etc. i.e. all County and State employees in Santa Cruz), the type of evidence the FBI seeks is not what you may think.

For example, when Santa Cruz Sheriffs Deputy Michael MacDonald shot at me from a range of five to seven feet with my two little boys in the direct line of fire, MacDonald had absolutely no lawful right to shoot at us and the crime he committed was attempted murder.  Attempted murder, I learned after I approached the FBI, is not in their jurisdiction, unless the crime crosses State borders.  Similarly too when Judge Michael E. Barton ordered that I not communicate with my little boys after the Sheriffs attempted to murder me in front of them, the crime amounted to kidnap and that too, because it did not cross State borders, is not in the FBI’s jurisdiction.

So what type of evidence are the FBI after?  As simple example, yesterday Clive went before the Santa Cruz Court and asked them to order his ex Anamaria Tichatschke and her lawyer Vicki Parry to return mail and checks that were sent to Clive.  Vicki Parry had already admitted in court that she was holding checks made out to Clive. By holding such checks and intercepting Clive's mail, Vicki Parry and Anamaria admitted in court to committing a Federal crime. Mail issues belong to the Feds and the Postmaster.  Instead of ordering Parry to hand Clive his checks, Judge Salazar issued an order that the Clerk of the Court endorse Clive's checks and Parry could cash them, in so doing he also committed a Federal crime in conspiring to steal intercepted mail (and in the larger conspiracy to maliciously prosecute Clive).

That’s a simple basic example of what the FBI and the Postmaster can utilize. However, what the FBI is really after, is evidence of bribery, and collusion amongst officials to commit crimes such as stealing people’s property, or in Clive's case, conspiracy to kidnap Clive's children and maliciously prosecute Clive to cover up other crimes - i.e. uncovering a County crime ring.

The type of crimes the FBI is looking for relates to clear evidence of collusion amongst officials to commit theft or cover up each other’s crimes.  The red-tag process has an abundance of evidence where officials have encumbered properties for the purpose of stealing the property.  Usually an associated entity, which is often a not-for profit, purchases the property, all of a sudden, the planning department removes the red-tags.  You could show, for example, that the contractor building the housing project on the formerly red-tagged property is directly related to the people responsible for the initial red-tag.

The FBI wants clear and obvious evidence of the crime ring we have amongst Santa Cruz government officials.


We Want Evidence Of All Crimes Committed By County Officials

While the FBI is after this specific category of crimes which falls into their jurisdiction and for which they have offered their assistance, we are looking for evidence of all crime.

What many citizens do not understand are very first words in the highest law of the land: “We the People”. In the USA, “we the people” are the government.  We the people are responsible for managing and controlling and prosecuting officials in our government who break the law.

The problem is that citizens today have no idea of the legal process available to them to prosecute corrupt officials and instead they turn to government officials for help, often the very same government officials who are committing the crimes in the first place. 

For example, in Clive's case, where the Sheriffs were the ones who tried to murder Clive and the judges and Sheriffs were the ones who kidnapped Clive's children and stole Clive's home, and the DA was the one who filed multiple false charges against Clive, who can Clive turn to for help?

When you approach the Attorney General you get a letter back telling you to get a lawyer.  When you get a lawyer and sue the government officials who committed the crime, the Attorney General rushes down to defend the corrupt government officials!  You can not turn to the government to prosecute itself, it simply will not happen.

The answer is much simpler than we realized, we go to ourselves in the form of the Grand Jury formed and managed by we the people.  Do not be confused with the so-called civil Grand Jury that the County forms, this is not a proper Grand Jury pursuant to the law for criminal indictments.


The Secret Lies In The Constitution and Underlying Common Law.

The secret to recovering our liberty, life, justice, domestic tranquility, common defense, general welfare and our posterity, is to turn to “we the people”, the masters, lords and sovereigns of government.  It’s real important to understand that in the United States of America, we have no king, queen or Pope, sovereignty lies with “we the people” and not “they the government”.

The Founders gave us a simple straight forward way of keeping control of our government: the Grand Jury.  Grand Juries are not formed by the government, they are not managed by a judge. Judges have absolutely noting to do with Grand Juries.  Grand Juries are managed entirely buy us, by we the people.  You can form a Grand Jury today by simply calling together 23 people from your community, that’s it, it’s real simple and extremely powerful.

The 5th Amendment, which most people think only has to do with the right to remain silent “taking the 5th”, has five elements to it, the first and foremost being the black and white restriction that no one can be prosecuted without a Grand Jury first giving permission to prosecute.

When Bob Lee, the District Attorney for Santa Cruz, or any DA, initiates a prosecution against one of us without permission from a Grand Jury, the DA breaks the law and commits high treason along with the judge who allows a DA and the sheriffs to prosecute the individual without the mandatory Grand Jury indictment or presentment.

Corrupt officials have invented new words and code to cover-up their crimes. “Capital, or otherwise infamous crime” are the terms the Constitution uses to define crime, so this bunch call them "felonies and misdemeanors" to simply confuse the issue. Judges, cops and DA's even imply that the Code, that's the Vehicle Code, the Penal Code the Family Code is the law, it is not.  The Code even tell you that!  California Civil Code Section 22:

22.  Law is a solemn expression of the will of the supreme power of
the State.
22.1.  The will of the supreme power is expressed:
(a) By the Constitution.
(b) By statutes.
22.2.  The common law of England, so far as it is not repugnant to
or inconsistent with the Constitution of the United States, or the
Constitution or laws of this State, is the rule of decision in all
the courts of this State.

The Judges even went further, and invented an entirely new class of so-called crime called ‘infractions’.  Under the law, which is the Constitution and Common Law (as defined in CC 22), nothing can be classed as a crime and no one can be prosecuted unless the ‘crime’ contains a criminal Act, Intent and Damage (Click on the LAW section of the or the sites).  There is no damage in an infraction, the judiciary literally invented a new way to charge citizens unlawfully.  And who do you make the check out to for the ticket? The Court naturally.

Anyone with a basic knowledge of the USA knows that we have three branches to our government.  The Executive Office, the Legislature and the Judiciary. The Legislature has the exclusive right to make law, neither the President or Judges can make law, that would be treason. However, today in the Courts the Judges rely on what they call "Case Law", that is what did another judge make as a ruling, however, if what a judge rules makes new law then that would imply that the Judiciary is the Legislature and we know that is not the case, but that it is a simple case of high treason.  Judges have reached the ultimate extreme of making law that grants themselves and their co-criminals so-called sovereign immunity for any criminal act they commit while on the job.  Pretty absurd and another important topic, however, let us get back to saving the good old USA.  Make no mistake, you may not be prosecuted for any crime without the indictment or presentment of a Grand Jury and government officials are fully accountable for every criminal act they commit on the job or off the job.

The difference between an indictment and presentment by a Grand Jury is simply that in a presentment twelve or more jurors sign a statement that they believe there is probable cause that a crime was committed.  In an indictment only the Grand Jury foreman signs a statement that twelve or more jurors voted that there was probable cause that a crime had been committed.

The government cannot prosecute you without first getting twelve people from the area where the crime was committed to agree that sufficient evidence exists to prove that you probably committed a crime, called probable case.

The Grand Jury does not find a defendant guilty, they only find that there is sufficient probable cause that the defendant committed a crime and they authorize the prosecution of the defendant.  The government is specifically barred from simply making up charges.  Only a real person can bring charges to a Grand Jury.

Every day DA’s, Judges and Sheriffs commit high treason.  As a consequence, today the US has more people in jail, prison and on probation than every other nation in the world combined!  We are not only the worlds worst prison state we are worse than every other nation in the world combined! With this indisputable fact alone, we should shut down all our courts and prosecute the judges, DA’s and sheriffs who participate for personal profit in this prison industrial complex.

The USA today is on par with Stalin’s era in the USSR, however, all the signs indicate that it is about to get far worse, far, far worse.

The FBI will help on federal crimes, we are responsible for the mass of other crimes. 

Let’s get busy Santa Cruz!

It’s only a matter of time before these officials, who have done little if anything about years of outrageous abuses, are called to force you to receive the Baxter vaccination (Baxter was caught red-handed and admitted to distributing deadly vaccinations laced with the H1N1 virus). The World Health Organization has already declared a Level 6 Pandemic and your local County authorities claim they have the right to inject you and your children with whatever they choose.  The government has already ordered hundreds of millions of vaccinations from Baxter.  The head of the Baxter vaccination division is naturally a Bush. Check out the top article on for more data and do your homework Google Baxter genocide - check out the Jane Burgermeister's lawsuit against WHO the UN, US and Obama. she has done a tremendous job of assembling irrefutable evidence.

You life and your family's life depends on you waking up - those of us who are already fighting the government are all but wiped out.  They have taken everything for Clive.

If you do not get up off your but, these officials may be loading you into one of the millions of coffins they have already produced and have on standby for such an event (Google government coffins).  Don’t believe your government could do something like that?  Perhaps you should look into the evidence which shows that it was people in the US government and Federal Reserve Bank who funded Hitler and Stalin.  Google Prescott Bush and Hitler.

We are looking for evidence and people who are prepared to help clean out corruption in the county.  Shoot us an email if you are interested in helping or if you have evidence we or the FBI can utilize Check out the County Cleanup Program on to learn more.

If you can, pleas also come to Clive’s hearing in department D at the Watsonville Superior Court, One Second St. 8:30 on Wednesday Aug 5, 2009. The government has held Clive’s children hostage for nearly a year, baring Clive from communicating in any way what so ever with his two little boys.  Clive has and is risking everything for you and the USA, supporting him is the least we can do.  The government has absolutely no right to hold Clive's children hostage.  Witnesses in these hearings provide a significant impact as they can help indict the Judges who break the law.  Your presence in these hearings forces the Court's to at least pretend to follow the law.  From the depth of his heart, Clive wishes to than all the people who came to his last hearings, it's extraordinarily painful to have your children kidnapped.

Liberty For Life


Pleas forward this email to all you know to spread the world regarding cleaning out government with Grand Juries.