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C UPDATE - Slippery Slimy Sick Robert B. Atack - Changes Court, Time and Judge

Clive's Hearing Location and Time Changed By Atack - Come to Watsonville Superior Court on Mondy 20th July at 1:30 pm, One Second St. Watsonville Dept A (Not Santa Cruz Court)

This is typical of the behavior of these criminals who control our Courts.  They do this so as to avoid attention of their criminal acts.  They absolutely do not want witnesses.  These County criminals are attempting to send Clive to prison for life to cover up their own crimes - your support is critical.

UPDATE - Friday 17, 2009

The arch-criminal and man who as stolen many a property and ruined countless lives in Santa Cruz County Robert B. Atack, with what looks like a rash of red boils on his head, assigned the next sham trial of Clive to former Ass. DA Judge Arianna Symons (Simons was twice rated not qualified to be a judge by the official California Judicial Nominations Committee).  Simons just gave Clive a completely sham trial which she had to overturn after a lawyer pointed out to her that she was not allowed to instruct the jury to send a man to jail for not announcing his age (amongst other outrageous and criminal acts committed by Symons during the trial).  After Clive’s lawyer dismissed Symons, Atack, clearly conspiring to ensure that Clive be placed before a judge that will screw him over, then assigned the case to Michael E. Barton.  Barton is the man who kidnapped Clive’s children after the Sheriffs attempted to murder Clive in front of his boys in 2003.  Barton ordered that Clive not communicate with Clive’s children for three years. Barton went as far as to order Clive’s Dad not be able to communicate with his grand children!  Clive sued Barton in Federal Court.  Barton did not dare to even make any appearance in that case and is so blatantly and obviously biased against Clive, but is actively engaged in committing serious criminal acts against Clive.  The trial should be entertaining.

Robert B. Atack is clearly criminally conspiring to ensure that Clive does not receive a fair trial because Atack himself is guilty of kidnap, racketeering, and grand theft house.  When Clive recently filed to be able to communicate with his little boys, Atack rushed into Family Court and ruled against Clive. This is the nature and character of the man who now looks like a weird psychopath with boils all over his forehead.

Naturally the trial will be interesting when during the trial the trial, the judge is called to the stand as a material witness to the conspiracy the judge is actively engaged in! 

Perhaps we will simply arrest Barton, Atack, Stevens, Joseph and Bob Lee after we form Grand Juries to indict them.  Who's ready to sign up for Common Law Grand Juries? We need to clean out this town.  The plan is a simple one:

Government officials take oaths of office to uphold the Constitution for the United States of America.  Many if not most officials are blatantly and treasonously ignoring the law.  Bob Lee and his surrogate Judges, for example, claim that they do not have to obey the 5th Amendment's mandate of obtaining a Grand Jury Indictment or Presentment before they file charges against their victims.  You don’t have to go far to find crimes these officials are guilty of.

To form Grand Jury, "we the people" randomly select 23 people from the neighborhood.  Grand Jury have noting to do with the Courts.  No judge or DA presides over a Grand Jury.

Next, the victim of a crime known as "the real party of interest", presents evidence of the crime committed against them to the Grand Jury.  If twelve or more people on the Grand Jury believe there is sufficient evidence know and “probable cause”, to prosecute the accused, they issue an indictment or presentment and warrant for the arrest of the government official.  We already Indicted Irwin Joseph and he is off the bench.  All we need to do is hold our officials accountable under the law, law they refuse to follow.

So many people have been damaged by these criminals who wear black nighties in our court's that it's time to call all of us together and to indict criminals like Lee, Atack, Stevens, Barton and Joseph.  There are laws in this Nation, and government officials are the first one's who should follow them.

Read the Constitution, it is the highest law of the land - the Code is not law, neither is so-called “Case Law” where judges try to imply that they are the legislature.  If the common person cannot understand a law, then it is not law, this is the meaning of Common Law.  Judges have no authority to 'interpret' the law as this would allow them to interpret the law to mean whatever they wanted.  Judicial interpretations of the law have reach levels of insanity that are hard to imagine.  Judges for example have attempted to imply that the 11th Amendment which limits their power some how gives them sovereign immunity!

If you can make it please come to Watsonville Superior Court on Monday 20th July at 1:30 pm, One Second St. Watsonville Dept A, 

Connect up to form Grand Juries .  If we do not clean out these criminals in our government, they will be forcing you to take a legal injection of Baxter’s deadly vaccine.  Time is of the essence.  It’s time to get active.  Sign up with today.  Together we can turn this nation around starting at the local level.

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