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County Officials Caught in Blatant Conspiracy

Come To The Hearing Monday 20, July 9:00 am Dept 1? – To witness the outcome & support Clive!  If the Court follows the law, Clive will get his children and home back!  You are invited to a party at Clive's home on Saturday July 25 if the Court follows the law.

Baxter Vaccine BioWMD still a serious issue despite the company being sued in Austria for attempted mass genocide.  Barry Soretoro (your President) and the World Health Organization intend to force you to receive three lethal vaccines from Baxter – read more on the site -


UPDATE ON CLIVE – The Plot Is Already Thick.

Judge Samuel S. Stevens along with Commissioner Irwin H. Joseph, Judge Robert B. Atack, District Attorney Bob Lee and Sheriff Anthony Robbins are caught red handed committing crimes of Kidnap, Grand Theft House, Malicious Prosecution and False Arrest.  The only question now is how deep does the crime-ring go in Santa Cruz County?

Commissioner Irwin H. Joseph committed a blatant and obvious criminal act by ordering the eviction of Clive from Clive's home on the very day Joseph filed motions to dismiss Clive's suit against himself and his co-conspirators- See blatant and obvious evidence at  (Defendants to Clive’s suit against the county for serious charges included attempted murder, kidnap and malicious prosecution include: Irwin H Joseph, Samuel S. Stevens, Robert B. Atack, Bob Lee, the Sheriffs and other County criminals). 

The Santa Cruz Sheriffs who attempted to murder Clive in front of Clive's children in 2003, at first agreed that Joseph's eviction order was totally illegal.  Attorney Kate Wells put the Sheriffs on notice that Joseph’s orders were illegal (Kate Wells, one of the top attorneys in California, is the heroine who filed the lawsuit that caught former Santa Cruz Sheriff Mark Tracy red-handed after Tracy sent a deputy to threaten the internationally renowned Richard Quigley.  The deputy that blew the whistle on Sheriff Tracy’s outrageous criminal acts was dismissed – Tracy simply resigned keeping full pay from us tax payers with the blessing of the Santa Cruz Board of Supervisors.  DA Bob Lee refused to prosecute Tracy for Tracy’s obvious and outrageous criminal acts, instead he appointed his buddy Anthony Robbins to be sheriff – and get the incumbent advantage come election time.  Does a Sheriff who is caught in a criminal act have a right to appoint a successor?)

When Joseph’s first illegal eviction order against Clive did not work, he issued a second illegal order.  Attorney Kate Wells again placed the Sheriffs on notice that Commissioner Joseph’s order was blatantly illegal (a commissioner is a pretend judge, they have to get your signed permission to be able to order you to do anything – Joseph only had permission to hand Clive back Clive’s passport).  To make sure there was no doubt whatsoever regarding the fact that Joseph’s eviction order was illegal, Clive emailed the Sheriffs fifteen legal proofs the eviction order was illegal and the Sheriffs setup a meeting with Clive to discuss Joseph’s crime.

Three days before the meeting the Sheriffs had setup with Clive, the sheriffs setup another ambush.  With more than eight sheriffs and all their patrol cars, the sheriffs arrested Clive three days before their meeting with Clive when Clive was on his way to get his children.  The sheriffs then went up to Clive’s home and arrested Clive’s friend.  They then broke into Clive’s home and vehicle (they did not even bother to get a search warrant.  Clearly Sheriff Anthony Robbins believes this is how he should spend your tax dollars).

Principle amongst the county criminals Clive was prosecuting is Samuel S. Stevens, so the sheriffs got Stevens to issue a false warrant to arrest Clive!  Stevens who had been dismissed from Clive's cases, and in 1997 attempted to help the law firm where he and his children worked steal Clive’s property, clearly had absolutely no lawful right to issue any warrant for Clive's arrest.  S.S. Stevens is a law unto himself and has profited handsomely from using his position on the bench to commit crimes.  When caught breaking the law in court, and challenged by a lawyer, Stevens responded "we do things differently in Santa Cruz".  We still need to confirm the identity of the drunk woman who claimed to be S.S. Stevens niece and told us that for $200,000 she could get any case before Stevens or Atack dismissed…

The Santa Cruz Sheriffs claim that because Clive sent them proof that Clive's home belonged to Clive, that that was somehow a 'threat' against the Sheriffs.  Pretty much as moronic a charge as they used when they arrested Clive after their assassination attempt on Clive's life failed in 2003 - that time the Santa Cruz Sheriffs, DA and Judges sent Clive to jail for six months claiming that because Clive drove at 27 mph down his private road that Clive was therefore a felon!  Of course they ignored the fact that their sheriffs shot at Clive and his children without even the remotest lawful or reasonable excuse.  When Federal Court ordered Santa Cruz to Show Cause as to why they shot at Clive and his children, Santa Cruz County simply responded with a "notice of non interest".  If you don't believe this check out the piles of evidence on the website!  (The Sheriff Deputy who shot at Clive and Clive’s children, Michael MacDonald, has been promoted to Sergeant, apparently he still goes over the hill to beat up victims in brawls before running back to Santa Cruz).

While holding Clive and his friend in jail the Sheriffs broke into Clive’s home and handed it to Clive’s ex-wife and Clive’s former Personal Assistant.  Bob Lee, the criminal District Attorney in Santa Cruz that files cases against citizens without the 5th Amendment Constitutionally mandated Grand Jury Indictment or Presentment, filed five more false felonies against Clive.  Confident that he will get away with another sham trial, Bob Lee knows the territory well.  Hiding behind a huge department of Asst. DA’s Lee lives a wonderful life while he throws prosecutors the innocent like a Judas.  We wonder what Bob Lee purchases with the thirty pieces of sliver he receives for Judas acts, were also interested why little Santa Cruz has one of the largest District Attorney’s offices in the Nation.  The other question is why Santa Cruz’s CEO (yep, we have a CEO, not elected of course) pays her two assistants quarter of a million dollar salaries and herself even more.

Clearly the Santa Cruz Sheriffs, Judges and DA work hard to support adulterers and low-life’s who destroy families.  They have been known to let people off for murder.  They also choose what orders to obey and disobey according to their own whims.  Stephan Tichatschke, Clive’s former Personal Assistant who was having an affair with Clive’s wife while he reported to Clive, is barred from any contact with Clive’s children pursuant to a stipulated Court order issued through a Level II Custody Investigation conducted by the Court’s psychiatrist.  Clive was the custodial parent.  However, the Sheriffs, SS Stevens and Urine Joseph kidnapped Clive’s children and handed them to Tichatschke.

The Santa Cruz Court’s criminal behavior shocks the conscience.  They issue clearly illegal emergency orders handing Clive’s children to Tichatschke who is a self confessed drug addict, sex addict and was apparently linked to child pornography, while Judges Stevens, Barton, Attack, and Commissioner Joseph and the Sheriffs kidnap Clive’s children and order that Clive not communicate in any way at all with his own children.  These criminals acting under the color of law are clearly lowlife scumbags of the worst ilk in our County.  The damage they are causing Richard and William, Clive’s children is irreversible.  We need to ask how we have managed to get such low level scumbags on the bench in our Courts, Sheriffs department and District Attorney’s office?

When sued, the judges, DA, sheriffs and County employees rely on colleagues of the black cloth (other judges) to rush in and declare them sovereign and immune.  There is no law granting government officials in the US any immunity for crimes they commit, however, judges have taken the law into their own hands and simply announced that they are our kings and queens, that they are sovereign and that we cannot hold them accountable no matter what crimes they commit.  Judges claim that “Case Law” is the law of the land, that decisions made by other judges makes up the law.  However is Case Law is law, then that implies the judiciary is the legislature, and we know that is not the case, but instead the judges are clearly guilty of high treason which carries the death penalty (Contractors have already volunteered to build the gallows).

So who do you turn to when the government tries to murder you, kidnaps your children and steals you home?  The answer is simple “We the People”.  Read the Constitution, it is the highest law of the land and it overrules all other laws.  Furthermore the Judges, Sheriffs and DA’s have all taken an oath of uphold the Constitution.  When they violate their oath of office it is up to us, “we the People” to form Grand Juries which we do by simply randomly calling together 23 people from the neighborhood (The County's Grand Jury is a sham which does not meet the requirements of the law).  We present evidence of the officials crime/s to the Grand Jury and they determine if there is probable cause to prosecute the official.  If they believe there is sufficient evidence to prosecute, they sign a presentment and this is the start of the end of the officials career and formal and lawful prosecution of criminals acting under the color of law.  Go to the website and read about the County Cleanup Program, it’s a simple recipe to recover our Nation and save the world.

Sign up with CopperCards and help us restore law and order in our Nation.  If we recover our government, the first Act will be to abolish the band of criminals who own the Federal Reserve Bank – the funny money they make out of nothing is the root of all evil. The owners of the Fed have funded all the major wars, they put criminals like Stevens, Atack, Joseph and Simons on the bench they make sure criminals like Bob Lee throw the innocent in jail and turn our nation into the World’s Worst Prison State.  However, the acts of these criminals in our Court’s, DA, and Sheriff’s office are putting you and your children’s life at risk. According to the New World Order you and your children are ‘Goyim’, useless eaters who they believe they must exterminate.  Thank the Czech Republic for blowing the whistle on Baxter’s BioWMD flu vaccination.  However realize that Barry So-and-so, your President, and the WHO still intend to give you and your children three lethal ‘flu vaccination’ injections, delivered the same way the deliver the death penalty.

For a relatively brief background to the buildup to where we are now read

To learn about the Baxter Bird-Flu BioWMD read:

We have recommendation for fighting Bird and Swine Flu posted here: - , by the way, apparently the ‘secret’ ingredient to Rumsfeld’s Tamiflu anti-birdflu virus is the herb Star Anise, you can get it in many health food stores.

Please come to Santa Cruz Superior Court on Monday at 9:00 to support Clive.  Bob Lee, Robert Atack, SS Stevens, Anthony Robins, Gretchen Brock and other County criminals are attempting to lock Clive up for the rest of his life.  Clive risks his life for you children and your liberty, showing support for Patriots is the least we can do.

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