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Attempted Murder, Kidnap, Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft House – These Are the values of Santa Cruz County

When/Where: Wednesday 8 July 2009 at 10:00 am - Santa Cruz Superior Court: 701 Ocean Str. Santa Cruz Department – TBD, perhaps Dept 1 or 7 – look for Clive Boustred on the Docket.

Where/When: Thursday 9 July 2009 at 8:30 – Watsonville Superior Court: 1 Second Street, Watsonville, CA – Department D.

You are invited to hearings to witness firsthand what a band of filthy criminals the judges, sheriffs and DA’s in Santa Cruz are.  

Experience the cases where District Attorney Bob Lee filed the eighth and ninth malicious prosecutions against Clive since the Santa Cruz Sheriffs attempted to murder Clive in front of his children.  

This time Bob Lee says that because Clive proved that he had paid out his ex-wife on his home and that he had sued the Bank who had refused to respond (just like Bob Lee), that Clive had therefore committed another felony – yes that’s right Bob Lee claims that the email Clive sent the sheriffs proving that Clive owned his home was a felony!  Bob Lee naturally ignored the fact that the order Commissioner Irwin Joseph issued to evict Clive from Clive’s home on the very same day that Joseph was attempting to get himself dismissed from the lawsuit Clive was prosecuting against Joseph (and Lee and the Sheriffs), was clearly not only unlawful, but that it was a criminal act by Commissioner Joseph.  When Clive obtained a Grand Jury Presentment to prosecute Joseph Judge Almquist simply dismissed it and Lee ignored the crime.  But hey, here in Santa Cruz the officials have official judicial endorsements to commit criminal acts with impunity.

Lee, the judges and the sheriffs, claim that because Clive drove at 27 mph down his private road before the Santa Cruz Sheriffs attempted to blow Clive's head off in front of Clive's children, that Clive was a therefore a felon.  Former arch criminal and Judicially "Not Qualified" Judge Art Danner sent Clive to jail for six months without any right to bail for driving at 27 mph down his private road.  The Santa Cruz Deputy who shot at Clive, Michael MacDonald, has been promoted to a Sergeant.  And Anamaria Tichatschke who made the false 911 call that got the cops to shoot at Clive and his children, was awarded the children and Clive's home.  Hey, liars and adulterers are tops in Santa Cruz Courts.

Bob Lee says that because Clive drove 27 mph down a private road before the sheriffs tried to blow Clive's head off in front of Clive's children, and because Clive owns lawfully purchased guns that Clive must go to jail for the rest of his life.  But are Lee and his surrogate judges committing High Treason, punishable by death?

In Santa Cruz criminals are protected and the government claims, in writhing, that they are our sovereign (i.e. that they are our king and queen) and that they cannot be held accountable for any crime they commit against us.  This allows the Santa Cruz authorities to attempt to murder anyone they want, to kidnap their children, steal their vehicles and home, not without so much as even a pretence of following the highest law of the land, the Constitution for the United States of America.

Judges, DA and Sheriffs in Santa Cruz County are committing High Treason and breaking more laws than anyone in the County, every single day.  The offences they commit are punishable by the death penalty. However, they act with impunity because they claim to be our "sovereign government".  They are worse than King George.

The 5th Amendment is explicit and in plain English.  The government cannot prosecute anyone without first obtaining a Grand Jury indictment or presentment: "No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury".  Not so with Bob Lee and the Judges of Santa Cruz County, they claim that they can go on witch huts and file case after case against anyone they don't like or who threatens their criminal enterprise on "information".

Yes that's right judges, DA and sheriffs in Santa Cruz believe that they are higher authority than the Constitution. Clearly the oath of office they take to uphold the Constitution, is in their eye's, something other than the Constitution for the United States of America - the Constitution to this band of criminals must mean their gut because they certainly don't follow the law, they do whatever the hell they want including kidnap attempted murder and grand theft house.

Don’t believe your government is a band of thieves?  Come along and witness the facts first-hand before they come after you too (and that, they most certainly have in the works).

Witness how the judges steal homes without so much as allowing the victims 7th Amendment Constitutionally guaranteed right to a trial by jury for any matter over $20!  Witness how judges and commissioners are law unto themselves, how they ignore bankruptcy law, how they ignore facts, how they make up the law as they go. These judges, sheriffs and DA work for the criminals who own the private Federal Reserve Bank, the very same people who funded Hitler, Stalin all the World Wars and initiated all the major depressions including the current one.  These judges are the filthiest criminals in the land, they threaten not only the United States of America they threaten the world.

Bank robbers, murderers and crooked judges and DA’s are never ordered to not communicate with their Children.  However, when their assassination on a good man’s life Santa Cruz failed, the Judges, Sheriffs and DA ensured that Clive not be able to communicate in any way with Clive’s children in front of whom they tried to murder Clive.  They also stole Clive's home to make good their threats.  This is Santa Cruz where adulterers and criminals in government are rewarded and innocent people’s children are kidnapped and their homes and everything they own is stolen from them by the government.

When caught red-handed committing crimes, government officials and their co-criminals simply go silent, they don't even bother to respond to lawfully filed suits, sometimes they simply resign and start up somewhere else.  Never, not once, are these County Criminals wearing black robes and badges ever prosecuted for the crimes they commit.  Welcome to Unholy Cross the County Crime Capital of California, Santa Cruz.

Come along to the hearings on Wednesday in the Santa Cruz Superior Court at 10:00 am and on Thursday in the Watsonville Court at 8:30 am.

Witness first hand the Judges, DA's and Cops who commit crimes in the open.