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World's Worst Ecological Disaster Ignored By Mainstream Media (formerly worst)

The 3/11 Zionaizi Attack on Fukushima Is Now A Far Worse Ecological Disaster

The World’s worst ecological disaster, ever, ignored by mainstream media! Remember Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, Hiroshima and Nagasaki? They sure got mainstream media coverage. However a disaster which makes these events pale in comparison is being quietly ignored. Why? 600 milligrams of uranium were used in Little Boy which blew up Hiroshima. Seventy thousand people were killed by the blast, another seventy thousand people died excruciating deaths as a result of the radioactive uranium released in the explosion.

We all know how dangerous it is when uranium from nuclear power plants is exposed to the atmosphere and what extraordinary lengths and exceptional expensive procedures are employed to keep the spent uranium from contaminating the environment. The clean up costs when uranium gets out are astronomical. In 1979, depleted uranium (DU) particles escaped from the National Lead Industries factory near Albany, N.Y. It was estimated that less than 0.39 kilograms per month of DU escaped the factory. The cost of cleanup? In excess of one hundred million dollars.

Now this will blow your mind. Instead of storing the depleted uranium in ultra heavy duty storage facilities our dear government decided to make bullets out of it. Yea, bullets, like in weapons, things you shoot at people and tanks and the like. No, this is no different from the depleted uranium that is used in atomic bombs. Most atomic power plants require an enriched version in their reactors about 10% of the reactors can use DU.

It turns out that if you machine nuclear waste into a bullet and fire it at a tank the uranium bursts into flame on impact, melting through the armor plate and blowing up the tank. A bit like a mini atomic bomb hitting the side of a tank. The military call these ‘kinetic projectiles’. Yes the same alpha radiation and radio active waste is blasted into the atmosphere from these DU rounds as Little Boy in Hiroshima.

Ok, you are thinking, this must be in some remote crazy scientist test lab located in the middle of the Nevada desert. Well no. Ever seen a Warthog, the A-10 anti tank aircraft blasting away at a tank? Well guess what causes the fireworks? Yep, Depleted Uranium rounds, 65 thirty millimeter rounds of them per second or three thousand nine hundred per minuet.

Now you are starting to get it. No wonder everywhere the U.S. troops invade takes care of things so quickly, they are using mini atomic bombs.

Except, the quantity of radio active nuclear waste being blown into the atmosphere is no where near the 600 milligrams used in Hiroshima, they measure the amounts of DU atomic weapons in tons. That’s right tons. The U.S. military has so far blasted close to two thousand or more tons of radio active uranium into the nations we have been sequentially invading around the world.

So get out your calculator. There are one thousand kilograms in a ton, so that’s 2,000,000 kilograms of uranium. Now there are 1,000 grams in a kilogram, add another three zeros. And 1,000 milligrams in a gram, another three 000’s.

The U.S. is now responsible for blasting 2,000,000 kg of radio active waste into, Afghanistan, Iraq and who knows where else. Keep your calculator on. Now divide that by 64 kg to get an equivalent for Little Boy used to blow up Hiroshima. That’s it 28,438 twenty eight thousand Hiroshima’s.

Ok, so admittedly DU rounds when they blow up tanks don’t completely vaporize like Little Boy, about 50% of the uranium is vaporized, maybe more. So even if we half the number of Hiroshima’s our government has caused in their oil war, that’s still an awful amount of uranium atoms that are now free to float wherever the wind takes them.

Turns out Saddam Hussein was right after all, this Iraqi war has been the mother of all wars.  The uranium will carry on killing for another four and a half billion years.  22 thousand U.S. and UK Gulf War Veterans are already dead from the DU, another two hundred thousand are registered with the "Gulf War Syndrome" from the DU, and that's ignoring the million or so Iraqi's we murdered and many millions who will now die excruciating deaths from radiation poisoning.  If dust from the Sahara can end up in New York, hey it's headed here from Iraq too. 

Well now the oil producing nations are unlivable, and maybe the rest of the world if global warming winds of change decide to spread the U.S. atomic goodwill.

Oh but we need the oil, our neighbors oil. So what if we destroy the earth getting it.


P.S. Why don't you send a friendly note commending Bush and his boys and all our Senators and Congress persons who allowed this to happen.  Oh, and while you are about it cancel your newspaper and TV subscriptions.

SIDE NOTE: So why exactly is this not being covered in any mainstream media? Oh, we forgot, the Rothschild bank, you know the one they call the Federal Reserve Bank, the guys who take our dollars and lend them back to us plus interest, the same guys who own the Euro and most other banks, well, they own the media, and now also the oil.

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