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$36+ Billion Dollars to Develop Biological Weapons

The anthrax sent to Congress came from U.S. military sources after our government initiated 9/11. A federal judge held a former USA TODAY reporter in contempt of court on for failing to identify sources who named former Army scientist Steven Hatfill as a possible suspect in the 2001 anthrax attack

When Saddam Hussein gassed the Kurds, the U.S. provided the helicopters and technology to do it along with a billion dollars that year just to say thanks.

At the A&M University Bio-Weapons Lab in College Station Texas, an investigation six weeks after the Bio lab was flooded revealed open vials, numerous flaws in oversight, working conditions, and security, including missing vials of select agents, unauthorized research with recombinant DNA, access to the lab by unauthorized personnel, and exposures of lab workers to bacteria that cause brucellosis and Q fever that went unreported to the CDC.  On April 20, 2007 the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued a cease-and-desist order for Texas A&M's work with the Brucella bacterium. On June 30, the order was expanded to include all work with select agents and toxins. The CDC then conducted a five-day comprehensive inspection of the A&M labs and issued a report on August 31, 2007 revealing the complete lack of control at this Bio-Weapons Facility.  The lab had been conducting research into so-called "select agents," i.e. biological agents that the government thinks can be turned into biological weapons. The university's efforts are part of a multi billion federal program to develop vaccines, the key to Biological Weapons Development.

Developing Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction is a prime objective of our insane government. As the world's foremost terrorist Nation, the Federal government is massively stepping up to develop Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction.  The Bush Administration has thrown about $36 Billion on the table and initiated a multiagency feeding frenzy to get part of this $36 Billion to build Biological Weapons Development facilities across the country.

As frightening, biologists working on these programs are mysteriously dropping like flies.  The mad scientists are turning up dead from 'suicides', 'car accidents', 'murder', 'hit and runs'.  Are these deaths coincidence, or part of something vastly more sinister? And why is the main stream media completely ignoring these scandals of extreme proportion?

Many observers and experts, including Liberty For Life are speculating that the New World Order Oligarchy are preparing to release killer plagues on the earth. Biologists developing these weapons are naturally risks for information leaking out to the public.  As with Hitler's biological weapons development, we are seeing a large number of microbiologist working for the government turning up dead:

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