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National Security

Irrefutable statistics and facts show that citizens of the U.S. have substantially more to fear from their own government than from anyone else.

"The most important misjudgment regarding Iraq that must be dealt with is the charge that Muslim terrorists attack us out of envy for our freedoms, our prosperity, and our way of life. There is no evidence this is the case. On the contrary, those who have extensively researched this issue conclude that the #1 reason suicide terrorists attack anywhere in the world is because their land is occupied by a foreign military power." "Pretending otherwise and constantly expanding our military presence in more Arab and Muslim countries as we have since 1990 has only increased the danger of more attacks on our soil, as well as in those countries that have allied themselves with us." "If we deny this truth we do so at our own peril." - Ron Paul, House of Representatives 2006

"The costs of this misadventure have not just been onerous; they have been catastrophic. More than 3,000 Americans killed, and more than 20,000 wounded. Tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis have lost their lives. In material terms we are fast approaching the one trillion dollar mark, throwing money out the door at a rate of more than $2 billion per week to fund this war. Our international reputation and the influence it brings, including among our allies, has been badly tarnished and diminished.

Where are we in Iraq? We are in the midst of a civil war among religious and ethnic factions, an insurgency that shows no sign of diminishing, and out-of-control organized crime. It is hard to say that we have made any real progress toward the larger objectives of bringing democracy to Iraq or the Middle East. It is time we face the grim reality, and it is time we deal with it. Our soldiers' lives are in the balance.

I made a brief statement on Tuesday about an column in last Sunday's Washington Post by retired Lieutenant General William Odom. General Odom has one of the most distinguished military intelligence careers, and he continues to provide powerful insights on national security. In his piece entitled "Victory in Not an Option," he outlines how this Administration's entire policy on Iraq, including the so-called surge strategy, is based on a self-defeating inability to face reality."

  - US Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) - Thursday 15 February 2007

Updated numbers in August are:
                 More than 3,600 U.S. troops killed, 27,000 wounded.
                 Estimates of one million Iraqi's killed.
                 Ongoing estimates of deaths caused by DU: Tens of millions of people around the world.

World threats tend to build before everyone's eyes.  Hitler amassing armies, the Japanese and Russian military expansion.  However, in reality, it is now the U.S. who is amassing armies, weapons of mass destruction, it is the U.S. who is invading other nations.  The U.S. Government's world dominance plans are not far off Hitler's.  Indeed, it is the very lawless acts of violence conducted by our very government that are bringing about threats of terrorism against against the U.S.

National security in the U.S. can only be addressed by addressing the very issues, the root causes that bring about the threats of terrorism in the first place.  Amassing more weapons of mass destruction, spending more money on border patrols, airport security and fighter aircraft is not going to make the problem go away.  Invading and occupying other nations is going to significantly escalate terrorism in the U.S. and abroad.

The government claims the The Twin Towers were brought down with box cutters (However, explosives brought the WTC down.  The explosives were planted by the company in charge of security at the WTC ran by George Bush's brother.  See:9/11 Demolition and Gov Employees Convinced. "911 an Inside Job").  What is astonishing is that there has not been a major act of terrorism in the U.S.  However, terrorism costs next to nothing, it can bring about extraordinary destruction and it is unstoppable. See Combating Terrorism

Can one address National Security without looking at the root causes of the problem?

Perhaps more should be considered regarding the industrial and government enterprise supporting the massive armament and government buildup by the United States.  Such a large enterprise creates in itself it's own climate.  A climate that though enormous profits will seek to grow.  Is not the growth and expansion of the U.S. Government and military enterprise not the root cause of our National Security problems?

After all, would U.S. citizens appreciate it if citizens of other countries were intimately and actively manipulating our own nation and government? 

What would the U.S. do if other countries invaded and occupied our land because we have and are using weapons of mass destruction? 

The U.S. has no duty nor right to be in other sovereign nations, just as other sovereign nations have no duty nor right to be in the U.S.

As a result of the Executive Office's declaration of war against Iraq, Vice President Dick Cheney's Halliburton stock options rose 3,281% — from $241,498 to more than $8 million in less than one year.  Cheney continues to received a deferred salary from Halliburton, according to financial disclosure forms, he was paid $205,298 in 2001; $162,392 in 2002; $178,437 in 2003; and $194,852 in 2004. 

On September 14, 2003, Cheney lied to Meet the Press's Tim Russert: "Since I left Halliburton to become George Bush’s vice president, I've severed all my ties with the company, gotten rid of all my financial interests. I have no financial interest in Halliburton of any kind and haven’t had now for over three years." - Neither the SEC nor the U.S. Justice Department has initiated any investigation nor prosecution of this insider trading and perjury.

Saudi multimillionaire Yassin al-Qadi stated in an interview shortly after 9/11, “I have also met with US Vice President and former Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney in Jeddah [Saudi Arabia] when he came for a lecture organized by the Dallah Group. I spoke to him for a long time and we still have cordial relations.” The US declared Yassin al-Qadi a terrorism financier shortly after 9/11 and the Dallah Group is accused of funding al-Qaeda.  source:

Cut the Coffins

September 2006:  Bush defies Geneva Conventions and attempts to pass legislation that authorizes terrorist activities by the U.S.  The president's measure would allow classified evidence to be withheld from defendants in terror trials, using coerced testimony and protecting CIA and other U.S. interrogators against prosecution for using methods that violate the Geneva Conventions.  In other words through torture the president wishes to obtain confessions then prevent evidence that proves innocence from being presented at any trial.  Another Bush bill would give legal status to the administration's warrant-less wiretapping program. The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the bill on a party-line vote, but it was stalled in the House.  At least when Prescott Bush, the president's grandfather, was running money to Hitler during World War II, they charged him under the Trading With the Enemy Act, even if they returned all the money to the Bush family after the war (See: Bushes, Bush Bolt Hole).

See also U.S. National SecurityCombating Terrorism; Congress' War Declaration Rights; Anti Gun Lobby and 2nd Amendment

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