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US Contribution To Civilization

The pages linked herein are not suitable for children -
they reflect what the US does to children.

As a citizen and taxpayer in the US you need to carefully examine the evidence herein and ask if you are responsible in a court of law for these crimes if you funded them.

US Tax Payer Contributions in Iraq

US Childcare in Iraq 1

US Childcare in Iraq 2

US Childcare in Iraq 3

US Childcare in Iraq 4

US Childcare in Iraq 5

US Childcare in Iraq 6


It is also important to understand that many US soldiers are coming back to the US and committing suicide.  What would you do if you were forced by the banksters to commit these crimes against children in the name of 'democracy'?  US casualties in the Iraq war are the highest of any war ever, more than 50% of the US troops who partook in these wars of aggression are dead or disabled see Millions US Soldiers Dead.  Naturally, just as you don't see the reality of these pictures on your TV, you don't hear those facts either!  The same people who funded Hitler, Stalin and supported Mao, are the same people who own the Fed.

The Real Reason For the Nazi Like US Invasion of Iraq:

When Saddam Hussein stopped selling his oil in US dollars - the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank lost out of billions of dollars that would be handed to them on each sale as the buyers were forced to first buy dollars from the bankers before they could buy the oil.  Insiders tell us the fed has sold as much or more than $600 Trillion which they have exchanged for real assets and now own the world. For a century the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank have taken the world into war after war and depression after depression, they are the destroyers of civilization.  It is time to rise up and hold them accountable - war along with their a fiat-currency must be eliminated forever.

The Founder of Liberty For Life developed a non-fiat based banking system and infrastructure that can replace these criminal banks like the Federal Reserve Bank, IMF, World Bank, IBC etc. ( - read up on the bank at;; )

Is this why the government in the US has on multiple times attempted to assassinate Clive and now seek to lock him up for life? 22nd March Government intends to blackmail LFL Founder Clive to up to nine years in prison for crimes they committed against Clive and his children

Everywhere, citizens are obliged to defend themselves against that world minority of revolutionaries.  People must rise up and exterminate these destroyers of civilization.  Never again must a holocaust like this be allowed to take place.

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