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The REAL Iraq War

Discussion of the 'anti-war' position is just so abstract, don't you think. I think it would help if instead of engaging in philisophical discussions about war, the tax payer would actually be a party to war, just as they expect their kids to do. So let's all do away with the priveleged luxury of being able to 'debate' war, and actually start looking war right in the face. Have you ever wondered why the Pentagon always ships your kids back from war with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? Well let's all have a look for ourselves then shall we...

You might recall how the Pentagon was Angered by Soldier Coffin Photos. They really did not want Americans seeing those pictures of coffins of young kids being shipped back from those Middle Eastern oil fields of Iraq.

0coffins.jpg - 7441 Bytes

The 'offensive' photo of coffins containing the bodies of American kids

Now that might be bad enough, although it looks like a pretty tame reminder of what war tell me, have you ever wondered what's inside one of those things?

Dead American Soldiers

1us.jpg - 5963 Bytes

3us.jpg - 4402 Bytes

1bodybag.jpg - 7398 Bytes

A look inside one of those bodybags, containing the body of a dead American

4us.jpg - 5757 Bytes

5us.jpg - 5557 Bytes

The photos below show dead American soldiers from previous wars...

2us.jpg - 5229 Bytes

The damage caused by bomb shrapnel

0us_rpg.jpg - 7943 Bytes

Here we see how a rocket propelled grenade can blow the head right off some American kid (who probably joined the army to pay for college and wound up in a place like Iraq)

0bodybag.jpg - 4184 Bytes

Another look inside a body bag...this is probably not an American, just an Iraqi civilian, but it is another example of just what you might find in a body bag, assuming the Pentagon allows photos of body bags, not likely, given how they won't even allow those sanitized photos of coffins returning from a war zone.

interrogate.jpg - 4213 Bytes

Of course the American military is not always getting blown to pieces in Iraq...sometimes they are beating the shit out of Iraqi prisoners to get some information, as you can see from the blood splatters on the wall...Anyone remember Project Pheonix from the Vietnam War? But I am sure that these fellows are just some more of those 'bad apples' and certainly do not represent the position or practices of the Pentagon, the White House, and the CIA, if their practices should be exposed (in which case they will be made a scape goat and hung out to dry, something to keep in mind before accepting such a job in the first place)...

Dead Iraqi Children (aka 'Collateral Damage')

Just recently the American installed puppet, Allawi, cried crocodile tears over the fate of the many civilians who were about to be slaughtered in Fallujah, and he expressed his heartfelt sorrow that this neccesary evil was about to take place. Of course, neither he, nor any of the other powerful warlords and killers who have fought extended battles for turf and wealth, using kids as their pawns, for thousands and thousands of years, have ever felt sorry enough to stop all their killing for territories and wealth, because, let's face it, they really aren't sorry at all, and quite frankly could not give a damn. Of course Allawi, like all the powerful, will have security right up the ass to make sure that none of this sort of thing ever ever happens to him, just as you can be sure that the President of the United States will have security right up the ass to avoid experiencing the same fate (which would be condemned internationally as an outrage, while the death of some nobody in Iraq goes by without comment, and, hopefully, without being seen either.)

For the sake of those religious and pious sorts, you know the type, who want to bring God back into American life, and therefore can be found marking an X beside the name of George Bush, before voting down filthy things like queer marriage, well as my contribution to the 'Culture Wars' (as its called) and the general slide into filth and obscenity of our culture, I have seen fit to include the occassional Bible verse as a form of commentary on some of these photos, which, hopefully will help to raise the national morals up out the sewers and the gutters where it presently resides, and perhaps do something to stem the floodtide of filth and obscenity which is currently engulfing the planet due to the complete lack of any mention of 'Godliness' in our current political system. Hope this gesture on my part helps...

Well, having got that off my chest, let's get started then, and have a look, shall we...

baby.jpg - 4746 Bytes

This photo a dead Iraqi baby shows the amazing effects of American firepower, when it is unleashed in densely populated civilian areas where, strangely enough, there is resistance to this latest outburst of colonialism (yes, truly 'eno-colonialism' is dead, just like this baby, and now the Americans will be following in the footsteps of the Brits and the French and the rest of Europe by imposing direct rule on the colonies, instead of just relying on the World Bank or the IMF and coup d'etats and dictators like they did in the last century.)

6kid.jpg - 6280 Bytes

Another dead kid...your tax dollars at work.

"Thus said YAHWEH my God: "Become shepherd of the sheep doomed to slaughter. Those who buy them slaughter them and go unpunished; and those who sell them say, ‘Blessed be GOD, I have become rich’; even their own shepherds have no pity on them. For I will no longer have pity on the inhabitants of this land, says YAHWEH. Lo, I will cause humanity to fall each into the hand of their shepherd, and each into the hand of their king; and they shall crush the earth, and I will deliver none from their hand." Zechariah 11:4

deadkid.jpg - 4785 Bytes

You know if you visit the right wing blogs they feature such comments on these dead kids as 'when some kid comes at you with an Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher, they're dead.' Similarly when some infant is launching a SAM at American fire power, we can assume that they got what they deserved...

"He shall judge between the nations, and shall decide for many peoples; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more." Isaiah 2:4

deadkid2.jpg - 3662 Bytes

While this kid might be dead, and I am sure that it deeply saddens the powerful war mongers of the world, at least we can find some comfort in the knowledge that he died so that Americans could control Iraq's O-I-L, as noble an example of colonialism as one could ever find, since it is the American's who are doing it, which makes it alright...

"My anguish, my anguish! I writhe in pain! Oh, the walls of my heart! My heart is beating wildly; I cannot keep silent; for I hear the sound of the trumpet, the alarm of war. Disaster follows hard on disaster, the whole land is laid waste. Suddenly my tents are destroyed, my curtains in a moment. How long must I see the standard, and hear the sound of the trumpet? "For my people are foolish, they know me not; they are stupid children, they have no understanding. They are skilled in doing evil, but how to do good they know not." Jeremiah 4:19

teen.jpg - 3854 Bytes

Alas, poor Romeo, never again to kiss the fair sweet lips of the maiden Juliette...I am sure that there are a lot of powerful types in Washington who will be out screwing some 18 year old Juliette this evening, even if they are old enough to be pensioned off, since wealth and power has its priveleges. Of course, they will need to maintain a high state of security so that something like this doesn't happen to them, but, thank God, they always do, so there is nothing to worry about there...

"And they do not lie with the fallen mighty men of old who went down to Sheol with their weapons of war, whose swords were laid under their heads, and whose shields are upon their bones; for the terror of the mighty men was in the land of the living." Ezekiel 32:27

5cry.jpg - 7574 Bytes

Ouch! That must hurt...But that's what you get kid for messing with Uncle Sam...Now if only that kid could have lived under a tyrant in some country that Uncle Sam doesn't give a damn about, like Burma, instead of living next to the world's largest deposits of O-I-L he might have been spared a great deal of P-A-I-N...

"And I will make for you a covenant on that day with the beasts of the field, the birds of the air, and the creeping things of the ground; and I will abolish the bow, the sword, and war from the land; and I will make you lie down in safety." Hosea 2:18

"I will cut off the chariot and the war horse from Jerusalem; and the battle bow shall be cut off, and he shall command peace to the nations; his dominion shall be from sea to sea, and from the River to the ends of the earth." Zechariah 9:10

Economic Growth and O-I-L Wells

With only 12 percent of the World's population, the people in North America and in Western Europe consume 60 per cent of the world's resources, while the one third of the the World who live in Africa and South Asia only consume 3 per cent of the world's resources. You often hear hand wringing among certain 'environmentalists' and some 'Greens' and other 'sensible Liberals' about the urgent need to control the population in these poorer nations, lest they ravage the world's resources, when really you would get more bang for your buck by sterilizing an American or European, where apparently population control would have the greatest effect on the fragile ecosystem of this planet. Strangely enough, all through the last century, up to the present time 'sensible Liberals' have never spent much time trying to sterilize Americans, and instead have focused all their efforts on getting rid of poor people, while 'sensible Conservatives' of the type found making assinine comments on right wing blogs blame the hunger on the fact that poor people breed like flies, thus raping the planet and bringing such disasters down on their heads. So we can see how in a strange sort of way, the ideology of Sensible Liberals and Sensible Conservatives seem to have more in common than either would care to admit...

Now what has been called 'neo-liberalism' or 'neo-colonialism', forcing robber baron capitalism and 'market reforms' on poor countries, while gutting every single social program, has also been known as 'the Washington Consensus' for the simple reason that when the Imperial Power makes a decision, that becomes the 'consensus' and the rest of the world can go to hell. This has happened in spite of the fact that The American Way is already recognizable as one of history's great failures, if you have a little foresight, that is, and can see it coming before it actually happens.

Now the American Way exults in 'economic growth'. The end result of this obssession with growth, which is a way to get increasingly rich, is that the United States, with only 5 percent of the world's population consumes one quarter of the world's oil and one quarter of the rest of the fossil fuels, and a similarly high percentage of the rest of the world's resources (U.S. Geological Survey. The United States is also responsible for almost a third of the world's total consumption spending just by itself, and given how consumption is responsible for almost three quarters of the GDP one can understand how if there is to be 'growth' forever and ever, consumer spending must continue to grow until it reaches infinity or the whole system would collapse like a house of cards.

The average American comsumes 159 gallons of water per day, as compared to the poorest one half of the world's population, which gets by on less than 25 gallons. 80 per cent of all corn and 95 per cent of all oats are fed to livestock (returning about 1 gram of protein for every 50 to 100 grams consumed). 56 percent of the farm land is devoted to feeding livestock. American's also produce three quarters of the world's toxic wastes. Given how it is the Orthodox American philosophy of economics which dictates eternal growth, all these figures must climb or there will be trouble and chaos and destruction. After growing some and then growing past the point of real reason, the United States, over the course of its history, has destroyed fifty percent of its wetlands, 90 percent of its old growth forests and 99 per cent of its prarie grass lands. While there is still room for America to grow by destroying its remaining wet lands (9 square miles of land are developed every day in America at current rates) it would seem that the limits of infinity have already been just about reached in these other areas, with just a last little bit of growth to be wrung out and thus it would have to be the case that from now on Americans will either have to invade other countries or rely on neo-liberalism to open up 'marketing' in other countries, or how else can America keep up that insane idea of growing for eternity. This practice would then buy a few more years, or perhaps a few decades and then it will be time to develope space technology and start looking for other planets, and with the universe being so very large, it might even be possible to grow for an infinitely long time, without experiencing all the obvious problems one would associate with such a recklessly stupid idea.

The obssession with growth, and thus with getting richer and richer every day, also results in a perverted system of priorities, another legacy to the planet of that 'Washington Consensus'. Spending on such things as make up, pet food, perfume, ocean cruises, and ice cream totals over 70 billions dollars, and this amount could fund clean drinking water for the entire planet, birth care for the world's women, as well as ending world malnourishment. Given the fanatical devotion to eternal growth, which is the American Way, and the Washignton Consensus, by the year 2020 the energy consumption of the United States will rise from 99.3 QBtu in 2000 to 130.9 QBtu (Energy Information Administration)

For these reasons simple mathematical illogic and the psuedo-philosophy that is the 'American System' dictates that it is absolutely urgent that American's conquer Iraq and establish a colony, no matter how damned hard and impossible such imperialism actually proves to be in practice, because this action is dictated not by the desire to bring 'freedom from a tyrant' to Iraq, or even by Weapons of Mass Destruction (also possessed by Israel and Pakistan and India, none of them members of the Axis of Evil) but rather the imperial conquest of Iraq is dictated by psuedo-mathematics, and the need for Americans to meet the growth targets in the consumption of oil by the year 2020. If their economy does not continue to grow and grow and their consumption continue to grow and grow to finance it all, well then American's would have an economy without growth. Rich people would stop getting richer and richer forever and ever and ever and the whole world would go right straight to hell, and before you know it, the human race would be searching for another way to live, the forced American Way, imposed by means of coups and invasions over the last century having collapsed after all, as it must sooner or later, leaving a vacuum in its place that must be filled by something else, and hopefully this time the new world system will be one that actually incorporates some common sense instead of being so transparently greedy and stupid and murderously bloody as it is right now under the global 'leadership' and rule by the American Empire.

Now given how eternal growth is a delusion, one can only guess as to when the great crash of the Washington Consensus will take place...mathematics dictates that it is a question of 'when' and not 'if, which allows to state far ahead of time that the American Way is already one of history's great failures, that America will not be the great Imperialist Empire forever, but rather like all the other Colonial Powers before it, will eventually head for the dust bin of history, taking their obssessive religion of the 'market forces' with them, that thing having already been totally discredited after all, among those of us who can do the elementary mathematics required to come to such an obvious conclusion. However given how endless and eternal growth is still the Orthodox Religion of our time, one will find Americans in Iraq, since when you run into problems with your mathematics and your philosophical logic, you can always buy a little more time for that discreditable ideology by invading some country and thus hopefully putting off the inevitable day of reckoning that must come, unless the Americans figure out some way to lick that problem of growing up to eternity (economics graphs then being based on calculus and the concept of infinity, something required if such a system is to ever redeem itself, and since the measured circumferance of the planet has not changed in the interim, this seems unlikely to ever happen).

All of this leads me to ask what I think are a few pertinent questions (or impertinent questions, depending on your point of view). Economists are required to take courses in at the very least elementary mathematics, are they not? I mean, mathematics is not an elective for a PhD in economics, is it? You cannot get an MBA from Harvard without at least being able to cipher as well as Jethro Bodine, can you? One would expect at least a minimal proficiency in mathematics before taking on a job at the Federal Reserve, or before becoming a pundit or an advisor to governments, would you not? Just wondering...

But then, as I said before, discussing Americanism, and the anti-war position, is so abstract...let's get concrete shall we...and don't cover your eyes...after all if you are paying for all this and voting for it then you really do have an obligation to make sure you look at its actual effects on the planet...oh I think so, so spare me the complaints about how obscene and filthy and horrible it all is, because after all, it is obscene and filthy and horrible, and they just can't do it without you, which is why they spend so damn much time concentrating the media so they can brainwash you...Where the truth is inconvenient, propaganda becomes a requirement, and when common sense is not evidence, stupid irrational nonsense must take its place with no dissent allowed if something so atrociously recklessly stupid and self destructive is ever going to have a chance to prevail...

The Iraq O-I-L War-let's have another look, shall we

1brains.jpg - 7572 Bytes

2brains.jpg - 5448 Bytes

3burned.jpg - 4972 Bytes

4burncar.jpg - 5896 Bytes

5holehead.jpg - 5218 Bytes

7brains.jpg - 10810 Bytes

8brains.jpg - 6137 Bytes

8legless.jpg - 4534 Bytes

10smash.jpg - 11034 Bytes

11morgue.jpg - 3656 Bytes

12morgue.jpg - 5535 Bytes

12pieces.jpg - 7394 Bytes

4check1.jpg - 7851 Bytes

auto.jpg - 3137 Bytes

bed.jpg - 3909 Bytes

black.jpg - 4851 Bytes

blast.jpg - 6818 Bytes

blown.jpg - 6046 Bytes

blownhalf.jpg - 5411 Bytes

body.jpg - 4052 Bytes

body2.jpg - 7235 Bytes

body3.jpg - 3834 Bytes

charred.jpg - 7707 Bytes

crossfire.jpg - 4351 Bytes

explode.jpg - 8164 Bytes

explosive.jpg - 4008 Bytes

fire.jpg - 5821 Bytes

hole.jpg - 4911 Bytes

leg.jpg - 4505 Bytes

lie.jpg - 3720 Bytes

muslim.jpg - 5638 Bytes

mutilated.jpg - 5391 Bytes

smash2.jpg - 5633 Bytes

street.jpg - 4204 Bytes

top.jpg - 3684 Bytes

Something Filthy and Obscene

America's religious voters are apparently going to the polls in droves to vote for the Iraq War and to vote against filthy and obscene sex, something that just drives them to anger. Funny how that works...

david.jpg - 4346 Bytes

Oh dear God, NOOOOO! You can see his penis. Well that is REALLY FILTHY! Someone call Ashcroft and maybe throw a sheet over that thing!

nude.jpg - 5074 Bytes

Well now its really getting FILTHY! Why didn't someone put an obscenity warning on this page. Well that photo shows parts of the human anatomy, which, despite their useful purposes, ARE EVIL!

But take heart all those of you who found this to be REALLY OFFENSIVE, because, after all, he is still alive, which I would suggest makes this photo a hell of a lot less obscene that the photos that the born again types are inflicting on the world through their pro-war voting patterns, while on the same ballot voting to hide, crush, and oppress the sinful, filthy flesh that somehow, by accident I am sure, was created by God (who obviously, we must conclude, has a really filthy mind...I mean just look at the perverse obscenity...Won't someone think of the children? Won't someone PLEEEEAAAASSSEEE think of the children! Now once we protect our children from the filth and swill of this world, maybe someone can finally figure out a way to protect our children from catching a glimpse of their own filthy genitals and then finally we can raise a generation with true purity. Of course protecting our children from the mind warping and damaging effects of the constant obscenity and perversity of this planet certainly doesn't seem to be on the agenda for this generation, especially when you consider the types of perversity and lewdness in favor of which their supposedly holy parents are casting their ballots.

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