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Why The NWO Hates Syria

Published on Dec 17, 2012 by Syrian Girl - 8 reasons why the NWO hates Syria No Rothschild central bank, NO IMF debt, No Genetically modified food, Oil and pipelines, Anti-secret societies, Anti-Zionism, Secularism, Nationalism.

LibertyForLife Response, Saturday 11, April 2015

Wow Syria Is In Serious S**T!

No Rothschild owned Central Bank! Syria owes no debt in real assets to the IMF, for money the Rothschild banks make out of nothing! No Genetically Modified Food to maim & kill what the Zionist Illumintatizi called us Goyim / “useless eaters”! Your government probably does not even put fluoride in the water? Does the Syrian government dictate Syrian parents will go to jail if they do not allow doctors to vaccinate their children with autism causing vaccinations? Does Syria allow Chemtrails planes to spray Syrians every day like bugs, as they do in America and other Illuminatzi controlled NWO nations? Does the corrupt BAR Association control and corrupt courts in Syria? What about the Syrian education system, do they ensure indoctrination of the masses into mind-numbing parrot like states, where only those who can parrot what they are taught qualify, verses those who think? What about Akhenaten's Soli Invictus Luciferian sacrificial religions that preach that believers can wash away sins with blood from the victim of some gruesome sacrifice, or child-sacrifice, or sacrifices of a man-god, goat or lamb? Are Syrians not soaked in religious stupor? And Syria can bypass the oil-pipeline monopoly and reason America invaded Afghanistan (well America also needed to increase drug production in Afghanistan)!

And Syria is anti-Zionist, anti-Illuminatzi, anti-New World Order world domination. Syria does not have a Zionist two-party puppet dictatorship!! Syria is are not a democary of a republic!! And Syria havs anti-secret-society laws!!!!!!! Syria is in VERY serious S**T!!!! The Zionist Freemason & Jesuit Illuminatzi will do EVERYTHING to destabilize and destroy Syria.

Washington D.C. funded Illuminatzi Zionist terrorists will gas your children and say your government did it. They will blow up your schools, and any religious buildings to inspire hatred. They will send mercenaries in to murder people randomly. The CIA will ensure your people are provided a constant supply of mind controlling drugs, like coke, meth, heroin, opium, and all the other drugs in the CIA arsenal. Weapons will become freely available to criminals and mercenaries in Syria and neighboring countries. The Illuminatzi will even resort to supplying pornography to destabilize the family structure in Syria. They will inundate you with Hollywood's Neuro-Linguistic-Programing Block-Busters.

The Freemason Mainstream Media will demonize your leaders and Syria. The NWO news broadcasters will spreading as many lies as they can dream up about Syria because Syrian's are free. The Illuminatzi NWO NATO forces will be aligned against Syria until Syrians are enslaved under Rothschild banking fraud, & until the Syrian people are drugged and hypnotized with mind-controlling mainstream media and CIA drugs. Until the Syrian's are taxed and drowning in debt, owing real assets & labor to the Rothschild bankers who make out of nothing, Syria is not safe from the Illuminatzi Zionist Terrorists in Washington D.C., the Vatican & City-State of London.

Hmmmmmmmm. I personally will freely give time to Syria to see what strategies we can suggest to ensure Syrians are not enslaved by the NWO Illuminatzi.


Here are some simple suggestions to start:

  1. Make sure every Syrian is fully aware of the Freemason & Jesuit Plan for World War 3 -
  2. Ban all Freemason & Jesuit Institutions. Arrest and expel any Freemason or Jesuit in Syria. They are members of gangs who are responsible for all the major wars & genocide.
  3. For all visitors, assign trusted Syrian guardians to host and befriend the visitor and monitor their activities to ensure they are not mercenaries or ageteurs of the Illuminatzi / Washington D.C. terrorist enterprises.
  4. Develop drone downing technology – Laser & EMP technology is probable best, however, conventional Anti-Aircraft can work. Your friends in Iran brought down one of the 4th Reich's most sophisticated drones, find out how – I suspect by utilizing anti-gravity craft. Some of the extraterrestrials civilizations are also prepared to assist civilized humans - our Russian friends may be able to help you there.
  5. Set up well informed teams to decipher the Neuro-Linguistic-Programing in Hollywood movies, & make sure every Syrian is aware of the methods employed in media to hypnotize the public. You can run competitions with prizes on who spots the NLP & adverts in movies & make a show of it. Also counter the Masonic Media with comedy news like
  6. Set up teams of bloggers like Syrian Girl to make virtual friends around the world, and spread the word about how the Illuminatzi Banksters want to enslave Syria – THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT & VERY POWERFUL
  7. Set up blogging channels showing normal Syrian life, showing Syrians having fun just like everyone else. The Illuminatzi has to dehumanize Syria to justify murdering Syrians in their military assaults.
  8. Show the world how Syria has true democracy, where the people have a say in how they run their lives and government. The U.S. has no democracy, banks & corporations dictate politics & make every decision. The U.S. is not even a republic, in a republic the people can choose their representative - in the U.S. the two Political Parties choose the two corrupt politicians, who the people can vote for.
  9. While the Illuminatzi Washington D.C. 4th Reich funds terrorism against Syria, instigate and fund the peaceful Truth-Movement in the U.S. & Europe & publicize this. Many of the authors of blogs & websites which can save Syria by shutting down crime in the U.S. live on next to nothing, a very small donation to these Truth-Movement authors can go a very long way. Publicize this & emphasize that while Washington D.C. pays for guns, Syria pays for knowledge & the truth. Washington's enemies do not realize how many allies they have in America, their allies are however assaulted constantly in the utterly corrupt & criminal BAR Association courts in the U.S. Make friends with American Patriots.
  10. Analyze and study all movements opposed to Syria. Identify the leaders of these movements & carry out personal investigations on all these leaders & publish the results.
    - Set up teams to intensively study Senator John McCain and Obamer and their support of ISIS & anti-Syria terrorists. Quickly identify any other stooges of the Illuminatzi who are set against Syria & expose their personal life, their assets, their income, their misdeeds - many are involved in child sacrifice
    Students teams at school can be assigned these tasks, which can be utilized as educational exercises – give prizes for successful investigation’s & exposure of corrupt U.S. officials – make a show of it.
  11. Make a show of Syrian life – show the rest of the world you are normal lovely people – media is your best defense – a picture & movie carries a thousand words. Repeatedly publish on Internet documentaries regarding Obama's terrorists gassing Syrian children. Syria's efforts in this regard must be incessant, your life & freedom depends on it. Money spent on military defense can be multiplied many times when spent on media – to match the military budget of the 4th Reich / Washington D.C. a.k.a. “New Rome”, is impossible, as the Rothschild banks own and control the U.S.. Knowledge, however, is free, & far more powerful.

That's all for now, blessing to the people of Syria & thank you Syrian Girl for enlightening us, you are more powerful than many divisions of military personnel & equipment.

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