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NWO Genocide

While the world is distracted with the "Global Warming Hoax" and artificially induced depressions and wars, this may be the most extraordinary threat YOU ever face. For centuries the bankers have managed to detract from what is really going on. Perhaps it's time you found out what these destroyers of civilization are up to.

Baxter International was caught red handed shipping 'regular' flu vaccinations laced with one of the most deadly viruses known to man.

Baxter International's Vaccine division headed by a certain Kim C. Bush, released to 18 Nations and the U.S. so-called regular "flu" vaccinations that were laced with one of the deadliest viruses known to mankind.  Czechoslovakia caught Baxter red handed, at first Baxter claimed it was a trade secret then they admitted to the crime claiming that their Bio Level 3 production plant had made a 'mistake' which is naturally impossible in a stringent Bio3 production facility.  Homeland security was paying truck drivers $5,000 to simply drive truck loads of the Baxter Bio-WMD throughout the US (and telling the truck drivers not to worry that they and their family could come onto military bases).  Barry Soetoro (whom you probably know by the name Barak [Jewish word for lighting] [Saddam] Hussein OB[S]ama [Bin Laden], a citizen of Indonesia) in the mean time has been preparing the military, including foreign troops he has already brought onto US soil to force citizens to be vaccinated with Baxter's vaccine. 

The Worlds Largest Mass Genocide Ever Fails - So Far.  Chemtrial's have generally stopped! We are receiving reports across the Nation that the Chemtrials appear to have ceased.  There are one or two instances of Chemtrials in the sky above some locations, however, the mass world-wide gassing campaign has clearly stopped.  Has the clear and obvious linking of Baxter's distribution of Bio-WMD's and the timing of the Chemtrials revealed to officials what is actually going on and that they too are targets for extermination?  is this a sign that our officials in government are turning and waking up to what is going on?

Intentional Contamination of Vaccine With Avian Flu Marks Start Of Massive Biological War & Genocide By NWO & Homeland Security.. Read more...

Is the World Really Overpopulated Consider The Facts

Cemtrail Planes Forced Down - US "Government" in a panic.  So who really is the US Government & what do you think of Barry Soetoro, your President?

Baxter & Avir Sued for Attempted Genocide. Must see site for evidence on genocide

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