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Images of U.S. Conquest (Funding by the U.S. Tax Payer)

If you are offended, imagine how the victims feel.

"The care that goes into it. The humanity that goes into it" - Donald Rumsveldt

If you are a citizen or live in the U.S. you directly fund these crimes.  What are YOU going to do about it?

Sourced from Several thousand civilians died in the collapse of the WTC towers, and hundreds of military personnel were killed in the attack on the Pentagon — though the numbers are small compared to


Copyright Notice: We would like to find the copyright owners of high-resolution pictures of any of the above or suitable images on the impact of the illegal U.S. invasion of Iraq - these images will be used in posters to carry what our media in the U.S. is refusing to show.  Please contact if you can provide suitable images. 
Not enough praise can be given to those who often risk their lives to bring us the truth,
photographers put themselves on the front line.

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