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Fed Bank Owners Holocaust

Irrefutable Facts Now Prove Beyond Any Doubt That The Jewish Holocaust is a Hoax designed to take the world into World War Three. It was not the Germans murdering Jews that was the Holocaust, it was the Ashkenazi Jews Murdering HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF Russians, Chinise, Cambodians, Iraqui's, Afghan's, Germans & Lybians that is the REAL HOLOCAUST. However these horrors pail in comparison to what these Zionatzi Illuminatzi Ashkenazi Freemason Jesuit "Jews" plan for the world, they have made it quite clear in their intent, writing and actions that they seek to genocide off SIX BILLION of us.

Now the people who started the Holocaust in Germany want to eliminate 6 billion people from the face of the earth.  Stop for one moment if you live in a major city in the U.S. and look around you.  Everyone has bags under their eyes, everyone is tired, many are sick, why?  Do you know what Barium does to your immune system.  If you don't the wake the F$%&*#%@k! UP your sheer stupidity and ignorance and outright support of the criminal enterprise that operates the U.S. government, court, police and media will kill you too.

Chemtrails happening NOW.

How do you think the government got away with blowing up the World Trade Center? You have to be an utter moron to not realize that WTC building 7 was blown up by the government... THINK! ACT! SAVE THE USA & The World - The Earth Plan is THE SOLUTION

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