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According to the Department of Veterans Affairs
Half U.S. Gulf War Veterans Dead or Disabled

On page 7 of the official VA report, the number of U.S. soldiers partaking in the illegal invasion of the Gulf is listed as 6,838,541 soldiers. Just below that the VA estimated number of living soldiers is listed at 4,525,865.

In other words 2,312,676 US Gulf War Veterans are dead!

Not many active duty soldiers serving from 1990 are likely to have died from old age or natural causes by April 2007. The report details deaths in various conflicts as reported to the VA by DoD, utterly contradicting the government and mainstream media number of 4,000 dead.

Just below these numbers the report indicates that 1,603,743 Gulf War soldiers filed for disability and
1,206,795 soldiers have been classified as disabled!

2,312,676 dead + 1,206,795 disabled = 3,519,471 soldiers out of it out of 6,838,541 total

More than half U.S. soldiers
who partook in the illegal Gulf War
are dead or disabled!

Soldiers tell us that the military simply bulldozes desert sand over dead troops, burying the evidence of the dead with "Missing In Action" and hiding the truth from the American public.  Where are the MIA numbers?  Shocked?  This is no different to how the government bulldozed and carted off the evidence proving the government used explosives to bring down the THREE World Trade Center buildings & the Pentagon attack on 9/11.

The illegal invasion of Iraq by the United States of America will go down in history as one of the most disastrous wars of all time. Well over a million innocent Iraqi's are dead and more than four million have lost their homes.  While the thousands of tons of nuclear dirty bombs (DU) blasted into the Gulf by U.S. forces represents the most violent out of control use of Weapons of Mass Destruction ever.  The U.S. DU will continue killing for billions of years and many more of our soldiers and their family members and Iraqis' will die as a consequence.

The official Department of Veterans Affairs report can be found at

Reasons why so many U.S. soldiers are dead can be found on the site along with the reasons why the U.S. government, courts and military is controlled by a group of Lucifer worshiping criminals and bankers who have not only stolen our Nation they have also stolen our homes and businesses.

It’s time to wake up America and get active. Oust Judges, Sheriffs, DA’s, Politicians and Lawyers who do not obey the Constitution and who will not shut down the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS.

Soldiers stop terrorizing other Nations and come home and help us get the terrorists out of the U.S. government.

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Additional Articles on the U.S. Nuclear & Bio Holocaust:s

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