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Combating Terrorism.

"Generally, terrorism is born out of bad politics and not bad people." - SOC

“Terrorism cannot be stopped with violence, that only breeds more terrorism. Terrorism can only be eradicated by removing the root cause of the terrorism, generally political policies.” - SOC

While it might be necessary to react with violence to a terrorist event, violence will not combat terrorism in the long run, violence is only likely to breed more terrorism.

Like any disease, terrorism requires a host with a suitable breeding ground.  As with any competent diagnosis, it is critical to identifying the disease, the host and what makes the disease multiply.  Much of our current methodologies employed to combat terrorism look more like the ancient medical treatment of bleeding the patient - bomb the bastards.  The bombing only spreads the disease.

To properly combat terrorism one must first identify then eliminate the root cause.

Box cutters brought down the Twin Towers on 9/11/2000.  There was no major investment in weapons, little if any espionage and not much training required.  No bank wire transfer or identity document would have prevented the attack.  If the U.S. Government had the ultimate control of all banking, if everyone carried National ID Cards, the Twin Towers would still have come down.

One must ask why the U.S. government & the IRS through their henchmen, the OECD, immediately after the 9/11 Twin Tower attack immediately embarked on a world wide clampdown on competing financial markets?  Why did the U.S. government pass the treasonous Patriot Act?  Why did the U.S. government create a new Police Entity called “Homeland Security”, where the Secretary of Homeland Security (Office of the SHS) has broad reaching powers similar to the German Nazi SS.  Perhaps the new department of Homeland Security aught to be called the Faderland Securiteit, and it’s officers should wear SS badges.

The 9/11 Twin Tower Attack is a classic example of grossly incompetent management of the problem.  It was immediately evident that 15 out of the 19 Hijackers were Saudi Nationals.  The authorities completely brushed over the overwhelming fact that eighty percent of the terrorists came from Saudi Arabia.  Instead, the U.S. went off and bombed Afghanistan and Iraq, displacing both those countries governments who according to all legitimate sources, had little if anything to do with the 9/11 Twin Tower Attack.  Such a grossly incompetent diagnosis raises question to the intent and integrity of the U.S. government.  The more frightening factor is what results from the complete misdiagnosis.  Why do Saudi Nationals want to attack the U.S.A.?

The burning hatred of the U.S.A. by Komanie's followers in Iran should bear some historical perspective.  For years the U.S.A. propped up the Sha of Iran, a man who history has proven was vehemently hated by the people of Iran.  Overnight the U.S. interests in Iran went to a negative scale because our politicians chose to sponsor a Iranian tyrant and not win the hearts and minds of the people of Iran.  History proves the U.S. political handling of Iran was utterly incompetent, such incompetence in the commercial field in the U.S., would result in at least the immediate firing of the management team who so pathetically botched the 'account'.

In Chile, the CIA went well out of their way to sponsor a coup of a popular democratically elected government, placing in power a tyrant who has been responsible for murdering around 200,000 innocent people.

In Iraq, the U.S. sponsored mass murderer, providing the helicopters and even anthrax that was used to gass the Curds.  That year the U.S. gave Sadam Hussen Five Hundred Million Dollars, to show Sadam what a good boy he was for implementing the slaughter, the U.S. gave him a bonus of One Billion Dollars the next year.  You can imagine Sadam's surprise after he acted on the letter he received from his friends in the U.S. government stating that the U.S. won't do anything if he sorts out his Kuat problem.  But then, that did give the U.S.A. OIL Men the excuse of 'rescuing' Kuat's oil wells. 

After the Desert Storm spanking, Sadam was careful not to play with any of the weapons of mass destruction the U.S. provided him, however, that did not help.  Somehow, Sadam got the blame for what one of his arch enemies, Osama Bin Laden did, the 9/11 attack.  But then, the Bush family does have close ties to the Bin Laden family and the U.S.A. OIL Men had the opportunity to rescue Iraq's oil wells from "weapons of mass deception" in Operation Iraqi Liberation.

Can this seriously be taking place?  Are two hundred and fifty million Americans so blind?  Don't they care?  Don't they see the obvious?  Who's the terrorist?

By bombing Afghanistan and Iraq, we have murdered thousands of innocent people and bread more hatred than Komeni could muster through a distorted Muslim message.  It is almost as though the U.S. government wants to breed terrorists to replace the chilled Cold War Threat, which insiders of the CIA and KGB let on was kept 'hot' well beyond any reason or time. 

Defense contracts around the USA were being cancelled and military bases were being shut down after the Berlin wall fell and the Cold War ended.  The world had entered a new era of peace, the Internet Revolution promised global connectivity and opportunity.  However, six months after the B2 Bomber Contract was cancelled (an aircraft that costs two billion dollars each), the U.S. invaded Kuat.  Next, the U.S. invaded Afghanistan and then Iraq after Saudi Terrorists with family ties to President Bush, brought down the Twin Towers. 

The Saudi Government Puppets the U.S. props up must be getting nervous, their OIL wells are even more attractive and the Saudi nationals are clearly restless.

No invader survives without winning the hearts and minds of the people.  The OIL Men's greed for black gold will swallow them and hopefully not the rest of US.

To prevent any internal uprising, the U.S. Government quickly passed the Patriot act and initiated the Police State "Homeland Security" Project.

There are two primary systems of law in western society, British Common Law (On which the USAs Founding Fathers raised the flag) and Roman Dutch Law.  The primary difference between these to legal standards is that in British Common Law, one is "innocent until proven guilty";  All the tyrants such as the Nazi government, Stalin, the Apartheid Driven Government of South Africa and the IRS, choose the the other standear, the principal of "guilty until proven innocent" of Roman Dutch Law.

There could be no more treasonous overthrow of the U.S. Constitutional basis of British Common Law as the Patriot Act.  The Patriot Act goes well beyond what any tyrant implemented through Roman Dutch Law, with the Patriot Act, one is "guilty without the right to prove innocence"!  No regime, no dictatorship, no tyrant has ever passed such an utterly outrageous law as the U.S.A's Patriot Act.

The People of the United States of America must ask if they want to combat terrorism or if they want to eradicate it.  Because with current U.S. trends the people of America will be spilling a great deal of blood combating terrorism because the root cause is the government of US.

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