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Appeal to Potential Terrorists

- Word on the street is that the U.S. Government is planning another major terrorist event, don't get exploited.

  • The 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon were planned, implemented and orchestrated by individuals in the U.S. government, including President Bush and Vice President Cheney.  Mountains of evidence are publicly available proving this irrefutable fact. 9/11 Demolition, Gov Empl. "911 Inside Job", Cheney Implicated 9/11, 9/11 & Pearl Harbor
  • The FBI acknowledged they provided the bombs and instigated the February 26, 1993 World Trade Center Bombing which killed six people and injured one thousand. 9/11 & Pearl Harbor
  • Significant evidence shows the FBI planned and carried out the Oklahoma Bombing. FBI Also Planned Oklahoma Bomb
  • As before the 911 attack, the government is quietly letting potential terrorists to carry out their next False Flag operation.

These so called terrorist attacks instigated by the "U.S. government" are what has been known as "False Flag" operations.  False Flag operations are where a government or groups within the government purposefully attack their own people so as to gain public support against some "enemy" and allow the perpetrators to carry out their goals unchallenged.  Such as the invasion of  Iraq, the elimination of the Bill of Rights and the establishment of laws that give these individuals dictatorial power.  These attacks are usually carried out by willing terrorists who are aided or ignored by the government.  Bush who is directly associated with those who funded the 9/11 attacks (Bush Bin Laden Bonanza), implied Iraq was to blame despite his knowledge of Saddam Hussein's hatred of Bin Laden and Al Quaeda.  Bush employed the 9/11 False Flag to invade Iraq. Study Hitler's actions and you will quickly see the Bush is carrying out the exact same moves.  The same groups who were behind Hitler are behind Bush Fed Bank Evil Root?, Bushes

The CIA funded and trained the terrorists and the FBI instigated these terrorist attacks in the U.S.

The next major False Flag is likely to be followed by an immediate declaration of Martial Law by the President.  Any dissenters will be sent to one of the 800 concentration camps the government has already built in the U.S. See: U.S. Concentration Camps; Congress Confirmation; Army Reg. 210—35; U.S. Concentration Camps  All the so-called law for turning the U.S. into a socialist fascist dictatorship is in place - the Patriot Act, The Military Commissions Act, Army Reg 210-35, etc.  Take a look at the powers George W. Bush gives himself in his latest unlawful Executive Orders, which amount to nothing less than extreme treason by the President who has assumed legislative power not only in the U.S. but throughout the world. The July 17, 2007 Executive Order for example authorizes Bush to confiscate everything you own if he accuses you of interrupting his invasions and occupations of other nations.  The September 24, 2001 EO allows Bush to take everything you own, without trial or due process, if you indirectly fund terrorism no matter where you are in the world - i.e. if you pay taxes you are funding U.S. terrorism.  In the July 20, 2007 EO G.W. Bush invalidates the Geneva Convention.  Frankly, these Executive Orders reflect such a chronically absurd Fascist Dictatorial position not only towards citizens of the U.S., but towards citizens of other nations over which the U.S and George Bush have absolutely no lawful jurisdiction.  It is quite incredible that in 2007 we actually have such a chronically and absurdly out of control manic as a JudicialNominated President who is literally getting away with mass murder and the most astonishing destruction of civil liberties ever.  See: Executive Orders Unlawful, Executive Order Treason, Exec. Branch - Presidential Power, The Impact of Executive Orders

Latest Potential False Flag
A CIA Hero Stops Another False Flag

Who ordered those NUKES?
By Captain Eric H. May - Military Correspondent - Sunday Sep 9th, 2007

This week we learned that on August 30 the United States Air Force flew a B-52, locked and loaded with nuclear warheads, from North Dakota to Louisiana. This broke a military policy going back to the 1960s against such flights.

"I just can't imagine how all of this happened," said Philip Coyle, a senior adviser on nuclear weapons at the Center for Defense Information. "The procedures are so rigid; this is the last thing that's supposed to happen."

But it did happen, and we would not know about it at all had it not been for three Air Force officers, speaking under condition of anonymity, who Informed The Military Times about the event. And of course, everyone is trying to "get to the bottom of it."

So says the White House, which has lied about everything from 9/11 to Iraq to lead us into a global war for which the Neocons were planning well before the presidency of George W. Bush.

So says the Air Force, which just violated 40 years of policy without explanation, and states that it had no idea of the nukes were in the air over the United States for the duration of their flight.

So says Congress. "These reports are deeply disturbing," said Congressman Ike Skelton (D-Mo.), chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. "The American people, our friends, and our potential adversaries must be confident that the highest standards are in place when it comes to our nuclear arsenal." Everyone would be much more confident, I believe, if the Congress now promising to investigate the loose nukes were anything but the quislings that they have shown themselves to be, both before and after the Democratic election successes of 2006. They have made it apparent that there is really only one party in power: the War Party.

The presstitute media, to its credit, has not bothered to say that it will do look into, let alone report about, the loose nukes. In other columns I have explained that they are no longer even lapdogs, they are shameless lap dancers. They sit and squirm at the seat of power, proud to say that they have been embedded, ever willing to keep pulling tricks for treats.

So whom are we to trust from among the discredited list of our political, military and media leaders? If your answer to this question is "none of the above," then welcome to the Internet community of conspiracy theorists (like me) who aren't willing to accept official reassurances that all is well as airborne Armageddon takes flight over America for the length of the Mississippi River.

To take a single M-16 rifle from the arms room of a stateside military unit requires the permission of several military officials, along with numerous keys, combinations and codes. It is inconceivable to me, and to every other military veteran with whom I have spoken this week, that the loose nukes were a mere accident of oversight, or that the order to fly them came from any source other than the White House.

The official account of a slip up, parroted by the official media, is a transparent lie. The task for thoughtful and patriotic American citizens is to fathom the "why" behind the lie, and it comes down to a simple question: was the White House threatening to use the nukes or preparing to use the nukes.

Media, politicians maintain silence on flight of US nuclear bomber


When analyzing the US corporate-controlled media, it is often more important to take note of what is not reported than what is.

Such is clearly the case with the revelation earlier this month that a US B-52 Stratofortress bomber flew nearly 1,500 miles over the length of the United States with six nuclear-tipped cruise missiles fixed to its wings.

The flight took place August 30 between Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota and Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana.

... He [The Pilot] goes on to detail similar procedures for the flight crew, which he notes "can easily and clearly view a weapons display that electronically verifies every weapon system installed on their aircraft. That display also clearly identifies every weapon as being a practice, conventional or nuclear weapon."

The former officer concludes: "Therefore the only conclusion I can come up with is that this event must have been concocted by someone to appear as an accident. And, because nuclear weapons were said to be involved, orders approving such an event most certainly came from the White House."

The present administration in Washington has repeatedly boasted that it maintains "all options on the table," including the use of nuclear weapons, in its global war on terror and its confrontations with supposed "rogue states." In 2002, it drafted a Nuclear Posture Review that for the first time enunciated a preemptive nuclear first-strike policy against non-nuclear nations.

In 2006, it was revealed that the Bush administration had drawn up plans for attacks on Iran, including the use of "tactical nuclear devices" to wipe out the country's fledgling nuclear program as well as its security forces and much of its infrastructure.

And, more recently, two leading British military analysts published a report on US preparations for an attack on Iran in which they note ?clear evidence that nuclear weapons use [against Iran] is being given serious political consideration? in Washington. (See "British academics warn US is preparing 'shock and awe' attack on Iran")

Under these conditions, the flight of the nuclear-armed US bomber has the most ominous significance. The silence of the media and the politicians is aimed at concealing the dire implications of this event from the people of the US and the world.

Request to Potential Terrorists:
If you are considering carrying out a terrorist act in the United States, please realize that you will only empower the criminals such as George W. Bush and Dick Cheney to gain more power and proceed unabated with their world wide invasion. 

                       “Combating terrorism with terror only breeds more terror.
                       Violence breeds violence.
                       Force exerts force that is equal and opposite.
                       Negative cancels positive.
                       Negative builds negative.
                       Love absorbs hate.
                       Love builds love.” - SOC

"Terrorism greatly increases a governments ability to tax it's citizens.
The primary financial benefactors of terrorism are government employees." - SOC

An attack on innocent U.S. citizens will only make matters worse.  Yes, U.S. citizens are guilty of funding the holocaust the U.S. military has caused, and yes, they are by simply being citizens, implicated in these crimes.  However, mainstream media in the U.S. is completely controlled by these criminals.  The average U.S. citizen has no idea how criminal their government is, while there is a tendency amongst all people to want to refuse to recognize atrocities committed by their own government.  Yes, the people of the U.S. are stupid, foolish and ignorant.  Were we not all once in such a position?  I, the founder of Liberty For Life, was drafted for two years into the South African military where I became an instructor.  The churches, and 'good people' said that it was the honorable thing to serve your country.  However, our South African Government in the 80's was criminal in form and nature.  I, who now fight government corruption, can say that they tricked me into training people to kill freedom fighters.  I now fight for people's freedom all around the world.  Consider how Saddam Hussein who was put in power by the CIA drafted Iraqi's to fight for him.

A strike against civilians in the U.S. will only make matters worse, like whacking a lion on the tail. One must understand the beast before attempting to control it.   Clearly the U.S. is being controlled by owners of the Federal Reserve Bank who have been responsible for instigating and funding all the major wars in the last century.

Warnings of this next False Flag are coming from high level Government officials.  In the video below, former Assist. Secretary of the Treasury under President Reagan, Paul Craig Roberts raises the alarm about dictatorial Executive orders and a new 9/11.

- Word on the street is that the government will provide terrorists they have smuggled into the U.S. with an atomic bomb to detonate in some U.S. city See9/11 & Pearl Harbor

By invading and slaughtering women and children in other nations, there is a significant supply of potential terrorists who will carry out the U.S. government's goals.  Observing the pattern of practice of the government has shown they plan extensive practice exercises to take place at the time and place of the attack so that they can take control of the situation - Guliani's 9/11 exercises and the 7/11 London bombings were classic False Flag operations where it just so happened that the government had scheduled identical exercises for the disasters they initiated.  You may recall Guliani even stating that the WTC towers were going to come down before they did - how did he know?  Never in the history of steel constructed skyscrapers has a skyscraper ever collapsed from planes crashing into them or from raging infernos.

Watch out if you have a FEMA exercise in your area.  However, exposes of the government's complicity with the last terrorist attacks they orchestrated could cause them to drop this approach.

Terrorist attacks on the U.S.
will occur as a consequence of the administration
meddling in the affairs of other nations.

It is extremely difficult to stop terrorist attacks.
The path the administration has chosen is exceptionally perilous.
An immediate and absolute turn around in administrative policies in the U.S. government to bring the government into conformance with the Constitution is desperately needed.

2008 marks end of Bush's hijacked Presidency - humor or not?

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