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The Anti Gun Lobby

Concerted efforts internationally are attempting to eliminate guns. However, what is the logic behind such a movement? Consider the obvious:

  1. Criminals do not respect the law.

  2. Criminals will obtain weapons regardless of the law.

  3. Criminals are obtaining more and more sophisticated weaponry regardless of what gun laws exist (Case and point look at the U.S. military who invades other nations. Look at the cops who shoot up citizens in Wako and similar situations - these issues cannot be ignored)

  4. Law abiding citizens generally respect the Code even when it violates laws such as the 2nd Amendment.

  5. Consequentially, law abiding citizens are unarmed and receiving no education in the use of guns in defense.

  6. Consequentially, law abiding citizens are faced with a government and criminals that are armed to the teeth making law abiding citizens utterly helpless to stand up to criminals whether in government or gangs or terrorists.

Stop to think about how much money the government is spending on developing arms for themselves.  Observe how the government is arming local police and sheriffs.  Consider how the government has abandoned the Posse Comitatus Act and is literally deploying fully armed military personnel against the public.  Then ask why the government disarms the public while arming themselves to the teeth.

The purpose of 2nd Amendment is not so that we the people can run around with guns, it is so that we the people possess the same power in weaponry as they the government.

The highest law of the land, the U.S. Constitution, which overrules lower law and which may not diminish in accordance with the 9th Amendment is blatantly clear: Citizens are entitled to arm themselves with whatever weaponry is necessary, in particular weaponry that is equal and more powerful than the weaponry the government arms themselves with.

The highest law of the land also states with absolutely clarity that the government may not fund any army for more than two years! 

Constitution U.S., Article. I., Section 8. Clause 12: To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years.

Clearly the anti gun lobby has an agenda which is contrary to the public interest, an agenda that upholds criminals in government and gangs and leaves the law abiding citizen exposed to crime.

When the governments and criminals abandon their weaponry then it may become appropriate to ask law abiding citizens to abandon their weapons. Any request before such an obvious point in time is clearly a request that lacks any form of morals and a request that holds frightening underlying ramifications.

To drive the point home regarding the gun control lobby consider that while they demand citizens have their guns taken from them they are arming their own police with tactical military weapons, tanks and helicopters!  Clearly the antigun lobby intends to implement police state where they can mug the public without consequence.

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