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American's Loosing Sleep

"In his recent memoirs In Retrospect, Robert McNamara, the architect of America's intervention in Vietnam, relates that, by 1967, 'the stresses and tensions' were so bad that he sometimes had to take a sleeping pill.   Fortunately, for the nation's health, there is not much else that might cause Americans to 'lose sleep' as we commemorate events of recent history.":

"Hanoi reported that 2 million civilians had been killed, the overwhelming majority in the south, along with 1.1m North Vietnamese and southern resistance fighters (Viet Cong, in the terminology of US propaganda). An additional 300,000 were listed missing in action.

Washington reports 225,000 killed in the army of its client regime ('South Vietnam'); and the CIA estimates 600,000 Cambodians killed during the US phase of what the one independent governmental inquiry (by Finland) calls the 'Decade of Genocide' in Cambodia: 1969 to 1978. Thousands more were killed in Laos, mainly by US attacks that were in large part unrelated to the war in Vietnam.

The US bears responsibility for these dead, just as Japan is responsible for deaths in China and Russia for deaths in Afghanistan. The same applies to whoever pulled the trigger, a truism understood very well by Western intellectuals when responsibility can be laid at someone else's door."

Guilt of War Belongs to All - by the great Noam Chomsky - Published in The Observer, July 30, 1995

See Images of U.S. Conquest; A Top Marine's Words and Iraq = Vietnam

As a taxpayer in the US Check out: us_contribution_to_civilization

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