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US Government Prepares for US Genocide

Pleas also read: David Icke's outstanding article: Flu is not the biggest danger... it's the vaccine

Swine Flu Conference in Washington DC reveals government is preparing themselves to commit mass genocide through the distribution of biological weapons of mass destruction (Bio-WMD) within the US: See California Emergency Services Association pamphlet:

The chilling facts are that Swine Flu is not a threat. Worldwide deaths from Swine Flu are utterly irrelevant and only around one percent of the number of people who die from regular flu in the US alone!  What does the government know that we don't?  And what exactly are they preparing for?

See: Swine Flu Threat Or Not


Baxter International was already caught shipping Swine Flue Bio-WMD's. How much more evidence do you need before you are prepared to do something? When you and your children are drowning in snot, it's too late.


It's time to wake up America, your government is not your own.

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