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Zionatzi Hollywood Exposed

Liberty For Life's new section with brief analysis of how the Zionatzi controlled Hollywood is loading movies with Neuro Linguistic Programming to hypnotize the public into a state of stupor, all while spreading lies, half truths & completely censoring reality in order to promote their Old NWO Police State Dictatorship Agenda.

Zionatzi Media's Jewboy Controllers - The Guilty:

See Who Rules America


Another Zionatzi production loaded with Neuro Linguistic Programming. There is even the specific mention of SIX BILLION people dieing in conformance with the Zionatzi global genocide goals and aim to take the world's populaton down to five hundred million.

There is the food scare, so how real is it? Considering that the little Salinas Valley in California grows up to 90% of the lettice for the U.S. it is obvious that intensive agriculture can grow more than enough food for mankind. However, what is also obvious are the astonishingly evil plans of the masive Monsanto monopoly who is clearly intensively working to eliminate all natural seed & force farmers to only buy Genetically Modified seed from Monsanto - farmers around the world are committing suicide as a consequence. Take careful not of the Monsanto GMO corn that is designed to slowly mame and kill mankind.

Then there is the "lets make drones fun" to get the public to accept drones flying about as though they are nice "toys" here to "help" us, verses spy & killing machines. The Zionatzi Jew directors again quietly ignore the fact that many extraterrestrial civilizations and et space craft have been disclosed. Hollywood's Zionatzi eight Jewboys are funding and pumping out one space movie after another and not one single one speaks the truth in regard to what The Disclosure Project revealed.  Canada's former Minister of Defense has blown the lid off the extraterrestrial censorship, the many high-ranking military officers who took part in The Disclosure Project blew the lid in regard to how the extraterrestrials are disabling the 4th Reich Washington D.C. Weapons of Mass Destruction Nuclear Arsenal. And here we have another Hollywood scam coming out to dupe the masses into a stat of stupor, into believing the Old-World-Order that calls itself "New" has a plan to "save mankind". What bullshit. It's really getting old in regard to how Hollywood is used as nothing less than a stupid smoke screen with idiotic incarnation after incarnation of the elites preaching bullshit.


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