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FCC To Shut Down Internet

Executive Office appointed US commissioners have determined the death of Internet. In a contentious 3 to 2 vote, FCC Commissioners assumed the right to shut down First Amendment Rights on Internet.

Commissioner Robert McDowell who opposed the "Net Neutrality Rules" said that nothing on the Internet is broken and needs to be fixed; that the FCC does not have the statutory authority to make the rules; that the rules will likely cause irreparable harm to operators and to investment; and that existing law and Internet government structures provide ample consumer protections, he pointed out that on the winter solstice, the darkest day of the year, the FCC's action "marks one of the darkest days in recent FCC history."

In the classic High Treason of this current administrative government, a three letter Executive Office Agency has assumed the right to make the law and take control of the people's most basic First Amendment rights.

By combining pure evil with a few tokens of good will, the government continues their march for absolute Police State control.

Commissioners Michael Copps who also took the High Treason rout of appointed Executive Officer administrators assuming the Legislatures exclusive right to make law law, claimed that "wheels of network neutrality would grind to a halt for at least the next two years." if the FCC did not step in and take control of Internet.

In what reporters defined as "intense regulatory gymnastics by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski", Genachowski said "Given the importance of an open Internet to our economic future, given the potentially irreversible nature of some harmful practices, and given the competition issues among broadband providers, it is essential that the FCC fulfill its historic role as a cop on the beat to ensure the vitality of our communications networks and to empower and protect consumers of those networks"

The FCC "rules" will allow for "reasonable network management" which is ambiguously defined as actions that are "appropriate and tailored to a legitimate network management purpose, taking into account network architecture." The FCC will use a tool called its "rocket docket" to expedite "complaints" while at the same time reserving the right to initiate its own inquiries into practices that might violate the rules.

The token good legislation the FCC Executive Office 3 letter agency put into the rules is that private companies like AT&T, Verison and Sprint amongst other carriers will be barred from blocking the use of products like Skype over their networks. However, the net effect of these Executive Office appointees lawmaking is the claim that the FCC has the right to regulate free speech over Internet. No doubt other 3 letter agencies will assume the right to prosecute the "rules".

The ruling comes immediately after WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange is arrested and held on a no-bail warrant for having sex without a condom. WikiLeaks a First Amendment public interest website leased explosive videos and emails revealing how utterly criminal the US government is. The information WikiLeaks released was naturally classified as confidential by the government who claims the information exposing how corrupt they really are is classified for "National Security" reasons. One cannot help ask who's Nation these criminals are securing.

The plan does not call for the reclassification of broadband under Title II of the Telecommunications Act as a common-carrier service, instead the Vatican controlled BAR lawyers for the FCC decided to take the Title I rout claiming that the FCC has authority to "promote advanced telecommunications services and encourage broadband deployment" Commissioner Robert McDowell who opposed the order said the order is a "Title II order dressed in a threadbare Title I disguise." He said Congress has not given the FCC the explicit authority to regulate broadband. "The FCC is not Congress," he said. "We cannot make laws."

In the classic Hegelian Dialectic Harold Feld, the legal director of the public interest group "Public Knowledge" who in ignorance of what is really going on supported the Executive Office Agency Lawmaking, pointed out in his blog that "the actual language of the rules is silent, ambiguous, or even at odds with the text of the implementing order." he added that the only way to fiend out what the new rules mean was "through a series of adjudications at the FCC."

Not only do we have a 3 letter Executive Office Agency assuming Legislative rights, we have BAR lawyers already positioning that they have the right to "interpret" exactly what the ambiguous code defines as the law.

The two Republicans who opposed the order said their offices received the final version of the order less than 12 hours before the FCC's meeting, and that the order had significant changes made to it since they last reviewed it. Sounds a little like how they passed the Patriot Act, all the trappings of bankster speak embody the act, right from the name of FCC Commissioner "Copps" to terms like "Net Neutrality", opposite-speak to the T.


See: Phil Goldstein's article "FCC approves light net neutrality rules for wireless"

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